Happy Friday! The tall size from Starbucks did not do it for me this morning. I stayed up way past my bedtime last night reading Save The Date, a really sweet (and hilarious!) memoir of the many weddings the author has attended as a guest. I've been meaning to share my recent reads with all of you...

It's been a pretty decent week on all fronts - lots of productivity/Gettin' Shit Done, planning, workouts... Oh, I officially became a #SweatPink ambassador (woohoo!) Oh, and the funniest thing happened... My dad got a formal letter from Madewell saying that two pairs of sandals he purchased (one for me, one for Perri) had been recalled and would he please mail them back. We were cracking up... I mean, I've worn them all summer! Did anyone else get this letter? The sandals match my transport tote perfectly so it's kind of a bummer. Oh well!


But speaking of summer. I have to admit something. I am really, really, REALLY excited for fall. When the cold weather FINALLY gave up last spring, I swore to myself I'd savor every moment of the warm weather, would never complain about the heat or wish away the humidity. And I really have. We had a long winter and deserved all the sunshine Mother Earth had to give. But despite my best efforts to stay in the moment, fall fashion gets me every time! And Autumn is my favorite season in Manhattan, hands down. Ben and I have already talked about the copious amounts of Trader Joe's Pumpkin Cream Cheese we're going to consume (after the wedding, of course!).

We also have a tropical getaway planned in December, so I feel like I'm not totally cheating on summer. I'll be sad to see it end while knowing I have more sand and sea to look forward to. This weekend we're staying put and next week we're off to the beach for one last hurrah (for now). I'm looking forward to making the most of every breeze, iced tea and opportunity for bare legs.

But, oh, that fall fashion!

Clutch, belt, booties.

Are you savoring summer? Looking forward to fall? Both?

Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. My favorites page, Cup of T, is updated with my bachelorette party outfit and more!


Happy Wednesday! This is a post that I've been meaning to write for ages. If you've known me for long enough, you're fully aware of undying love for Whole Foods. I remember going there a bit with my mom in high school, but the real obsession began in college. I stopped at the Whole Foods in Winter Park, Florida all the time on my way to and from working at the Lilly Pulitzer store on Park Avenue. I ate their brown rice salmon sushi rolls for lunch several times a week, and I loved picking up fresh fruit and other groceries to bring home to my apartment.

As a true Floridian, yes, Publix will ALWAYS be my first love but there is something about WF that made me feel good about myself - like an almost-grown-up. My first two apartments in NYC weren't anywhere near a Whole Foods but now that I'm within walking distance of one I'm there at least once a week. Ben and I love walking over there on weekend mornings when we're up early enough to enjoy their hot breakfast bar and coffee counter. Although on our last trip we discovered they no longer offer a discount on their breakfast, which was a bummer. We used to have two breakfasts and two coffees for like eleven bucks! 

(This is the point in the post where I tell you this is in no way shape or form sponsored. I really am this obsessed with Whole Foods.)

Anywhoodles! I love the "Whole Body" sections of their stores and have discovered tons of great products there. These are items on my repeat purchase list... see below for descriptions/reasons!

TOP ROW, L to R:

1. The most delicious exfoliating wash. Use on just-shaved legs.

2. Probably the best buy on here: $15ish for a huge jug of awesome natural body wash

3. Clarifying shampoo that's great for all hair types.


1. The easiest way to moisturize post-shower.

2. This Spicy Vanilla Chai scented lotion is such a treat come Fall. (Love the body wash, too.)

3. Mess-free, natural sunscreen that's easy enough to wear every day.


1. Gentle yet effective wipes that are especially good at scrubbing off old spray tan.

2. Natural lip crayons that deliver moisture and color.

3. My everyday perfume in the warmer seasons.


Happy Wellness Wednesday!


Happy Monday! I woke up craving a smoothie, and since I scored a bottle of Starbucks Brewed to Personalize at Target yesterday, I figured I'd work that in. I threw frozen banana, PB, almond/coconut milk blend and iced coffee into our blender and noticed a spill on the counter seconds after I pressed BLEND. Hmm... I didn't remember spilling any of the ingredients... and then I realized our blender was LEAKING. ALL OVER. Ugh. I'm praying our Vitamix comes any day now...

Anywho! Here's what's been going on in these parts recently...

Stunning flowers to start off the weekend right. And here's hoping the outside window washer comes soon... Vase, chair.

Ben cleaned out my Neverfull tote for me! First time ever it's actually "never full" hardee har har! Power card, sunglass case.

Easy summer style. Last haircut before the big day! Top, NecklaceBag, Sandals, Phone case.

Dinner at Dos Caminos with the fam. Had to split a piece of their Salted Caramel Tres Leches Cake.

Took a super successful trip to Target yesterday in which I found the budget version of the Day Designer I'd been wanting for eons (but couldn't quite justify the $57 price tag). Zebra dish, similar planners.

On Sundays, we eat carbs. Homemade prosciutto pizza and kale/spinach/carrot/green bean/pepita/raisin salad.

Linking up with Erin to share my Weekend Snapshots. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!



Why? Well, for one, this week has been a little strange. For the past six months or so, I've been on a pretty specific health schedule. I prepare and eat the majority of my meals at home, I walk at least 1.5 miles each day, and I go to the gym 5-6 time a week. In the past few months specifically, I've been working with a personal trainer and closely watching my macros. 

My vacation was wonderful, but it threw me for an absolute loop. If you know me, you know one of my wellness commandments is thou shall take a vacation from life, not from exercise. I believe in fitting workouts and movements into all aspects of life, tropical getaways included. I'm also an advocate for eating mindfully when I'm away from home. I go down to Florida quite a bit - between visiting family, friends and wedding planning - but this was the first time in the past 6 months that I was down there for more than 3-4 days, and I didn't realize how regimented my regular routine had become, and how much being "off" of my schedule would affect me.

For instance, when I'm in my normal routine, I eat scrambled eggs or an omelet for one of my meals pretty much each day. I don't eat a ton of meat so this is a good source of protein and health fats for me.

In Florida, the closest I got to this meal was a) an egg white and turkey bacon sandwich from Starbucks (with only half of the English muffin) and b) a bacon/goat cheese/mushroom/asparagus egg white omelet at The Cheesecake Factory (which was actually insanely tasty but I shudder to think about the butter and salt that was hiding in there).

I went to the gym most mornings, took advantage of fresh seafood (because, Florida) and veggies whenever possible, and I encouraged as much walking as possible. (We ended up at the mall a few times for air-conditioned strolls with a little side of shopping. No complaints there.) We went to Publix a few times to pick up fresh fruit for the hotel rooms, and I only had a glass of wine on Monday, a little each of mimosa/champagne/wine Friday (for our wedding menu tasting {!!!}) and a glass of wine on Saturday. (And if you saw my sister's Snapchat of me singing BoyzIIMen into my iPhone "microphone" you know that one glass of wine is clearly all I need these days...) 

I think to myself, "Could I have done more? Could I have been "better?" The answer is sure, probably. But the real truth is that I wouldn't have been able to relax at all if I had hemmed and hawed over every bite, every step, every moment that I wasn't "health-conscious." And what kind of vacation is that?! And so, I'm happy to finally be getting back into the swing of things - and to see the weekend.

The other reason I'm so happy?

{I know, I know... Any excuse to use this photo...}

{I know, I know... Any excuse to use this photo...}

IT'S MY BACHELORETTE WEEKEND!!! WOOHOO!!! I'm sure I'll post something embarrassing on Snapchat so be sure to follow along (username is teddisetgo).

One more thing. My Friday Favorites are updated over on the Cup Of T page!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Back to reality! I got home from Florida yesterday and it felt like I'd been gone for a year. We normally run down there for a quick weekend, usually never more than four days/three nights... So to stay for a full week was absolute paradise and I did NOT. wanna. come. back.

So, this is one of those cases in which I'd like a vacation from my vacation... Because although we stayed at a gorgeous resort and spent some time by the pool, we also did a ton of running around, between wedding planning and visiting friends and family all over the state... Let's just say we spent a LOT of time in our rental car. My dad and I both have severe shpilkes, and we have a morning routine when we travel... we get up around 7/7:30 to hit the gym and Starbucks... except for yesterday, when I slept in and he told me that the barista at Starbucks asked where I was! Ha!

I came back to New York feeling tired, heavy and out of sorts. I'm thinking of doing a juice cleanse this week to get back on track... I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, here are some snapshots from my week...

{Our home for the week: Eau Palm Beach}

{Frozen watermelon "shots"}

{Beautiful beach}

{Jonathan Adler decorated hotel room}

{Caramelized sea scallops and corn risotto at Seasons 52}


{Dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Miami, Michael's Genuine Food & Drink}

{Maybe my favorite outfit of the whole trip...}

 {On me: Lilly x Target top & pants (similar), Clare V. fold over clutch, Kendra Scott Ripley bracelet. On Perri: Lilly Pulitzer maxi dress and straw clutch, Kendra Scott Elle earrings.}

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Happy Friday! I'm usually psyched to see the weekend but this one means my time in Florida is almost up! Yesterday we drove up to southwest FL to see my Nana, aunt and uncle and today is all about wedding planning. (It's bridal hair trial day! Weeeee!) Well, it's Friday and therefore time to celebrate all things sparkly and fun. This is gonna be a quickie as I'm still traveling. Here are a few things that have struck my fancy recently...

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. This new series to Netflix is laugh-out-loud-funny - and I've never even seen the movie! The 8-episode series takes place over the course of the first day at a summer camp and it is totally kooky with tons of amazing cameos. The eps are short and we binged on it from beginning to end last weekend. Highly recommend!

Green Tea Cupcakes at Sprinkles. I'm not even a green tea drinker but this looks absolutely delicious to me!

Wellcoin. A new app that rewards you for making healthy choices. Super cool concept.

How to Practice Side Plank B and Actually Grab Your Foot. Awesome infographic. I've been trying to do this for a looong time. Here's hoping!

CUP OF T. A new page that allows you to shop my current favs at any given moment! I often get questions about specific items in my Instagram/social posts and since I don't really do fashion-y posts I thought this would be a great way to give more info on those things. From the gingham dress I just scored on sale (I bought in-store but the price is WAY better online!) to my new favorite perfume and Lilly dress (the one I was wearing in my Instagram post yesterday), this tab reflects what I'm wearing, using and loving.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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images: 1. Netflix | 2. Wellcoin


Happy Monday! Posting might be a little sparse this week as I'm traveling (follow the fun/sun on Snapchat - username is teddisetgo) but in the meantime I wanted to share one of my favorite fashion/fitness/fun fusions with you. Graphic tees are having a serious moment that I don't see ending anytime soon. I think they're so fun and exude a certain amount of confidence and swagger. I also love that they can act as great conversation starters or ice breakers. Here are my current favorites.

"SUNKISSED" tank by Spiritual Gangster. I dig the shine and simplicity here. I own a handful of SG tops, and I get stopped all the time when I'm wearing them. I've specifically gotten all kinds of strange reactions to "I'M JUST HERE FOR THE SAVASANA" including an argument I had about it with an elderly woman in the lobby of Nana's Hebrew home. (But she started it.) "SUNKISSED" seems a little safer. ;)

"Barre So Hard" tank. I've never been to Pop Physique but I do love barre class and I'm in total lust with this top. Of all the "workout quip" tops I've seen, this is probably my favorite.

"NOON ON MONDAY" tank. I love a good inside joke idiom tee. (Noon on Monday is when the following week of SoulCycle classes open up for booking, AKA complete pandemonium.)

"Rosé All Day" tee. I sooooo want to buy this for my pink wine-lovin' lil sis. Okay, and maybe one for myself to match.

"Starbuff" tank. How I don't already own this is truly beyond me. But I'm sure you'll be seeing it on me sometime soon... And maaaaaybe on Perri too. #twinning

"AMOUR" tank. I like all of Sundry's tanks and tees, especially this one for its Parisian-like stripes, summery colors and sweet message.

"Surfing Flamingos" tee. Give me allllll the flamingos (and anything Donald Robertson has designed)> #FloridianForever

"CREEP" tank. I've long been a fan of Chaser LA's tees and sweatshirts, and there's something oddly appealing about this quirky top. It's also on super sale, plus It's Friends & Family at Bluefly right now so get 20% off your order with code FAMILY. Woohoo!

Happy tee-ing!