Wedding week is officially upon us, and you can expect to hear more about that in a few days. Fun fact: Ben proposed a year ago today. (Gotta love those people in the background just don't GAF.) It's going to be radio silence around here next week, so I'm going to try to post as much as possible this week to make up for it. But for now, I have to talk about the amazing experience that was the Movemeant Foundation Dare To Bare.

I have to admit that I was a little nervous to share these photos... my figure is far from perfect, and people can be so judgmental. But I'm proud of my body and its imperfections, and yesterday reminded me why.

I've never had feminine curves... I have no waist, no hips, and a small chest. I think that I used to believe that if I worked out "hard" enough or did things a certain way, I would achieve a little teeny tiny waist. It's kind of maddening to put on a swimsuit and wonder if my hard work has paid off. It is endlessly frustrating to me that no matter what I do: cardio; weights; strength training; barre/Pilates; I still look sort of the same: shapeless. But what I've learned this year is that there are some things I can't change. I can't change my body type. I can't change my appetite so that my body looks a certain way.  I live life loudly. I work hard and I play hard. I lead an active life and I eat a LOT. And looking around yesterday at a sea of happy, healthy women, I was reminded that every body is different and that you should work out because you love your body, not because you hate it.

I'm proud to have raised $854 for the Movemeant Foundation. I was in the top 20 individual fundraisers (#19) and was thrilled to ride next to my sister (who raised over $600) in the second row. This money will fund individual, group, school and community grants to further fitness, movement and positive body image in womens' lives. (Read more here.) If you EVER have the chance to take an "indoor" cycling class outside, I cannot recommend it enough. It's a totally different experience. The energy was explosive and I had the biggest smile on face from start to finish.

SoulCycle classes are held in dark studios and while the music is often fun, the undertones of the class tend to be more serious, with motivational quips about inhaling intention and exhaling expectation. But when you take away the stage, the light dimmer and those four walls and add in the unexpected elements of a public park with a live DJ and staring passersby (including a man wearing white pants with a giant red stain on the crotch area holding up a sign that said "Circumcision Kills") everything kind of changes. I really appreciated that the focus of this particular class was on fun, acceptance, positivity and inspiration. It wasn't solely about pushing yourself and getting your sweat on. In between songs, we were encouraged to high five and "cheers" one another with our water bottles.

The instructors each had their own reasons for being there. Ayana Curtis, a SoulCycle master instructor, was modeling positive body image to her young daughter, who rode proudly in the front row (and is just as gorgeous as her mother). Olivia Ward, a SoulCycle instructor and the season 11 winner of The Biggest Loser, gave birth to her first child seven weeks ago and talked about how in the past five years she's lost 50% of her body weight and gained 110% of her life back. Jenny Gaither, a senior SoulCycle instructor and the founder of Movemeant talked about why she started all of this in the first place: because she was sick of feeling uncomfortable in her own skin and decide to help herself and others by creating a new standard of beauty: one with no "standards" at all. Their anecdotes really personalized the experience; it was a truly thoughtful class.

This last image is from the Movemeant Foundation Instagram. I enlarged it which is why it's blurry. Do you see me? (Yes, I changed hairstyles halfway through the ride.)

I am so grateful to everyone who supported me and donated to my page. A huge thank you to my sister, Perri, for doing this with me and to Ayana, Jenny and Olivia for being such vibrant, fearless leaders. It was a wonderful day and I'm already looking forward to next year.


Before I get started, I want to thank everyone for their kindness regarding Monday's post. I actually sat down to post about the wedding (which is now 10 days away...) and I wound up writing about my mom and decided to just go with it. It's not easy to be so vulnerable, but knowing that my words resonated with some of you makes it all worth it.

Today I want to hop back on the What I Ate Wednesday bandwagon and share a day of eats with you! Please note that it might look like I eat a lot. That's because I do! Tuesdays are my long days. My schedule is about to change though so if I ever get around to doing more of these, they'll probably start to look somewhat different. As for Monday, I was planning to share a few fun tidbits about the big day, including our invitation, so I'll  just make this post an extra long one and put all that stuff at the end! #weddingwednesday

Tuesday started off nice and early, per usual. It's crazy to think that next Tuesday I'll be getting ready to head to Florida to get married. Time has truly flown. Anywho...

WE GOT A VITAMIX. Yes, finally!!! I hemmed and hawed a whole lot over which version to get and decided on the S30. I have to say I think Ben was just as excited as I was for its arrival and he almost immediately ordered me extra travel cups. Love how these fit right onto the blender... brilliant! These days I'm trying to do a smoothie for breakfast... yesterday's mix included banana, almond butter, vanilla bean goat's milk yogurt, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, vanilla extra and green coffee powder. I'm in the midst of teeth whitening this week so I'm not having my usual morning latte. The green coffee powder is my AM caffeine hack. I got it at Whole Foods and it seems to be doing the trick. I haven't had a latte or actual coffee in 3 days and I feel great, which is leaps and bounds above how I felt last time I took a 3-day hiatus from coffee. (I was a DISASTER.)

Oh, and since it's officially fall I broke out my MZ Wallace tote again. I love this thing.

Oooookay...looks like the photos are going to be wacky in this post despite my editing. Sorry guys.

I'm trying to do away with midmorning snacks and focus on eating heartier breakfasts instead, but because I started my smoothie at 6:45am, I was pretty ravenous by 10:30. I really am like an infant. I need to be fed every few hours. This Kashi bar did the trick. Check these out, by the way... good stats and very tasty.

Whenever I'm able to eat lunch at home during the week, 99% of the time it's something I can whip up quickly in the kitchen using whatever we already have in the fridge. (I haven't been to Chop't in months!) These days when it comes to eggs I mix one whole egg with a generous pour of egg whites. I wish you could order eggs like this in a restaurant without sounding and seeming like a total priss. It's the perfect combo for me and my tummy. This veggie scramble looks horrendous but it was actually so delicious. (Made with 1 Organic Valley egg mixed with Organic Valley egg whites, a little bit of Organic Valley butter, mushrooms and zucchini. <--- I am not sponsored by Organic Valley but I should be. I just love their products, honestly.) I added smoked salmon and a small gala apple (not pictured) to make it a well-rounded meal.

In the afternoon, I noticed we were low on a few pantry items, namely this Cascadian Farms cereal and Pipcorn, and I decided I either needed to eat them or throw them away. I chose the former because I don't like to waste food. :)

Dinner was chicken breasts marinated in a ginger garlic sauce and pan-fried asparagus cooked with a little bit of butter, sesame oil, garlic seasoning and sesame seeds. (Also, this method of cooking chicken breasts on the stove has been a kitchen game-changer for moi.)

I actually would've been cool with calling it a night then and there, but then the STRANGEST thing happened.

Ben said he wanted dessert. 

This happens once in a NEVER, so off to Haagen Dazs we went (or as I call it, Hoggy Doggy). 

I got a kiddie cup of Caramel Cone ice cream, swore I wouldn't eat the whole thing, and totally did. (Please note how I'm cockily holding the cup lid underneath it like, "Yea totally gonna save the rest for a rainy day." NOT!) Honestly, it was delicious while I was eating it but gave me a stomachache afterward. Also, who eats ICE CREAM 11 days before their wedding?! Fro-yo I can totally understand, but the real stuff?! What a brazen couple of bozos we are! Oh, well. My stomach STILL hurt upon waking today, so I won't be having the Hoggy Doggy again anytime soon.

Okay, that's enough food talk!  Now, a few wedding fun facts:

- Once upon a time I said I would walk down the aisle to Pachelbel's Canon in D Major (I bet some of you remember that!!!). It's such a beautiful song, but I can't listen to it without crying. I HAD to have it as part of our processional, though, so our bridal party will walk down the aisle to it. I'm actually walking down the aisle to a song by one of my all-time favorite pop artists... and it's also one of Ben's favorite songs. (I'm keeping it a surprise, but guesses welcome!)

- I also used to say I would get married in Vera Wang... and I'm not! I didn't even really end up looking at her dresses. Not because I don't love them, but because I fell in love with one of her competitor's designs first, bought it rather quickly, and never looked back. It was a bold move and a part of me looks back and wishes I didn't forego the traditional bridal salon experience, but I still feel it would've been too tough without my mom. The dress I chose is (in my opinion) traditional with a modern twist and simple yet very chic. (Again, keeping it a surprise but I will say that I went with strapless.)

- The song we chose for our first dance was featured in an episode of The Wonder Years. Believe it or not, despite my undying love for that show, Ben was actually the one who brought the idea to the table. I was always fixated on the idea of an older, more classic song so when he played the song for me I knew it was it. It's one of those songs that you might not know by title or by the opening chords, but as soon as the singing beings you're like, "OMG!!!!!!!!! THIS!!!!!!!!" (Or so I hope...)

- Our invitation (proof, I don't yet have a good photo of the real deal) is below. The dots are imprinted shiny silver foil. I wanted something modern and fun. The rest of the suite (<--- grainy shot on my Instagram) also has touches of the foil. It was designed by Spark Letterpress.

Thanks for reading. Happy Wednesday!


Today would've been my parents' 35th wedding anniversary. 

It hurts to type.

There is so much I haven't said that I want to say about my mom's life and about her death and the cause and effect its had on my life. I often wax poetic about my childhood because I grew up in a little bubble of sorts... my life was far from perfect but I had it pretty good: I went to a day school for my entire adolescence that I was happy and comfortable at, I lived within driving distance of all four grandparents and had the chance to spend ample time with all of them: Shabbat dinner on Friday nights with my dad's parents and dinner at The Palm on Sunday nights with my mom's. We lived in the cutest little house and I had nice friends. We took weekend road trips up and down the Florida coast. I didn't want for anything. And most importantly of all: I thought my parents were the two best people in the world and I felt so fortunate that they were mine.

Growing up sheltered also meant I was a scaredy cat, though; I was afraid of pretty much everything. I cried a lot! Other than school, I didn't like to be without my parents for prolonged periods of time. When they went on a date night, I would stay up late until they got home or I would just go to sleep in their room when the babysitter wasn't watching. Don't get me wrong: I was a fun, loud kid with endless energy. I loved life. I was just very attached to my mom and dad. I even said once when I was very young, "Do I have to get married someday? I just wanna live with you guys forever!" Life in our house was always fun.

Oddly enough, the one thing in life I never feared was losing them. My parents were so present in my life that the notion of one or both of them dying was one that I was very easily able to push away on the rare occasion it entered my mind. When they sat my sister and I down over two years ago to tell us she was sick, I didn't even let myself cry because losing her seemed impossible. I was absolutely sure she would beat the odds and that she'd be fine. She was one tough cookie. I wasn't too worried. 

My whole life, I've felt very lucky. But six months later when things began to get very bad, I lay awake at night wondering if my luck was running out. For the first time, I had to deal with the very real possibility of losing a parent. Deep down in my heart, I knew she could die and I started to mentally prepare myself for the worst. I finally allowed myself to face my greatest fear of all. 

Today my parents' would've celebrated 35 years of married life together - 35 years of love, of fun, of imperfection. They were and will always be the greatest, happiest couple I've ever known.

In twelve days I'll walk down the aisle, hand-in-hand with my dad, to start the next chapter of my life. To get married without my mom standing on the other side of me will undoubtedly be one of the hardest things I ever have to do. I miss her so much it hurts everyday, but especially now - when she's not here to help me get in my dress, to hold my hand, to stand beside me on the day we always dreamed of. To give me away.

So if you see me sad, or cry, or fall apart a little bit these next twelve days, know that I do know how lucky I am. Lucky to have had her as my mom for as long as I did. Lucky that she got to know - and fall in love with - Ben, and that he adored her equally. Lucky to be marrying a wonderful man who has stood by my side through triumph and tragedy, goodness and grief. My mom may not physically be at our wedding, but her presence will be known in so many ways - including but not limited to our color palette (the same as my parents' wedding in 1980) and the flowers (orchids, her very favorite). She's not here and it isn't fair but I won't let that trump the fortune I feel to have had her as my mother.

Happy Anniversary, Mommy. I miss you so much.


I'm still here! I'm still here! And I certainly didn't intent to disappear for the last two weeks, but when you're less than a month out from your wedding, I guess that's what happens...

Confession: for the past two weeks I full intended on doing a What I Ate Wednesday post, but then 4pm on Tuesday inevitably rolled around and I realized I'd only photographed half of my meals thus far. So I'm gonna try - key word being try - again next week.

So, what I've been up to since I last checked in...

top (on sale, amazing fit) | leggings | Pure Barre "bride to be" socks

- I finished my personal training sessions and now I'm out in the gym wold on my own. Personal training was an amazing experience and one that I'm so grateful for. I'd like to embark on that adventure again sometime, for sure, but for now I'm designing my own program. Currently I'm alternating push/pull strength training days (I've been sharing my plans on Snapchat) with cardio and other classes. I got back to Pilates Mat on Monday for the first time in months and it felt AMAZING. Definitely going to make that part of my regular routine. 

- I've been experimenting with lots of different diet methods and currently I'm dabbling in the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) way of life. If you're looking for a good account to follow, I highly recommend Cori Fit. She has awesome insight; I love her posts and always feel inspired by her in some way or another.

- I've become a coach for Girls On The Run. It feels amazing to volunteer again, and being around this particular group of girls brings back so many fun memories of my childhood.

- I've been doing just the tiniest bit of fall shopping... I got the cutest lace-up flats, black skinny jeans, and cropped two-fer sweater. Gear-wise, I picked up these pretty blue compression pants (my pair is full-length but these are on sale!) and I've SO got my eye on these leg warmers.

- Oh! And I've been in full-on freak-out mode that my wedding is mere weeks away. I'm really losing my mind. I mean it.

top | sneakers (some of my very favorites)

- Oh! I also got up to 25 pounds per arm on bench chest presses (^not pictured^) but it was tough, so I think I'll stick to 20s/22.5s for now. :)

Happy Thursday!


I cannot, cannot, C A N N O T believe it's September 10. Between travel, wedding planning, the Jewish Holidays, a new volunteer gig and studying, this week and the next few are going to leave me scatterbrained to say the least. BUT I wanted to stop by to say HELLO! and share some fun stuff/things I've bought and loved recently. Hopefully back next week with a little more pep in my step. In the meantime, my recent discoveries are below!

Asics Gel Fit Sana Sneakers. My favorite training sneaks (seen on me herehere, here, and here) are on sale! I bought my first pair from Free People on a complete whim and I can't say enough good things about these. I will definitely be snagging these in another color. (More colors here. Also, kinda obsessed with this printed pair.)

LOLO Sunglasses Case. I like to travel with two pairs of sunglasses, and this case has ample room. (Also, SO wanting this 3-piece Bride set...)

CAUDALIE Cleansing Water. This stuff is everything: refreshing, gentle and effective. And it's actually encouraged me to use a much lighter hand when applying makeup as it's a bit frightening to see just how much stuff comes off with this on the used cotton pad (TMI!!!)

Speed Jump Rope. I bought this to use on an upcoming tropical getaway. We're staying at a condo that doesn't have a gym, so I'm trying to think out of the box a bit. (I'm also planning on bringing my Manduka travel mat and resistance tube.)

Mark & Graham Lido Jewelry Roll. This was a (brilliant) gift from my dad to be used for all of my upcoming fall travel. Prior to this I was using a couple of compartment-less jewelry pouches and all of my necklaces were a tangled mess. This keeps everything in order. 

St. Tropez One Night Only Wash-Off Tan. I saved the best for last! This stuff is INCREDIBLE. I had been searching high and low for a non-commitment tan (read: no streaks and easy to remove) for quite some time when my eyes landed on this during a recent trip to Sephora. I decided to give it a whirl and I'm so glad I did. It's easy to apply, imparts a believable color and glow, and it stays put. I am holding off on an airbrush tan until my wedding weekend but still want to be able to bare my legs without scaring people in the meantime. I can't recommend this enough!

Happy Thursday!


Last night I was sitting in cycling class, pedaling away, and I watched a spider crawl down a web from the ceiling. Seriously - this actually happened. I was totally freaked out (especially when I lost track of him and wondered where he was going next...) but it also made me realize that it was probably some sort of metaphor... and that I must have been a bit bored.

I've spent most of my life avoiding any sort of physical exercise, so trust me when I say it is possible to become an athlete after decades of skipping P.E. I used to be so embarrassed by the fact that I was terribly clumsy and out of shape. Well, I'm still a total klutz but I have found workouts I truly enjoy and that's what counts.

A few weeks ago someone asked me if I really enjoy sessions with my personal trainer. YES! It's challenging and at times makes me want to scream/curse/yell obscenities, but I've discovered that I get a thrill out of rising to the occasion. I enjoy it so much, in fact, that I'm thinking about going to the other side. I'd love to be able to change someone's life in the capacity that my trainer has changed mine.


...back to that spider. Even though I am a big proponent of finding and focusing on workouts that you enjoy, I admit that sometimes I get bored. Of course I do! Not every moment of every workout can be exciting, challenging, life-altering. Sometimes, be it your mood, the atmosphere, the class or the instructor can start to feel a bit mediocre for whatever reason. Here are a few ways I forge through a workout when it starts to get a little stale...

I think of things to write about. (Like this post!)

I sing (mouth) along to the song lyrics. Even if I'm not crazy about the song, rocking out spices things up a bit.

I change it up (within reason). Slowing down, speeding up, turning the resistance up or down, challenging myself to a different tempo, pace or weight are all things that help me keep things a little interesting.

I smile. When I used to really struggle with the hand weights series at SoulCycle, I would make myself smile a giant, goofy, toothy smile. (I'm sure the instructors thought I was nuts.) This does a few things: it reminds me to (try to) have fun, it sends out good energy in the world, and by forcing myself to actively keep a smile I'm my face I'm holding myself accountable and staying present in the moment. Try it.

I think about what I'm going to eat afterward. Always a surefire way to get my ass in gear. I may or may not have chosen the workout location last night specifically because of its proximity to Whole Foods.

How do you get through your workouts when you need an extra little push?

Happy Thursday!


Whew! That's a mouthful! (Of juice...wakawaka) :)

Before I go on, I want to clarify that this post is in no way sponsored, nor was this product gifted. I have been a fan of Suja for a few years now, and Target might as well be my second home. I purchased these juices with my very own money, and I'm sharing my experience for several reasons: a) I always value these types of posts on other blogs and so b) I want to pay it forward to anyone who is reading and has considered some sort of a program like this and is looking for an unbiased opinion. And if by some incredibly slim chance Annie Lawless (or someone who works for Suja/can relay the message) is reading this: HAY GIRL. Big fan right here!

How did I land on the Suja Fresh Start Target 1-Day Renewal? Doing a juice cleanse was something I'd been contemplating for awhile, and after tons of research (much of which was reading reviews on other blogs) I decided to go with Suja. I actually bought 5 of the 6 juices in their Classic Fresh Start a la cart at Whole Foods (I couldn't find the 6th...) with the intention of doing it, but I never did. I've been drinking the juices separately instead. So when I was at Target last weekend and saw the above, I decided to give this a go. I did the renewal on Monday and took notes along the way. My takeaways are below (be warned, it's a long one!)...

Bottle 1: Sunrise Probiotic, 10:00 a.m. Happy Fresh Start Day to me! I had high hopes for this juice, which is really more like a smoothie, in particular because I like the idea of having it for breakfast sometimes, perhaps with a protein packet stirred in. It is delicious and totally met my expectations. I sipped it with a straw - because all cold beverages are better with straws - and completely forgot to take a pic.

Mini Meal 1: sliced apple with cinnamon and almond butter, 11:15 a.m. There are four suggestions for each mini meal (see meal plan here) and this one was an easy choice for me. I eat this snack all the time IRL, and it was as delicious and comforting as always.

Bottle 2: Midday Thrive, 1:30 p.m. I'm not green juice's biggest fan so I knew this was going to be my least favorite of the day. I prefer to get my greens as part of whole food meals or in hearty smoothies as opposed to juices. At this point in the day I'm feeling pretty decent and hugely grateful that I was able to sleep in for most of the morning. This program would definitely be tougher for me to endure if I'd planned it on a day when I was up and out of the house by 6:30 a.m. As predicted this juice is not my favorite so I'm sipping it slowly, alternating it with my water thermos, and looking forward to the next mini meal.

Mini Meal 2: two hard boiled eggs with 1/4 avocado, 3:00 p.m. My sweet coworker just asked me if I wanted coffee and I may or may not have started crying. Kidding (sort of) - I don't drink coffee past noon on "school nights" and I am aiming to be in bed, lights out by 10:00 p.m. tonight so the caffeine window is closed shut. And I'm praying I sleep well! I went back and forth (and back and forth) between having this or a veggie burger, but in the end I decided on this, because the meal plan calls for an organic veggie burger and the only kind I had at my disposal were not USDA certified. I also feel like erring on the side of whole, unprocessed foods is always the right move, but next time I would definitely opt for the hot option. This was pretty good and I ate it quickly. I was hungry!

Bottle 3, Evening Protein, 5:40 p.m. It's hard to space these out and I'm not sure how or if I would do it differently next time. I've had both hunger and a headache for the past two hours, but I really didn't want to drink this two early so I held off. It was worth the wait! It is sooo yummy. The cacao really gives it a rich flavor. 

Mini Meal 3: sliced turkey, green beans and hummus, 6:35 p.m. Here's where I veered off course a bit. I was supposed to get low-sodium turkey and didn't, so I ate less of it than suggested. It was also suggested that I have tomato slices with these meal but I chose to have green beans instead. It was also suggested that I eat 1 tablespoon of hummus...I ate 4. Yep. Ate the whole single serve pack of Sabra, and didn't really feel bad about it. I was hungry and didn't want to be miserable later in the evening. I would definitely have this combo again as a meal IRL; it was really satisfying. On this plan, you're supposed to consume your last meal at least three hours before you go to sleep so that you have time to digest. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to grab a handful of raisins later on, but I didn't. I wanted to see this through and I'm glad I did!

Here are my main takeaways:


+ Tasty. The juices are just good. I so enjoyed the Sunrise and Evening drinks. The green wasn't my favorite, but then again, it never is.

+ Affordable. This is an important one. Juice cleanses can get very pricey. These bottles were $3.99 each, which I think is an incredible value, considering each is USDA organic.

+ Incorporates whole foods. I love that this particular plan allowed me to eat! This was comforting to me. I like to chew!

+ Variety. There are plenty of choices for each mini meal, which makes this appeal to a broader audience.

+ Put me in a great mindset. This might be the best pro of all for me. Paying hyper-attention to what I put in my body has really propelled me into a healthier week/month!


- I didn't feel terribly different afterward. I felt great that I knew I was doing something good for my body, but I didn't wake up on Tuesday feeling like a different person physically or with that "juice cleanse glow" that others talk about. I wasn't looking for a huge change, so this wasn't that discouraging for me. 

Would be tough to do on a "long" day. I specifically chose this particular Monday because I knew it would work well with my schedule. I also knew I was going to be able to sleep in really late and get into bed early, so it was a "short" day for me in a sense. I start most weekdays by waking up at 6 and I'm out the door by 6:30, and I think this would've been more of a challenge for me on a day like that. I have a really big appetite and 1200-ish calories would be VERY light on a day when I'm running around a bunch.

High in sugar. Even though it's not like I was chomping on Twizzlers Pull N Peels all day long, I count my macros so it was still very apparent to me that I was almost double my regular sugar intake. 


Did I work out? Less than usual. The plan suggests getting 30 minutes of exercise; I got mine via moderate-to-brisk paced outdoor walking. I did not go to the gym and I would not suggest planning a strenuous workout for a day like this.

Did I lose weight? From what I surmised in the mirror, I may have lost a pound or two, but I didn't weigh myself before or after. I've stayed away from scales for the most part for these past few months, as I'm already stressed enough about how my wedding dress will fit. I don't need numbers messing with my head right now. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this and would definitely do it again. It was not life-changing but it was a great motivator to be mindful, and I'm always happy to do something good for my health and well-being. In terms of both time and money it wasn't a big investment and I'd recommend it to anyway who needed a jump-start to a healthier lifestyle but wasn't looking to go full-fledged juice cleansing.

Any questions, leave 'em in the comments or email me. Happy Hump Day!

P.S. I'm wearing these shorts (currently on sale for less than $25), these shoes and the old version of this bag.