FRIDAY FIVE - #NSALE {7/15/2016}

Growing up in Miami in the 1980s/90s, I knew a thing or two about shopping. I knew Chanel was the fancy brand that Grandma liked. (The day I broke my pretzels into two C shapes during snack time, interlocked them, and said, "Look! I made Chanel!" was a classic story at Beth Am for years. I was 3.) I knew that Mommy had a big job in fashion. (She was the fashion director for Burdines. Anyone remember Burdines?!) When my parents announced we were moving to Dallas in 1998, I cried for days, weeks, months. My mom tried desperately to cheer me up by pointing out the pros of our new city. 

"They have Nordstrom!" she said with conviction.

"What's Nordstrom?" I said.

"Nordstrom is fabulous," she said. 

She was right.

Nordstrom ended up being a go-to for me in the years to come: it's where I bought my first school dance dress; it's where I got my makeup done for countless formals. I love Nordstrom to this day and every time I shop there, I think of her. And I think it's insane that they have this reverse sale each year where they mark down NEW stuff, when everyone else still does it the other way around. Just crazy. Here are my picks...

1. Stuart Weitzman 'Perfection' Bootie My mom did not do heels (Chanel flats only) but she would've loved these for me. The rich color, the little bow... these really are perfect!

2. 7 For All Mankind 'Slim Illusion Luxe' Skinny Jeans I've been wearing 7 since high school and there are few things I love more in my closet than a great pair of dark skinny jeans. Plus, 50% off?! Can't beat it.

3. Burberry 'Leightonbury' Jacket Love the cross between fashion (slim fit, classic nova check lining) and function (hood!!!) here.

4. Gorjana 'Power Stone' Bracelet I think what I love most about this, other than the symbolism behind it (black onyx is said to offer protection and stress relief) is the fact that it comes with two. And I definitely know who I'd give the second one to ;)

5. Nike 'Juvenate' Sneakers Floral print Nikes? No explanation necessary. 

The sale is open now to those of you lucky ducks with Nordstrom credit cards...the rest of us chickens will have to wait until next Friday. Or open a Nordstrom credit card today. Whatevs. Just a thought. A really good one...

Happy Friday!

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Yesterday I woke up on the right side of the bed. Monday was really frustrating for so many reasons, but yesterday I got up and was determined to have a good, full, productive day. I got a decent night's sleep and felt ready to take on the world. 

My alarm went off at 5:45am for my first session at 6:30am. I got dressed, pulled my breakfast together for the road and stopped at CVS for a few bottles of water before heading to the gym.

I had a 30 minute break between my first and second sessions, so I ate breakfast: a cup of plain Chobani with organic blackberries, half a GFB bar chopped up and about half a serving of PaleoKrunch. And by the way, this GoStak snack container is one of the best things I've purchased this year. No lie. (It comes with four compartments.)

After my last morning session, I got an email from my manager that Gregory's Coffee was offering any size cold brew for $1, one day only. In the words of Cher Horwitz, well, you can guess what happened next. I caught up on email with a large CB and ate half a thinkThin bar before heading back to the gym for my workout.

I stopped at Lululemon first and used a gift card to buy the Festival 2 cross body bag. I got the original version of the bag last year and wore it almost daily, but it doesn't fit my iPad. The new one is almost identical but just slightly larger and fits my iPad perfectly. (Side note: does anyone want the "old" one?! It's SUCH a great bag and in good condition! Seems silly for me to keep both.)

After my workout, I headed home to eat lunch: a chopped salad of baby spinach, deli turkey, garbanzo beans, roasted broccoli, dried cranberries and sunflower seeds. 

Aaaaaand a big serving of Blue Diamond nut thin crackers with a little almond butter and a lot of strawberry jam! Yum.

I spent the afternoon working at the computer and made a smoothie of Slap chocolate protein, frozen banana, almond milk and PB2 around 3:30pm. I drank about half before heading back to the gym (and saved the other half for later).

My plan was to make eggs for dinner since Ben would be out at a work event, but when I asked my last client of the day what she was having for dinner and she said, "Sushi," I decided that's what I wanted too! I was really hungry so I ordered two rolls and a chicken satay appetizer. I ate all of the sushi and half of the chicken.

Craving something sweet, I ate a small bunch of grapes before getting ready for bed. Wednesdays and Fridays are my earliest days (I wake up around 5) which means I try to get to bed earliest on Tuesday and Thursday nights.


5 ways to stay on track with your nutrition goals when your schedule is crazy:

1. Fill a GoStak with fresh or dried berries, nuts, Paleokrunch, etc the night before a long day. All of these foods can be enjoyed on their own or work well as toppings on oatmeal or yogurt.

2. Speaking of oatmeal, keep a few cups (I like Glutenfreeda or thinkThin) or packets (make sure you also have access to a bowl and spoon) in your desk or locker at work. If your office has a heated water dispenser, you've got breakfast!

3. Take your smoothie to go either by blending it directly into a cup (I use my Vitamix To Go cup) or pouring it into a cup that's either easy to carry around or disposable (so you can chuck it when you're done if you don't feel like lugging it all over town).

4. Keep a protein bar in your bag/desk drawer/car at all times. Never give yourself a reason to hit the vending machine. My favorite brands are thinkThin (chunky peanut butter) and OhYeah! ONE (birthday cake). I love GFB but they're a bit higher in sugar so I usually eat half at a time in plain yogurt. (They make these great bites too when you just want a little bit of something rather than  a whole bar.)

5. If you're a coffee person who never has the time or energy for breakfast, grab a Blender Bottle and some coffee protein powder (either individual packets, or use the storage compartment). Best of both worlds!


Happy Wellness Wednesday! Thanks for reading. Now go be your brilliant self.


My style has changed A LOT since I started blogging in 2008. Back then I'd venture to say 92% of my wardrobe was comprised of J.Crew and Lilly Pulitzer, and the other 8% consisted of fabulous designer party dresses I found at high end outlets like Last Call. (I still have this amazing black backless Chloe dress that I scored for just under $200; the retail price tag was closer to $2,000.)

Nowadays, as most of you know. I live in black spandex from Nike and Lululemon, and sneakers. It's a far cry from the shift dress and Jack Rogers uniform of yesteryear. My daily accessories, which used to consist of fun statement jewelry and chic leather bags, are now my Apple Watch, a headband and my backpack. The times they are a-changin'. When I recently asked what you'd like to see on the blog in terms of content, I was pleasantly surprised that so many of you asked to see more posts about style!

Because I spend so much of my time in workout clothes, the only time I'm in what I've dubbed as my "Real Life" clothes for more than a few hours at a time is when I travel! So I thought it'd be fun to share what I wore during our recent trip to LA. I used to be the world's worst packer, but I've gotten better in the past few years as I've employed several strategies (stick to one or two color schemes, pack minimal shoes and accessories, etc.). 


Margaritas at Pink Taco. Top: Velvet. Shorts: Gap. (On sale and so comfy.) Sandals: Tory Burch

On our way to Abbot Kinney. Dress: Velvet. (On sale.) Bag: Chloe. Sandals: Loeffler Randall.

Wine at Barnsdall Park. Romper: Pookie & Sebastian. Bag: Celine. Sunglasses: J. Crew. Sandals: Loeffler Randall.

Dinner at The Ivy. Romper: Parker. (On major sale. In white here and here, both on sale.) Shoes: Pour La Victoire. (On major sale.) Bag: Clare V. (On sale.)

Brunch at Tortilla Republic. Top: Splendid. (On sale.) Shorts: Joe's. Bag: Chloe. Sunglasses: Valentino. Sandals: Loeffler Randall.

Dinner at Salt's Cure. Dress: Banana Republic. Bag: Clare V. (On sale.) Sandals: Loeffler Randall.


Growing up in a family where both of my parents worked in the industry, I've always had a passion for fashion, and up until my mom got sick, I still shopped for most of my clothes with her (and my dad). My "off duty" style nowadays is pretty relaxed. In terms of my look, my goal is always pretty much to look like I thought about it, but not too much. In the summer I like mostly easy fabrics and a mix of flowy and fitted silhouettes. Other items I packed/wore not pictured above: this Velvet dress; this BLANKNYC light jacket; these James Perse shorts (they're on sale and perfect for looking cozy-yet-cute for those early AM coffee runs); this Sundry sweatshirt (on CRAZY sale). The LR sandals are so perfect for me because they're flat and easy but the metallic color and star detail makes them feel special. 

So there's my LA style! I'm excited to share more posts like this with you; we're taking our honeymoon next month (WOO HOO!) and it looks like there may be more trips to Florida in my future. More on that later ;)

Have a great day!

FRIDAY FIVE {7/8/2016}

Happy Friday! I am back from California and settling into the weekend over here. Which means work and a full day of training to become TRX certified. Woo hoo!

Sharing my five favorite things this week, below!

1. Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld I have been waiting YEARS (literally) for Curtis Sittenfeld to come out with another book. When I first started it, I was a bit skeptical, but now that I'm halfway though I can barely put it down. It's a modern retelling of Pride & Prejudice, and my God, she is just so damn good. If you're looking for your next summer read, this is IT.

2. Lululemon Beat The Heat Tight My dad and sister bought these for me while they were in Florida last week, and while the thought of putting on tights in 90° weather was definitely off-putting at first, I LOVE these. They're so comfortable and I love having a light-yet-long pants option for those days when I just don't feel like wearing shorts. 

3. Loeffler Randall Starla Sandal I picked these up right before my trip to LA... I'd been looking for sandals that struck the perfect balance between easy and fancy, and these are it. They look great with shorts or dresses and I love that they're pretty enough to replace a heel on nights when I feel like glamming up a bit.

4. Dogeared Triangle Pendant I saw an old friend from high school while I was in LA, and she surprised me with this necklace. I love geometric jewelry, and the message behind this piece - and the fact that it was given to me by someone I adore - makes it truly special.

5. Deborah Lippman in "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and OPI in "Funny Bunny" My current pedicure and manicure colors (respectively.) I love a light nail - and a bright toe - for summer.


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Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for reading! 


Rabbit Rabbit! Happy July and Happy Friday! My gym bag contents are ever-changing so I thought it'd be fun to put a twist on my Friday Favorites and tell you what I'm currently toting around!

Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes. I received these in my POPSUGAR #MustHaveBox and wow... they couldn't have turned up at a better time! They're perfect for summer, whether you're using them at home or on the go. These are such a lifesaver when I feel like freshening up but don't have the time to shower. A personal trainer's dream!

Burt's Bees Facial Cleaning Towelettes. When it comes to face wipes, I've tried dozens of brands and I always come back to Burt's. They get the job done, but gently.

EcoTools Travel Brush Set. I love travel sized makeup brushes but the designer ones get very pricey. This is a solid set until I break down and buy pricier ones (hint hint, anyone who is reading and wondering what to get me for Hanukkah...)

Boots Botanics Contouring Compact. I bought this on a whim and it was a great purchase. I use this at the gym when I need a little makeup but don't feel like messing with liquid. The lighter color works almost like a concealer and the darker color is a great bronzer. The end effect is beautiful and natural and well worth the eleven dollars.

The Ultimate Workout Log. I don't like messing with my phone too much on the gym floor (all I can think of is germs, germs, germs) but tracking my workouts is important to me. I found this at Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago and have enjoyed the satisfaction of writing down each workout, set by set.

Acure Organics Lip Lush in "Birthday Suit". A great no-color color that gives me a little bit of shine and helps me feel pulled together right before a client.

Extra Underwear. Because why not?

What's in your gym bag?

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and SAFE long weekend! Thank you for reading!




Yesterday was a doozy. I had 7 clients lined up. Typically on a day like that, odds are that one of the clients will cancel or at least ask to reschedule, but I had a feeling everyone was going to be right on time and they were. So it ended up being a full day in which I did everything I set out to - including eating all three meals at home and fitting in my own workout. 

First thing I had was a large glass of iced water. Because of my morning schedule (Clients #1 and #2 back to back with a short break before Client #3) I decided to also have a bowl of Cheerios with nonfat dairy milk and organic blueberries. (I don't eat much grain these days but easy, gluten-free choices save me in moments like this.)

After my 6:30am and 7:30am Clients #1 and #2, I booked it to get a protein smoothie before Client #3 at 9am. I had them pour it into two cups so I could drink one right then and save the other one for later (for a friend, or myself). It's a little too easy for me to finish a smoothie so I like to pace myself.

Still a bit hungry, I drank the second half of the smoothie right before Client #4 at 11am. At noon, I booked it home to make lunch: an egg white omelet with chicken apple sausage and a veggie muffin.

Afterward, I had a cup of Chobani with the rest of my organic blueberries (I'm trying to clean out the fridge before travel) and my beloved cinnamon PaleoKrunch.

I'm going to stop right here to say that YES, I am aware that I have a huge appetite and I eat a LOT. I tend to frontload my weekdays because I need a lot of energy to get through the day. 

After eating lunch at home and a quick costume change, I went to get my eyelash extensions retouched. I will also count this as my daily nap. Ha ha!

I headed back to the gym with fresh fringe and ate an apple right before Client #5 at 4pm.

I ate this AMAZING jerky in the stairway in between my last three clients... there is a VERY strong odor when you rip this bag open and I never want to offend anyone. But My God, it is soooooo delicious. 

After Clients #6 and #7 at 5:30pm at 6:45pm, I changed my clothes and went back to the gym floor for a great chest and tricep workout. 

I finally got home around 9 and ate this leftover baby kale and roasted shrimp salad from the night before. I love salad for dinner in the summer. Ben was out for the night so I took the opportunity to catch up on my DVR'd Bravo shows and do a load of laundry so that I could pack for our upcoming trip before life gets too crazy again. 

Still in need of a small pick me up (to get through folding and packing) I treated myself to a little 16 Handles. The rainbow/chocolate sprinkles mix is everything. 

Recently I had someone follow me on MyFitnessPal and send the sweetest note that she reads the blog and was excited to see what I eat everyday. But, I actually no longer track on there; I started using an app called MyMacros+. Just in case anyone else was following me on MFP and wondering. I'm going heavier in my workouts and trying to cut down on my percentage of body fat and MM+ felt like a better choice for me. I went WAY over in carbs for this day by the way but I'm not terribly strict about tracking. I just need to keep a close eye on my protein and fat intake, and this helps me do it!

Happy Wellness Wednesday! Whether it's a workout, eating healthy or even smiling at a stranger...go and do something great today.



HAPPY OFFICIAL SUMMER! I have a fresh spray tan, I'm living in shorts (this pair and this pair, more specifically) and I'm happy as a clam. I have loved receiving your comments on my last blog post and reading what you'd like to see more of. I'm definitely going to take a lot of the suggestions and put them into motion now that my schedule is a bit more streamlined and I'll have more time to write. I'm officially done with taking classes and I spend 100% of my time at the gym now either training my clients (or training myself). I've built up a solid business and it feels so good. 

A common thread is that several of you would like to see more "What I Ate" posts, and I'm happy to oblige. Holding myself accountable to track my meals is always a good thing. Let me take you through my day yesterday in food!

Typically the first thing I do when I wake up is chug a few glasses of cold water. Lots of people will tell you to have hot water with lemon. Sure, maybe if I lived in Miami with a Meyer lemon tree in my front yard and awoke to the sunrise each day. But since I crawl out of our hole of a bedroom around 5am most mornings and I love cold water... that's what I have.

However, yesterday I was moving a little slowly and didn't have anytime to have anything before my first client at 7am. At 8am I booked it to CVS, grabbed a giant bottle of water and a GFB that I ate half of on the way to my cycling class.

After class, I grabbed a vanilla protein smoothie at Juice Press and drank it on my walk home. I took a quick shower, changed, and headed downtown to meet a girlfriend for coffee. (I just got these sneakers and I'm loving them for strength workouts.)

I love the iced almond milk lattes at Gregory's, but they're always a little bit tough on my stomach. One of my clients likened the drinks there to lighter fluid. I can't say I totally disagree.

I met my dad for lunch at Bryant Park Grill and had an amazing kale salad with grilled shrimp, shaved pear, pecans, and celeriac. Did a little shopping afterward and bought new sandals, a romper and a maxi dress for our upcoming travels. 

It's rare that I have two smoothies in one day, but I needed some quick fuel before my afternoon and evening clients, so back to JP I went. I drank half the smoothie before work and half right after.

Got this little alert on my walk home from work around 8pm. Perfect! I love hitting all three goals before the sun sets. 

I came home to chicken in the oven... when Ben gets home before me he preps dinner so we can eat it together. We see less of each other now that I work early mornings and later in the evenings so I treasure our weeknight dinners more than ever. I had made a big chopped salad of spinach, mozzarella, salami, garbanzo beans, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries that we ate with these honey jalapeno chicken breasts we'd picked up at Whole Foods over the weekend. Afterward we watched a few episodes of Curb (who else is excited it's coming back?!?!?!) and called it a night. All in all, a great day!

Congratulations to AMBER, the winner of my Tarte giveaway! You've been emailed. Thank you to everyone who entered. Stay tuned for the next one.

Happy Thursday!