I say it every time: these posts are so fun for me. Getting to wear "real clothes" several days in a row is a rarity, and I genuinely enjoy packing now (I used to absolutely dread it) because trips and vacations are really my only opportunities to wear cute tops, dresses, jeans, etc. for a chunk of time rather than a few hours during the weekend (when I'm not working). When I packed for our trip to Atlanta (which was less than 48 hours door-to-door) I had what I consider to be modern Southern style on the brain: floral and stripe prints, non-constricting dresses, sandals, my curling rod and every single piece of Kendra Scott jewelry I own.

I apologize in advance for the horrid hotel room lighting. These are post-edit, so you can only imagine how bad it actually was.

I wore this to dinner and drinks at JCT Kitchen. Great place!

ruffle top, high-waist jeanssandals (on sale for $33!)

I wore this easy, comfy outfit for a day of walking around Ponce City Market and the Beltline. So cool.

knotted dress, necklace, braceletlace-up sandals

I wore this to dinner and drinks at Bar Margot at the Four Seasons. LOVED it!

dress (on sale for $24!), earrings, sandals (on sale for $33!)

I wore this for the plane ride home. #Bedhead I would've loved to stay longer but unfortunately it didn't happen this time. The horrid lighting fails to show the awesome details on these jeans - great distressing and frayed cuffs.


dolman tee (on sale!), instasculpt jeans, pink sneakers

The winner of the vitamin/surprise goodie giveaway is Courtney, and she's been emailed! Thanks to everyone who entered.


Howdy! I can't believe April is more than half over. This is a bit of a tough month for me with the anniversary of my mom's passing and some other things. It's left me with little desire to do anything other than work, workout, eat, snuggle with Winnie and sleep as much as possible. Now that the sun is shining and I've got some fun things on the horizon, my mood is beginning to pick up a bit. Plus, I've got a fun giveaway for you today so be sure to read this post all the way through!

I used to absolutely dread Passover. DREAD. I had no idea how to live a grain-free lifestyle and always said, "I'm going to keep it this year!" and I'd inevitably cave somewhere between days 3 and 5. Nowadays keeping Passover is a breeze!

(fleece, leggings, sneakers, bag)

I took these photos last Wednesday. I woke up around 6 for my first session. I had a little bit of water before I left home, but no food. A few hours later, I was done with my morning clients and ravenous! It was the perfect iced coffee day, warm and breezy out, but I needed something a little more substantial so I opted for an iced soy latte.

I got home and prayed Winnie would stay put while I ate a quick breakfast of Greek yogurt, berries and Paleonola. She loves when I have yogurt because I let her lick the remains of the bowl. I ate, we headed out and I sipped my latte on our walk.

After we got home from our walk/the pet store (#damnpetsareexpensive) Winnie played with her new toy (<--- highly recommend if you have a pup who loves to chew on things...) while I got some things done. At noon I crated her and I headed to the gym.

(cycling shoes, socks)

I met Perri and we took an indoor cycling class with a new-to-me instructor who was AWESOME. I didn't have a mid-morning snack and class really beat the crap out of me (I'm still a little shaky on my left ankle - especially when out of the saddle for long periods of time) so I was MORE than ready for lunch afterward!

I needed something on the quick side, so we went to Dishes and made salads. I love it there. So good!

I ran home to spend some time with Winnie before heading back to work for the rest of the day. The weather was nice so I grabbed a piece of homemade matza bark (white chocolate with crushed pistachio), leashed her up and we went to the park. 

When we got home I had just enough time to shower and freshen up before heading back to work for my last four clients of the day! Knowing I wouldn't eat dinner until about 9:00, I snacked on a Perfect Bar between sessions.

I came home hungry (shocker) and cooked up a quick dinner of a chicken sausage, one whole egg, and one egg white. I heated up some roasted veggies I made leftover from Seder on the side.

Now for the giveaway!

NDX is an all-natural, Non-GMO vitamin and supplement company that I'm client and fan of. I asked them if they'd be interested in doing a giveaway for you wonderful folks and they kind enough to send me a bottle of their Green Detox as well as a bottle of their Fiber DX to share with one lucky reader! Ben and I take (and love!) their Deep Sleep gummies, so I'm excited to share these products with one of you. I will also be throwing a handful of other surprise goodies into the package, so one of you is definitely in for a real treat!


Happy Friday! It's rainy here in NYC so I think Winnie and I will be doing a lot of this for the next few days. My favorites below!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

How did I just now discover Money Diaries on Refinery 29?! If you're like me (nosy af and fascinated by the psychology behind why people spend money and what they spend it on) this series that details how women spend their salary in a week's time will fascinate you, too. Who else reads this?!

My new favorite person to follow on Instagram is Melissa Hartwig. I've never done Whole30, but I have her book and just love how real she is.

Christina El Moussa has always been gorgeous, but hot damn

The most effective cardio machine at the gym, according to some. (I agree that it's fantastic, but the Concept2 is far and away my favorite "machine" at any gym.)

What do all of my city friends think of the sweetgreen spring menu? (Personally, I'm underwhelmed. #HarvestBowl4Lyfe)

Looking forward to making PaleOMG cupcakes for Passover this year. (The recipe I use is a variation from her cookbook.)

My new favorite paleo-friendly treat: Simple Mills Crunchy Cookies. I love the cinnamon and toasted pecan flavors!

Will definitely be picking up a few pieces from the Modern by Dwell collection.

Wearing my favorite new necklace in the photo above.

I'm ga-ga over these lace-up tassel sandals.

I ordered those blush pink low tops I mentioned recently and have gotten so many compliments on them. Love, love, love!

There are still some great lululemon bras on sale. Definitely check in-store, too!

Just picked up these run tights (on sale!) and the fit is fantastic. Snug, but not sausage-y.

Happy and a healthy weekend, everyone!


I always forget how much I love these posts until I remember to do another one. I really need to get my act together and make this a more regular series because you all seem to enjoy it, and I enjoy putting it together! I'm going to link all the brands I used. These are items I genuinely love and spend my own money on - no sponsors here. But keeping it real: this post does include affiliate links and I always appreciate your interest and support!

My alarm went off at 5:15am yesterday and it was really hard to get up and out of bed because Winnie was snuggled up against me with her head laying on my leg. I waited until she moved to get up (which thankfully was about 5 minutes later) and chugged a bottle of water as I got ready. I needed a little caffeine but wasn't ready for coffee so I had two That's It Bites before I walked out the door. If you haven't tried those, you must!

I stopped in Starbucks on my first break from work and got a iced almondmilk latte made by my favorite barista ever, Matt.

I almost always have breakfast at home. Once every few weeks my dad and I will have breakfast at the diner, but I really love preparing and eating breakfast at home. I cooked up a Brooklyn Cured apple chicken sausage and had Maple Hill plain yogurt with strawberries and Paleokrunch. I have turned so many of my clients onto Paleokrunch and every single one of them is OBSESSED. If you're trying to go grain-free or even if you just need snack inspiration, this stuff is the best.


After training a few more clients and doing my own workout, it was finally time for lunch. I typically have a mid-morning snack but it just wasn't in the cards yesterday. So basically I had 6 hours between breakfast (7:45am) and lunch (1:45pm) and it wasn't pretty. (Wearing a Soul tank, 3" training shorts, compression socks and Metcons (on sale)! And my new evil eye necklace that you can't really see here but I did a close up on Snapchat.)

I savored every bite of this sweetgreen salad! It had kale, chicken, sweet potatoes, egg, goat cheese, almonds, raisins and a mix of balsamic vinegar and vinaigrette. 

Random Winnie pic! Taken on our only walk yesterday when it wasn't raining.

My afternoon snack was Udi's granola with 2% milk and a Golden Delicious apple that I shared with Win.

I sipped this strawberry Zevia while I cooked dinner.

Dinner was an Applegate turkey burger, oven roasted haricot vert and oven roasted butternut squash and chugged more water afterward. 

That's all, folks! I'm going to do my darndest to make these posts a more common occurrence. Happy and healthy hump day!


If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (username is teddisetgo), you probably saw that I spent the weekend in my hometown (Miami). It's actually the first time I'd been back since our wedding because every other trip I'd planned since then got cancelled for one reason or another (cancelled flights, zika concerns, broken ankle, etc.). I finally got to see my dad's place and the weather was amazing. No humidity and a constant breeze. Just perfect!


Vacations provide a fun opportunity for me to share some non-gym outfits with all of you. These posts are SO fun for me, and I'm always excited when I get asked about what I'm wearing. I used to write much more about clothing and fashion, but these days I spend most of my time in luon and dri-fit. This weekend was all about good jeans and great tops. A solid mix of comfort and fun. I have a hard time finding jeans that fit me well, so I'm always on the hunt for the next best thing. If anyone's found great high rise distressed denim, I'm all ears!

I'm obsessed with this top. I bought it at DIllard's in Sarasota but can't find it online anywhere. (cold shoulder top is this brand, distressed jeans, clutch (exact color on sale here) / Perri's bag & shoes)

I love the details (the knot on the tank, the frayed hem on the jeans) that take an otherwise simple outfit to the next level. (knotted tank (LOVE this and deciding what color to get it in next!), frayed hem skinny jean, sandals, light pink drusy bracelet)

I bought this top in November and have been saving it for a fun night out! (I can't find this top online but the dress version is on sale here and here), high rise jeans, grey clutch)

I've mentioned before that I'm going to start taking more physique photos to hold myself accountable. The gorgeous frame on this mirror is a bonus! (sports bra, tights

The brunch at Michael's Genuine is not to be missed!!! (bell sleeve blouse (check out the back - it ties into a bow!), high rise jeans, sandals)

Happy almost spring! I am SO ready! Bring it on, NYC! (Pretty pretty pretty please!)


I want to start off with some links for anyone living in/visiting Orlando. That city sure has change in the 10 years since I left!

We stayed at the JW Marriott, which is lovely. I took the above photo there - no filters, Florida really just is this beautiful. (#WAH) It's attached to the Ritz, which means we had full access to the Ritz fitness center (and spa). Plus, we got married in a Ritz so it's always fun to walk through one. I've heard great things about the Four Seasons Orlando but I go where the Marriott points take me, people!

We had an amazing dinner at Highball & Harvest. The kale salad and shrimp & grits (gluten-free!) were awesome, and the key lime pie came on it's own miniature cake stand.

Foxtail (owned by a UCF grad!) had the best cold brew coffee I've ever had.

Weekend brunch at Buttermilk Bakery is not to be missed. Bonus: it's down the block from Foxtail.

Sara treated us to delicious organic donuts from Orlandough. (Love the name.)

I worked out at SWEAT, an awesome gym in College Park that I would 100% belong to if we ever moved back. (We won't. But it's fun to daydream about.)

I got a great sparkly powder mani at Tipsy Salonbar

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

I was so sad to hear the print version of one of my favorite magazines, Self, folded at the beginning of this year. I've been looking for similar books and LOVE the current issue of Muscle & Fitness Hers - so many great workouts and tips!

I read (and loved) Jen Widerstrom's new book, Diet Right For Your Personality Type

Speaking of Jen Widerstrom, I LOVE that her thoughts on avocado toast echo mine!

I'm loving these gourmet marshmallows for an indulgence on the lighter side.

I love all Lorissa's Kitchen jerky, but I recently discovered the Szechuan Peppercorn beef flavor and it's my favorite by a landslide. (Now if only I could find it in the mini size...)

I discovered THE BEST lip gloss in the Ritz gift shop in Orlando. I know I always talk about lip balm, and it's because I tend to dislike lip glosses (too sticky). This one, however, goes on super smooth, is non-tacky and cruelty free!

A bunch of you asked about this ruffled cold shoulder top that I wore on Snapchat/Instagram.

I treated myself to these Nike Flyknit Air Max sneaks on my birthday and have been living in them since. (Now they're on sale!)

Speaking of sneakers, I am OBSESSED with these blush low-tops (for less than $60)!

I've been wanting Chloe scalloped flats for ages, and used a bunch of saved up gift cards to purchase this pair.

I finally got myself a pair of Frame jeans and I get the cult hype. They're fabulous! I can't get away with low- or mid-rise jeans anymore, so well-made high waisted denim (I got the Le High) is a serious staple in my weekend wardrobe.


Happy weekend, pretty people!


Happy Monday! This topic is something I talk about with my clients quite a bit, and it seemed fitting to share on here as well. If this post motivates even one of you, then I've done my job here. 

I visited my college campus recently when I was down in Orlando and it was very bizarre to be back. I wanted Ben to see where I went to school, so we drove around and I told him story after story, surprising myself with how much I remembered about each building and the memories I made there. I realized that I don't think about college too much because I was so different back then. I was incredibly unsure of myself and pretty uncomfortable in my own skin. Health and fitness were sadly not priorities for me back then. I cared about Kappa, shopping, and getting good enough grades to keep my parents happy. I was well-meaning but clueless, aloof and materialistic.

I had one and only one healthy habit back then: I barely ever drank. My then-boyfriend didn't care for drinking, and so I didn't see a reason to do much of it, either. We were both Type-A control freaks and a real pleasure to be around. But once I became single and moved to Manhattan, I began to appreciate alcohol for the social lubricant it is. And in a way, I think I felt like I was making up for all of the symbolic partying I voluntarily missed out on in college.

I admit, drinking became more fun once Perri became legal.

Looking back, there were tough moments in my life when I definitely hit the bottle too hard, as I think many of us do... Back in 2009 I was battling depression and at my lowest point I lost 13 pounds in a month. I looked great but felt awful. There were days I'd eat only a package of 100-calorie Fig Newton Minis and then have several glasses of wine, only to pass out soon thereafter. And I definitely had a few tequila-induced breakdowns in the weeks following my mom's passing.

These days, I rarely drink and here's why:

1) Sleep is a huge priority to me and I know if I have even 1 glass of wine, it'll mess up my cycle. This is probably the number one reason (literally) I rarely drink anymore. (And by the way, my definition of "rarely" is a glass of wine every two weeks or so.)

2) The calories and carbs aren't worth it to me. 99 times out of 100, I'd rather have dessert.

3) In the past few years I've noticed I experience hangovers much easier (and worse) than I used to. Feeling awful in the morning is no longer cute or funny.

4) Feeling good and doing my workouts are always my priority. Drinking is a slippery slope that can lead to poor decisions (eating crap, sleeping less, etc.), derailing your health goals.

BONUS) When I am pregnant someday (God willing) there will be no, "OMG, you're not ordering a drink?!?!?!" give away. I'll keep everyone guessing ALAP! Muahahaha!

Honestly though, when it comes down to it, I just don't feel the need to drink. When I first started "getting healthy" 6 years ago - working out, exercising portion control, etc. - my motto was, "I'd rather be thin than drunk." This was tough sometimes because I was single and drinking when you're single in Manhattan can feel like it's required. I forced myself to look inward and ask, "What's my REASON for drinking?" Sometimes I'd have reasons that felt valid - IE "I'm single and I'm loving life" or "I'm celebrating" or "I'm grieving". But a glass of wine on a random night for no reason? No. My birthday, Valentines Day, a special date night with Ben? Yes!

If you're on a journey to become a healthier you and think you could cut back on your own alcohol consumption, I challenge you to look inward and find the WHY. When I look back and think of the bleakest nights and the worst mornings in the past 10 years, I was almost always drinking to forget something. I wish I'd found exercise I'd enjoyed years ago and battled out my depression and insecurities on the gym floor. 

I love Golden Pear iced tea more than wine.

A lot's changed in my journey, and that's precisely why it's not called a destination. I used to care about being thin, and now being strong is my priority. Either way, for me, drinking just isn't important anymore. For the most part, I enjoy life without it. I know there are plenty of other fitness professionals out there who balance partying and training, and that's their choice. This is mine. And if it makes me a "nerd", "boring" or "lame"... I'm TOTALLY okay with that.

And by the way, I've had plenty of people say to me, "But I HAVE to drink. It's part of my job!" I have to call BS. Yes, I understand that entertaining clients is an important part of the job for some of you, and entertaining often includes drinking. However, don't let your professional life derail your personal one. There's nothing wrong with limiting yourself to one drink with lots of water. I'd imagine many people would actually be impressed and inspired by your commitment to well-being. On the flip side, I've also talked to some people who entertain their clients by taking them to SoulCycle or Fhitting Room or another kind of workout. AWESOME!

Two tips/rules for those of you trying to cut back:

a) Limit yourself to X amount of drinks per week. If you're someone who usually goes balls to the walls on the weekend, limit yourself to 4 drinks maximum for the whole week (2 max per night) and see how you feel afterward. 

b) If you're trying to lose weight but not quite ready to give up your glass of wine, count it as your carb and have it with protein and green veggies. Skip the potatoes/rice/whatever else.

As always, this is MY story and I'm sharing what's worked for ME in hopes it inspires one of YOU. If you have any questions or want to learn more about health coaching or personal training with moi, shoot me an email

Love you all!