Happy Black Friday! I hope those of you celebrating had a fabulous Thanksgiving. Who's caffeined-fueled and ready to shop?!

Here's what I've scored so far...

A cozy hoodie. I'm wearing it now! (50% off with code HOLIDAY)

Flattering, chic workout tights. (50% off with code BLKFRIDAY)

A fun fringey top. (30% off with code HOLIDAY)

My life's motto tee. (50% off, no code necessary)

A sleep tank and flannel pants for $13 TOTAL! Slept in these last night so I can vouch for the coziness. :) (no code necessary)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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image via  (I so need this!)


Happy Wednesday! Lots to accomplish today but I'm stoppin' by real quick to share my favorite early Black Friday sales.

ballerina sweater (15% off with code GOBIG15) | lace pants (30% off with code HOLIDAY) | high heels (or on sale +$20 credit at MYHABIT)


· AMERICAN EAGLE: BOGO 50% off. I'm gonna talk my sis into going in on this one with me... I love their jeans and this slouchy sweater.

· EXPRESS: Get 50% off EVERYTHING + free shipping. FIFTY. PERCENT!!! This tunic sweater is so mine.

· FOREVER 21: Free shipping over $30 with deals starting at $4. If you're in the market for basic sweaters (read: not cashmere) this is my go-to for adorable, affordable options. I pick up a few here every fall/winter. (This one most recently.)

· J.CREW: Take 30% off your purchase with code HOLIDAY. I scored these pants in the smoked aubergine color. (Tip: they run a bit big. I took one size down from my usual.)

· KOHL'S: tons of different Black Friday deals and doorbusters including an extra 15% off with code TURKEYTIME. They have a great workout clothes selection - I already picked up another one of my fav Nike bra.

· SHOPBOP: Get 15% off $250+, 20% off $500+ and 25% off $1,000 at . with code GOBIG15. I own (and adore) last year's version of these heeled boots in black, and I'm coveting this dark khaki color, too...

· WALA SWIM: Take 25% off site-wide at with code HOLIDAY25. I'm not usually a one-piece gal but I'm so in love with this suit.


Happy shopping! Have a great day and a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Thank you for reading. MWAH!


Happy Monday! And more importantly, happy Thanksgiving week! Hooray! I know I've mentioned it a million times before, but Thanksgiving is not one of my favorite holidays. HOWEVER, I LOVE the week of Thanksgiving because it means time with family, breaks from work and school and of course, LOTS of shopping!

How was everyone's weekend? We celebrated my sister Perri's 23rd birthday and impending college graduation with a big party. GO PERRI! It was a super fun night: open bar, passed hors d'oeuvres and sushi platter after sushi platter at one of our favorite restaurants in Manhattan. It got me thinking about the holiday season in general: how it tends to be a more concentrated grouping of parties, events and big meals as compared to the rest of the year. In that vein, I wanted to share my 5 personal rules for staying healthy at holiday parties!

Here's how I check myself before I wreck myself:

· If planning to drink, have a glass of water before and after each cocktail. Staying hydrated is essential to keep from overeating - and over imbibing. If you're dehydrated, not only will you get drunk much quicker, it's likely that you'll also eat too much, because your brain knows that your body is in need of something, and often our first response to that signal is to eat.

· Take full survey of the menu/spread before making a plate. I won't dive right into the pigs a the blanket (though God, it's tempting) before checking out all of my options. On Saturday, I knew exactly what was being served and that I really wanted to save room for Funfetti cake. I skipped the heavier apps and opted instead for sushi. Don't know the full menu or what course is next? Eat like the night is ending with your most favorite dessert. Practice moderation and have just a little of everything. And if the night happens to end with a dessert you're not crazy about, at least you didn't overeat! (And you can always stop for fro yo on the way home!)

· Pick your poison - and stick to it. The holidays come with lots of specialty food and drink that we don't see for the rest of the year, and they're meant to be enjoyed! That being said, pick one indulgence and stick to it. If you pick a sugary cocktail, skip dessert and vice versa. If you're in the mood for cocktail with a higher fat content, like a hot buttered rum, stay away from fried food and cheeses. Etc, etc, etc. Balance your macros whenever possible.

· Don't be the person who's trying to get their "money's worth" at the open bar. I was that girl. For years. I thought, "Hey, someone paid for all this...may as well enjoy!" Ugh! I'm not a big drinker - I never have been - but when it came to open bars, I well balls to the walls more often than not. This was a (terrible) pattern of mine for years. Now I realize that this misguided notion of "getting your money's worth" really makes no difference in the end. The point of an open bar should NOT be to see how fast you can get drunk but rather to enjoy yourself without worrying about having to take out your wallet or who's picking up the tab. 

· Go into each meal, party, and event with a plan in place. DId you workout before? Will you workout the morning after? What have you eaten for the rest of day? In Bethenny's books, she talks about looking at your food intake as a bank account. I love that analogy. Keep all of this in mind and decide how to you want to "spend" your calories. Here's my plan for Thanksgiving:

- AM workout, Thanksgiving day: 45 minutes of cardio (probably an indoor cycling class)

- high protein, low fat breakfast and lunch

- Thanksgiving dinner indulgences: cornbread and mac & cheese. I'll have some turkey to balance it out and have just a few bites of dessert. One glass of wine.

- AM workout, day after Thanksgiving: 1-hour strength training session. 


What's your Thanksgiving plan? How do you stay on track during the holiday season?

Thank you for reading. See you soon. Mwah!



Happy Friday! How is your week going? It's the weekend! It's crazy (to me) to think that our New York engagement party was exactly one year ago!

(similar/on sale) crop top | skirt | best shoes ever (not pictured)

It was seriously one of the best nights of our lives. Such a fantastic evening. And God I miss that hairdo. 

Anyway! Here are some fashion-, fitness- and food-related things on my mind...



· When I'm not in workout clothes, I've been living in these American Eagle skinny jeans (on sale!). I actually bought mine last year and didn't start wearing them until recently (ahem, they were a bit tight). My sister has a similar pair that are slightly large on her, so she's giving them so me. Score! (Psst: it's BOGO 50% on all jeans/sweaters/sweatshirts over there if you're looking to do a little "one for you, one for me" gifting action.)

· My dad got me this North Face coat at the end of last winter, on sale, and it was a bit too small for me, so it wound up in Perri's closet, unworn. That was a run-on sentence. Sorry. Anyway, I've lost a few pounds since, so I now have a new coat for the season! YAY. However, my puffy vest officially bit the dust this past week, so I'm on the hunt for a replacement. Any recs? I'm feeling this Lulu one, largely in part because it has a hood.

· Speaking of fashion, I am lining up an A M A Z I N G giveaway with one of my favorite companies for the holidays. Stay tuned - I can't wait to spoil one of you lovelies.


· I started a new strength training program this week that I'm really excited about! It's from Bret Contreras' book, Strong Curves, which I'm currently reading. 

· I thought this was a good read because I still struggle to drink enough water: Five signs you're dehydrated. 

· If you're local to NYC and interested in personal training with yours truly in the new year, please email me! :)


· Best Friday morning surprise ever: finding a container of Siggi's Apple Spice yogurt in my fridge when I thought I only had plain left. YAY! (But I don't find yogurt to be super photogenic, so pictured above is my breakfast from Wednesday: one egg scrambled with three egg whites cooked in a little bit of organic butter + ketchup, two Applegate maple chicken sausage patties and half of a rice cake with almond butter.)

· I've been making a point to purchase more gluten-free products while grocery shopping. I've been loving Glutino and Glutenfreeda for pantry staples.

· Currently reading: Juli Bauer's Paleo Cookbook and Unproccessed.


That's it for me! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone - and thank you for reading.

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Happy Wednesday! How is everyone's week going?

Mine's a liiiittle crazed, so I'm gonna get right to it: a day of eats! This food lineup is from yesterday (Tuesday, 11/17). I got to assemble all of my meals and snacks at home (hence the post title). No outside purchases necessary - not even a run to Starbucks!

I was up early so I decided to run a few errands and clean the kitchen (?) Not sure where that productivity urge came from, but I went with it. Breakfast was Glutenfreeda granola with Manitoba hemp hearts and Silk unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I decided not to have coffee yesterday. I'm trying to skip it on days when I feel like I don't need it.

pantssneakers (on sale!)

After breakfast, I got a few more things done and hit the gym for a quick workout. I was pretty excited to come home and whip up this bad boy...

Lunch was leftover pork chop, leftover roasted butternut squash and cauliflower and chopped apple tossed with baby spinach and balsamic vinaigrette. This salad was THE BOMB.COM. I had the rest of the apple with some nut thins and honey.

I headed to the gym to put in a few hours of work. I stayed longer than I thought I would, and I left totally ravenous. I ate a Fiber One bar on my way home. 

We've started using Plated, a meal delivery service similar to Blue Apron. Last night, the recipe was cheesy chicken enchiladas. I wasn't super psyched about it, because I'm trying to cut back on both dairy and gluten. I have to admit, the chopping was a bitch but otherwise, it was actually kind of fun to make! I loved rolling up the enchiladas and lining them up in this baking dish. I like when cooking feels artful.

I limited myself to one (the "serving size" was three) and it was dee-lish-us. Totally filling, too. I'm thinking I'd like to try making my own version of this with gluten-free tortillas and all veggies...

I finished the day on a sweet note with these Glutino peppermint yogurt covered pretzels that I discovered at Whole Foods over the weekend. So, so good.

Have a great day, everyone! Sorry to keep it short but I will be back soon. Thank you for reading. MWAH!


Happy Friday! Here's a Friday funny for ya, because this was way too long to fit into a #nanatweet on Twitter but too classic not to share with you. I gave Nana a call a few nights ago around 9. She always tells me what a night owl she is and to "call anytime." No answer, so I left a voicemail and went to do the dishes. A few minutes later my phone rings...

ME: "Hi!"

NANA: "Teddi. Did you just call me?"

ME: "Yes! I left a voicemail!"

NANA: "Well, I tried to get to the phone. But my television blew out. So I was in the den, on the couch, half asleep. I heard the phone ring. I woke up and I tried to get to it, but I fell and I broke my nail. Couldn't get to it in time. Then, I had to file my bad nail down before I could call you back.

...but thanks for calling!"

Moral of the story: Don't buy a cheap TV. If her bedroom TV worked, that's where she would've been, apparently with easier access to a phone. Mind you, this is the TV I took her to buy four years ago, where she made me wait on line with her for 30 MINUTES TO OPEN A TARGET CREDIT CARD TO SAVE $11 ON SAID TV. ELEVEN. DOLLARS. For a Polaroid brand television that I begged her NOT to buy. "Polaroid is not known for their television prowess!" I said over and over. She wouldn't listen because it was like two hundred bucks and the cheapest option.

ANYWAY. Here we are! Onto your regularly scheduled programming...



I recently came into a bit of a windfall and will be shopping 'til I drop the moment I hit "PUBLISH" on this post. (JK, I randomly got a few gift cards this week but hay cash is cash.) 

I picked up these sandals for our December getaways... because $120 for Stuart Weitzmans? Um, yes please.

Tons of cute pajamas on sale at Nordstrom Rack... I may or may not have treated myself to this ridiculously cute pair.

25% off your purch at J.Crew... I'm heading there later today with my eye on this prize.


Next week, I start training to become a personal trainer! This way I can take on clients just in time for all those New Years Resolutions. :) This week I've been putting my Nike Training Club app to good use. It's free and I highly recommend it. It's incredibly specific and takes you through each step of every exercise. The only downside I've found is that some of the workouts sort of expect you to have a giant empty warehouse to gallivant around in, and I'm working in a pretty contained space. (Though they would work really well outside in nicer weather!)


My appetite has been really weird this week due to my cold. Oatmeal for breakfast with a little sweetener and Manitoba hemp hearts has been my savior. Nice and easy on the tummy. (From the grocery store, I love Glutenfreeda. For on-the-go, I love Starbucks oatmeal.) I've also been digging apple bowls and really anything on the simpler side. Cubed butternut squash + cauliflower + EVOO + S&P + 20ish minutes at 400 degrees = heaven.

Next week we're trying Plated so I'll have to report back!

Girl Crush Alert: PaleOMG. Where has this chick been all my life?!

Winners of the Mighty Nut and Manitoba Harvest giveaways have been emailed. I'm working on another (non-food) awesome giveaway just in time for the holidays, so stay tuned!


I think that's all I've got for you kittens and cats today! Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for reading! 



Happy Wednesday! And Happy 11/11! 11 has always been my lucky number so I feel like today should be some kind of epic...but I think it's going to be a pretty ordinary day which is just fine by me. I can't believe that Hanukkah is less than a month away, which means, I'm sure, that the countdown to Christmas has started for many of you. 

So, who has started their shopping yet? Mine begins now... a few of my gift ideas, below!