If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (username is teddisetgo), you probably saw that I spent the weekend in my hometown (Miami). It's actually the first time I'd been back since our wedding because every other trip I'd planned since then got cancelled for one reason or another (cancelled flights, zika concerns, broken ankle, etc.). I finally got to see my dad's place and the weather was amazing. No humidity and a constant breeze. Just perfect!


Vacations provide a fun opportunity for me to share some non-gym outfits with all of you. These posts are SO fun for me, and I'm always excited when I get asked about what I'm wearing. I used to write much more about clothing and fashion, but these days I spend most of my time in luon and dri-fit. This weekend was all about good jeans and great tops. A solid mix of comfort and fun. I have a hard time finding jeans that fit me well, so I'm always on the hunt for the next best thing. If anyone's found great high rise distressed denim, I'm all ears!

I'm obsessed with this top. I bought it at DIllard's in Sarasota but can't find it online anywhere. (cold shoulder top is this brand, distressed jeans, clutch (exact color on sale here) / Perri's bag & shoes)

I love the details (the knot on the tank, the frayed hem on the jeans) that take an otherwise simple outfit to the next level. (knotted tank (LOVE this and deciding what color to get it in next!), frayed hem skinny jean, sandals, light pink drusy bracelet)

I bought this top in November and have been saving it for a fun night out! (I can't find this top online but the dress version is on sale here and here), high rise jeans, grey clutch)

I've mentioned before that I'm going to start taking more physique photos to hold myself accountable. The gorgeous frame on this mirror is a bonus! (sports bra, tights

The brunch at Michael's Genuine is not to be missed!!! (bell sleeve blouse (check out the back - it ties into a bow!), high rise jeans, sandals)

Happy almost spring! I am SO ready! Bring it on, NYC! (Pretty pretty pretty please!)


I want to start off with some links for anyone living in/visiting Orlando. That city sure has change in the 10 years since I left!

We stayed at the JW Marriott, which is lovely. I took the above photo there - no filters, Florida really just is this beautiful. (#WAH) It's attached to the Ritz, which means we had full access to the Ritz fitness center (and spa). Plus, we got married in a Ritz so it's always fun to walk through one. I've heard great things about the Four Seasons Orlando but I go where the Marriott points take me, people!

We had an amazing dinner at Highball & Harvest. The kale salad and shrimp & grits (gluten-free!) were awesome, and the key lime pie came on it's own miniature cake stand.

Foxtail (owned by a UCF grad!) had the best cold brew coffee I've ever had.

Weekend brunch at Buttermilk Bakery is not to be missed. Bonus: it's down the block from Foxtail.

Sara treated us to delicious organic donuts from Orlandough. (Love the name.)

I worked out at SWEAT, an awesome gym in College Park that I would 100% belong to if we ever moved back. (We won't. But it's fun to daydream about.)

I got a great sparkly powder mani at Tipsy Salonbar

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

I was so sad to hear the print version of one of my favorite magazines, Self, folded at the beginning of this year. I've been looking for similar books and LOVE the current issue of Muscle & Fitness Hers - so many great workouts and tips!

I read (and loved) Jen Widerstrom's new book, Diet Right For Your Personality Type

Speaking of Jen Widerstrom, I LOVE that her thoughts on avocado toast echo mine!

I'm loving these gourmet marshmallows for an indulgence on the lighter side.

I love all Lorissa's Kitchen jerky, but I recently discovered the Szechuan Peppercorn beef flavor and it's my favorite by a landslide. (Now if only I could find it in the mini size...)

I discovered THE BEST lip gloss in the Ritz gift shop in Orlando. I know I always talk about lip balm, and it's because I tend to dislike lip glosses (too sticky). This one, however, goes on super smooth, is non-tacky and cruelty free!

A bunch of you asked about this ruffled cold shoulder top that I wore on Snapchat/Instagram.

I treated myself to these Nike Flyknit Air Max sneaks on my birthday and have been living in them since. (Now they're on sale!)

Speaking of sneakers, I am OBSESSED with these blush low-tops (for less than $60)!

I've been wanting Chloe scalloped flats for ages, and used a bunch of saved up gift cards to purchase this pair.

I finally got myself a pair of Frame jeans and I get the cult hype. They're fabulous! I can't get away with low- or mid-rise jeans anymore, so well-made high waisted denim (I got the Le High) is a serious staple in my weekend wardrobe.


Happy weekend, pretty people!


Happy Monday! This topic is something I talk about with my clients quite a bit, and it seemed fitting to share on here as well. If this post motivates even one of you, then I've done my job here. 

I visited my college campus recently when I was down in Orlando and it was very bizarre to be back. I wanted Ben to see where I went to school, so we drove around and I told him story after story, surprising myself with how much I remembered about each building and the memories I made there. I realized that I don't think about college too much because I was so different back then. I was incredibly unsure of myself and pretty uncomfortable in my own skin. Health and fitness were sadly not priorities for me back then. I cared about Kappa, shopping, and getting good enough grades to keep my parents happy. I was well-meaning but clueless, aloof and materialistic.

I had one and only one healthy habit back then: I barely ever drank. My then-boyfriend didn't care for drinking, and so I didn't see a reason to do much of it, either. We were both Type-A control freaks and a real pleasure to be around. But once I became single and moved to Manhattan, I began to appreciate alcohol for the social lubricant it is. And in a way, I think I felt like I was making up for all of the symbolic partying I voluntarily missed out on in college.

I admit, drinking became more fun once Perri became legal.

Looking back, there were tough moments in my life when I definitely hit the bottle too hard, as I think many of us do... Back in 2009 I was battling depression and at my lowest point I lost 13 pounds in a month. I looked great but felt awful. There were days I'd eat only a package of 100-calorie Fig Newton Minis and then have several glasses of wine, only to pass out soon thereafter. And I definitely had a few tequila-induced breakdowns in the weeks following my mom's passing.

These days, I rarely drink and here's why:

1) Sleep is a huge priority to me and I know if I have even 1 glass of wine, it'll mess up my cycle. This is probably the number one reason (literally) I rarely drink anymore. (And by the way, my definition of "rarely" is a glass of wine every two weeks or so.)

2) The calories and carbs aren't worth it to me. 99 times out of 100, I'd rather have dessert.

3) In the past few years I've noticed I experience hangovers much easier (and worse) than I used to. Feeling awful in the morning is no longer cute or funny.

4) Feeling good and doing my workouts are always my priority. Drinking is a slippery slope that can lead to poor decisions (eating crap, sleeping less, etc.), derailing your health goals.

BONUS) When I am pregnant someday (God willing) there will be no, "OMG, you're not ordering a drink?!?!?!" give away. I'll keep everyone guessing ALAP! Muahahaha!

Honestly though, when it comes down to it, I just don't feel the need to drink. When I first started "getting healthy" 6 years ago - working out, exercising portion control, etc. - my motto was, "I'd rather be thin than drunk." This was tough sometimes because I was single and drinking when you're single in Manhattan can feel like it's required. I forced myself to look inward and ask, "What's my REASON for drinking?" Sometimes I'd have reasons that felt valid - IE "I'm single and I'm loving life" or "I'm celebrating" or "I'm grieving". But a glass of wine on a random night for no reason? No. My birthday, Valentines Day, a special date night with Ben? Yes!

If you're on a journey to become a healthier you and think you could cut back on your own alcohol consumption, I challenge you to look inward and find the WHY. When I look back and think of the bleakest nights and the worst mornings in the past 10 years, I was almost always drinking to forget something. I wish I'd found exercise I'd enjoyed years ago and battled out my depression and insecurities on the gym floor. 

I love Golden Pear iced tea more than wine.

A lot's changed in my journey, and that's precisely why it's not called a destination. I used to care about being thin, and now being strong is my priority. Either way, for me, drinking just isn't important anymore. For the most part, I enjoy life without it. I know there are plenty of other fitness professionals out there who balance partying and training, and that's their choice. This is mine. And if it makes me a "nerd", "boring" or "lame"... I'm TOTALLY okay with that.

And by the way, I've had plenty of people say to me, "But I HAVE to drink. It's part of my job!" I have to call BS. Yes, I understand that entertaining clients is an important part of the job for some of you, and entertaining often includes drinking. However, don't let your professional life derail your personal one. There's nothing wrong with limiting yourself to one drink with lots of water. I'd imagine many people would actually be impressed and inspired by your commitment to well-being. On the flip side, I've also talked to some people who entertain their clients by taking them to SoulCycle or Fhitting Room or another kind of workout. AWESOME!

Two tips/rules for those of you trying to cut back:

a) Limit yourself to X amount of drinks per week. If you're someone who usually goes balls to the walls on the weekend, limit yourself to 4 drinks maximum for the whole week (2 max per night) and see how you feel afterward. 

b) If you're trying to lose weight but not quite ready to give up your glass of wine, count it as your carb and have it with protein and green veggies. Skip the potatoes/rice/whatever else.

As always, this is MY story and I'm sharing what's worked for ME in hopes it inspires one of YOU. If you have any questions or want to learn more about health coaching or personal training with moi, shoot me an email

Love you all!


Happy Monday! I hope you're all coming to me after a relaxed weekend and getting ready to take on March. How has February been for you? February is when a lot of people sort of fall 'off the wagon' when it comes to their goals and resolutions for the new year. I love February as I think it's a great time to reassess and reset. I did two main things: I stopped eating all grains the day after Valentines Day and I started lifting heavy again. Not quite as heavy as I was lifting before I broke my ankle, but I'm getting there. And I am definitely feeling different. I feel more alert, my sleep has better, and I see a difference in the mirror. Last week two people at the gym on two different days complimented me on my current physique, and I really appreciate it. 

Ben and I were supposed to spend a week in Florida back in December, but my ankle break was still pretty fresh, and I really didn't want to go down there in my boot. I'm making up that trip in two different parts this month: Orlando this week and Miami in two weeks. I'm SO excited! I haven't been to Miami since our wedding. I'm going to get to see my dad's new place and just relax for a few days. I can't wait.

I haven't been to Orlando in two years and I'm so looking forward to having a few days as a married couple without a dog! I love Winnie but it's going to be a blast not to have to worry about walks and feedings. We're staying at a beautiful hotel and hitting up the parks. We're also eating at a few of my most favorite places. I went to school in Orlando and it'll always feel like home to me in many ways.

Travel is something I've talked about quite a bit on here. Quite simply, I do not let trips and vacations derail my goals. I also don't suffer in terms of fun; I let myself indulge within reason because I believe being away from home should always feel some level of exciting and enjoyable. However, veering from your routine can be a challenge for anyone. Here are 5 ways I set myself up for success...

I SQUEEZE IN EXTRA WORKOUTS BEFOREHAND. Sunday is usually my day off, but I decided to workout yesterday because I'll be out of town this Wednesday through Sunday and will realistically exercise three of those days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday). I am giving myself Wednesday off and will try to squeeze in some sort of workout on Sunday morning before brunch, but I won't bully myself it if it doesn't happen. Knowing this, I worked out every day last week (Monday = spinning, Tuesday = lifting, Wednesday = lifting, Thrusday = Pilates, Friday = lifting, Saturday = lifting, Sunday = Pilates) which I usually never do but I made it work for me.

I SELECT RESTAURANTS AND READ MENUS AHEAD OF TIME. This rule definitely isn't limited to travel; I've been doing this for years in my everyday life. When it comes to doing this for travel, it isn't always feasible but I make it work whenever possible. Knowing what I'm going to have for dinner always helps me plan the rest of my day. I'm having my favorite sushi in the entire world on Wednesday (so excited and hoping the memory lives up to my expectations/reality) and having dinner with girlfriends at one of my favorite Italian restaurants on Saturday night. This means I will try to eat light carbs for breakfast/lunch those days so I can really enjoy those meals without feeling restricted, bloated or guilty.

I GET HEALTHY, PACKABLE SNACKS. I like to bring something that's easily eaten in handfuls, like trail mix, jerky, or gluten-free granola (just picked up one from Hu Kitchen that I'm so excited to try!) I'm going to enjoy myself and then I'll probably go back to eating mostly or completely grain-free when I get home to NY.

I PLAN REALISTIC WORKOUTS. I deadlift on Saturdays, and I'd like to hang on to this part of my routine if possible. I asked a girlfriend if she can guest pass me into a gym in Orlando and I'm waiting to hear back. I also know I can put together a solid workout with dumbbells, which most every hotel gym has. I'm staying at two different hotels (one on Weds/Thurs with Ben, and then a diff one Fri/Sat with girlfriends after Ben heads back to NY) and I'm not sure what the gym situations will be, but Orlando is a big city and I know I can always find a good workout class if all else fails. Which takes me to my next point...

I CHECK OUT THE FITNESS SCENE. Most hotel gyms leave quite a bit to be desired. I know I can workout at Equinox when I go to Miami in a few weeks (there's one within walking distance... yes!) but when I go to Orlando, Sarasota or another city that doesn't have a branch, I do research to see what studios they do have, whether it be Pure Barre, Cyclebar or other options. MindBody has a good app that lets you find fitness studios and gyms on your phone by entering your zip code. I always want to be confident that I'm packing my gym clothes with good intentions and a clear plan. I'm not quite ready to run yet, but I've really been wanting to try Orange Theory.

How do you stay on track when you travel? Planning any fun trips for the upcoming months?

Thank you all so much for stopping by. I know I've been very inconsistent with posting but I will always make time for this blog when I can!


Enough people have asked about this that it seemed worth sharing. I try to keep the content around here candid, motivating and uplifting, and I think this story fits the bill for the 'uplifting' category. 

Some of you may know that I had a miniature dachshund in college; she was a surprise from my then-boyfriend and I made the very tough decision to leave her with him when we broke up and I decided to move to New York. When I moved up here, I had no idea what my everyday life was going to be like and even though we didn't work out as a couple, I was confident that he could give her a great life in Florida. It was the right thing to do, but definitely not the easy thing to do, and it haunted me for a few years after the fact. I'd have this horrible nightmare, over and over again, that she did in fact live in NYC with me and I'd forgotten about her. She'd crawl out from under my bed, emaciated and limping, not having been fed in weeks. I woke up sweating and screaming every time. It was awful. It took me years to rid myself of the guilt and when I finally did, I thought often about having another dog someday when my schedule was conducive to it. I was kind of bummed when I found out Ben wasn't a dog person, but in the back of my mind I told myself there was still hope...

A photo from the day we took her home - December 18, 2016. 

It took me years - no exaggeration - to warm Ben up to the idea of getting a dog. In the past year his resistance began to melt as we started to talk about our future... leaving Manhattan, building a house, starting a family... someday. My dad is a dog person - that's who I get it from - and he loved the idea of us getting a dog that he could spend some time with, too, since his lifestyle wouldn't really allow for him to be a full-time pet parent. He suggested I look into the Havanese breed since we have a few of those in our extended family and they're great dogs. A few months ago, I found a great-looking breeder online and emailed them for more info. 

Fast forward a few weeks... I broke my ankle, was chained to our couch for a few weeks, and we had to cancel our Florida vacation because I refused to hobble down there in a boot. Those first few weeks post-break were miserable. I kept saying to Ben, "NOW can we get a dog?! I need something to look forward to!" The more I brought up the possibility of getting a dog with Ben, the more we started to come around to the idea of adopting a dog in need of a home rather than purchasing a dog from a breeder. I'd spend hours reading about different breeds online, and I came across an ad for a "Holiday Super Adopt". It's an event put on by the Best Friends Animal Society where they bring together lots of different animal rescues in one place so that hundreds of animals (mostly dogs) can find forever homes around the holidays. I told Ben about it and he said we could go. It was a three day event (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and we agreed to go Friday evening around the time when we opened. On the inside I was hopeful we'd find "The One" but on the outside I played it totally cool and let Ben take the lead; I knew I could fall in love with almost any dog but it was going to take more for Ben to want to take one of these guys home with us. 

We walked up and down every aisle of dog crates, stopping to pet a few and read the info written on the cards about the breeds, ages, and origins of each. After we'd seen everything, I said, "Is there any dog you liked and want to go see again?" He said, "Yea, I like that little black and white one named Winter." So back we went, and asked the volunteer if we could hang out with Winter. I held her in my arms and Ben looked me right in the eye and said, "We could do this. I think we could do this, But we need to think about it. And we really need to clean and fix up the apartment." I nodded and turned to the volunteer to hand Winter back. She clawed at my jacket trying to hold on as we gave her back. Before we left, I filled out an adoption application. 

We walked to dinner and daydreamed out loud a little bit about what it would be like if we took her home. Suddenly a thought came to me. "We could call her Winnie! Like The Wonder Years!" Ben liked the idea.

The next day, I knew she was on both of our minds. I had to hold myself back from asking, "Are you still thinking about Winter?!" every 5 minutes. I called emailed the animal rescue and asked if Winter was still there, and if my application had approved. She was so soft and cute that I worried someone else would scoop her up, but I kept telling myself that if it was meant to be... it would be. I got an email back shortly that my application had been approved and that Winter was still there. Ben and I agreed that if we woke up thinking about her on Sunday morning, we'd head back to the event to make her ours. Sunday morning came and I emailed Social Tees to see if she was still there. The event started at 11 and I wanted to be there as soon as it opened. I made breakfast and told Ben to get dressed. He dragged his feet; he was afraid we'd get there, she'd be gone and we'd be heartbroken. He kept telling me to call Social Tees to ensure she was still available and I kept telling him that the process isn't perfect and you have to be prepared for the possibility of, well, anything. (Also it was Sunday and their office is closed so there was no one there to answer the phone. Also Ben is very stubborn.) I finally got him out of the apartment. I checked my email as he hailed a cab and saw that Social Tees had written back, "Winter's still here. Are you coming?" I squealed, told Ben and replied, "We're on our way." 

We got there, paid the adoption fee, and carried Winter, now our Winnie, to the nearest bench so we could wrap her up in a blanket before heading outside. Ben and I looked at one another with the same gleam in our eye we had right after we walked up the aisle on our wedding day and sat in a holding room by ourselves in our shiny new wedding bands. A mix of sheer excitement and being scared shitless.

My dad took this photo about a week after we got Winnie. He bought her this bed which she soon after tore apart...

Winnie was rescued from a high kill shelter in Tennessee where I'm almost certain she was taken from her mom too soon, because she had severe separation anxiety that thankfully has eased with time. The first few weeks we had her, she'd cry if she wasn't within touching distance with one of us. She wouldn't get in her crate for anything and would cry even if we turned our plexiglass coffee table on its side to act as a barrier. She could see us, but she hated that there was something between us. 

Having her has changed our lives a lot. She's our first priority. I haven't even seen my dad's new house in Miami yet because I can no longer run down to Florida any ol' time I want. And I want to apologize to anyone I ever gave a strange look to when they told me their dog went to day care. I TOTALLY get it now. She goes several times a week when I have a bunch of clients in a row. If I'm gone for less than four hours, she hangs in her crate with a bone. For the first month or so she'd scream when left alone and we got a lot of complaints from our neighbors. (I replied by leaving them each a bottle of wine and a note that said, "We apologize for the extra noise - we rescued a puppy and she's still getting used to her new surroundings.") She now stays quiet when crated and her anxiety has definitely lessened. She gets a little more confident each day and it's so fun to see. 

Winnie has made me cry more times than I can count. I cringe to think about what she may have been through in her life before we adopted her. She bit a hole right through a pair of lululemon leggings (while I was wearing them!) and she's still learning not to be quite so mouthy. And I'll never forget the first time we left her alone, enclosed in our kitchen. Ben and I went to see a movie a few blocks from our apartment and I left early because my ankle was really bothering me. I came home to a screaming Winnie and poop EVERYWHERE. I forgot about my ankle, got down my knees to clean the floors and turned around to see she was throwing up. I cried for a LONG time that night. I'm happy to report she's come a long way since!

Our little family at the dog park on February 19, 2017.

It hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows, but Winnie has without question changed our lives for the better. Ben and I were always content to hang out at home but now it's way more of an adventure as we learn more about Winnie, her personality and her quirks each day. She's already taught us so much about love, perseverance, and patience. People stop us on the street all the time when we're walking her to ask questions, and we're so proud to tell everyone that she's a rescue. She may drive us absolutely crazy sometimes but she's brought new meaning to our lives...truly.

Winnie loves to eat (especially our food) and she loves to play and she loves to sleep. She wants to stop and say hi to every single person along our walks. She loves to stretch and does a mean downward dog! My dad lives a few blocks away and he and Win are best buds. He's an amazing help to us and I'm so grateful. I literally can't walk her by his building without her trying to drag me inside of it. She knows he lives there and ALWAYS wants to go see him.

I wanted to share this story especially for anyone who is considering adopting a dog. If you live in Manhattan, I can't say enough good things about the work Social Tees does, and I'm so glad we were able to adopt from them. I don't know much about other rescues but if you have any specific questions I will do my best to help you. 


Happy Friday. Boy, am I glad to see you! This week brought about a new normal. My schedule is ramping up as I've started working with several new clients, and I'm back to working out as well. Next week will be a good one, because guess who's turning 32? THIS GAL! My birthday is Wednesday, January 25 and even though my birthdays are definitely no longer the same since my mom is gone (she made each and every birthday felt like it was the best day ever AND like it lasted for weeks) I'm making a point to truly try to enjoy it this year. (For various reasons my 30th and 31st birthdays were both kind of womp-womp.) I took the day off from work, I'm getting my hair done, and I'm planning to relax as much as possible. My dad already gave me my present (this crossbody bag) and I told Ben no gifts this year, so my only wish is to have a beautiful, enjoyable day. Below are my favorites from the week... have a great weekend and I'll see ya soon!

The Affair was officially reviewed for Season 4!!!

Speaking of Showtime. Anyone else having Shameless withdrawals? I love this interview with Lip.

Do you lift weights in your running sneaks? You may want to rethink your workout footwear.

I love {and need one of} these handbag storage ideas.

I can't wait to read this book about eating for your personality written by my fav celeb trainer. 

I love these easy-to-make, grain-free pasta side dishes. It's like a cleaner version of those Lipton packets!

This eye makeup eraser stick saves me on a daily basis. #sweaty

Speaking of makeup, this fine liquid eyeliner has become a staple in my daily routine. 

I got Ben and myself matching Patagonia Better Sweaters for Hanukkah (gray for him, violet for me). I'm looking forward to the cheesy family photo they will most certainly inspire.

I recently discovered this brand of luxe, cozy basics in the Equinox Shop.

Anyone else still rockin' some gift cards from the holidays? Just ordered this pretty stackable ring set.

This sweet sweater makes me happy because it reminds me of my mom. (I also have a Club Monaco gift card.)

Last but not least, let's all go have a celebratory Eggo and martini at Cafe Jacque's because WILL & GRACE IS COMING BACK! (1,000 points to anyone who got that reference. I love you.)


Happy Friday! How was everyone's first week of January? Did you make resolutions and if so, how are they coming? I'm still not entirely sure what mine are, so I'll have to keep you posted. I've had a few people ask me if the gym has been crazy crowded this week and the answer is... no. I haven't seen a ton of new faces yet, and while I'm hoping to pick up a few new clients in the next month or so, I almost feel like the hype about people going crazy with "get in shape" and "lose weight" resolutions in January is almost bigger than the actual act. Anyone else?

Anyway, feel free to follow me on Snapchat for more random ramblings like the one above, photos of my food, my not-so-famous daily rants and gratuitous videos of Winnie. My username is teddisetgo. Here's what I'm loving this week... it's a short list because, well, #PuppyMomLife.

One of my clients and I are both obsessed with reading recaps and reviews of The Affair. This week I liked Vulture's and Refinery 29's. (Also, did it bother anyone else that twice Martin's age was stated as 19 and he's still in high school...?!?!)

Ben and I really got into that Truth and Lies: The Menendez Brothers documentary on ABC last night... did anyone else watch? Looking forward to reading this book Hung Jury that's coming out next month - it's an updated version of one juror's diary of the trial.

Curious to know if any of you read about Something Navy's plane drama and if so, what did you think? (Personally, I think her family is adorable but I see how arguments can be made for both sides. Babies cry and flight passengers want a quiet 6 hour cross-country flight... And there will always be internet trolls who will find any possible way to spin something negatively. These are all facts.)

Made a few good beauty discoveries this week: this Too Faced Boudoir Eyes may be the only eyeshadow palette I ever need again. Not exaggerating... the colors are soft and gorgeous. For a more budget-friendly version, I actually owned this palette first, which is definitely more wallet friendly and goof-proof.

We all know I love my Skinfix lip repair balm, but this eos shimmer lip balm is also great and imparts a pretty little sparkle.

I recently rediscovered my Sultra curling rod and I can't believe I ever stopped using it. (For the record, it was because I misplaced the safety glove for a bit. I found it, and I'm never breaking up with this rod ever again! I've had it since spring 2011 and it's still going strong! Well worth the investment, and I found it on sale here.)

The photo above is a throwback from about 3+ years ago, but I still own and love those boots

Have a wonderful weekend!