FRIDAY FAVORITES #6: 10/24/2014

Happy Friday! I am linking up with Heather at Housewife Glamour to share my recent favs.


ABC Cocina. When my best friend got engaged a few years ago, I took her to ABC Kitchen to celebrate. A few weeks ago, she took me to the restaurant's Latin sister around the corner to celebrate my engagement! It was the most delicious, extravagant lunch. Our sweet waitress surprised us with an extra dessert, too! If you're looking for a special dining experience in NYC, I cannot recommend either of these places enough. (Plan in way advance, however, as reservations at peak dining times are not easy to secure. We went at 1:30 on a Monday for corn's sake and the place was hoppin'.)

Mineral Fusion nail polish remover. I know I mentioned this brand last FF, but I have to give a shout out to their nail polish remover. Yes, it's a bit pricier than many other brands of polish removers but to me it's worth every penny. It's natural, smells pleasant (really), and took off my dark polish quickly and easily. I'm never buying the icky, acetone-y run-of-the-mill bottles ever again.


J.Crew scarves. The wool/cotton blend is light and easy to layer with (I'm a bit of a goober when it comes to wearing/styling scarves) but substantial enough to warm me up on a chilly day. Great for travel, too. I got the plaid mix scarf last month and picked up the leopard variety over their Columbus Day sale. (Take 25% off with code TGIFALL!)


J.Crew Factory jewelry.  (Sorry for the photo repeat.) I don't really buy jewelry at J.Crew stores anymore, and it's not because it isn't beautiful. I've just found that the styles at their factory stores are comparable and the quality is basically the same, usually for a third of the retail price. (I lived in this chain link pendant over the summer, and for fall I'm currently wearing this crystal necklace, link bracelet and these drop petal earrings (a gift from my best friend). Not all at the same time, though. Promise.)


Annual sorority dinner at Otto. Every year since we moved to NYC, my best friend and I have an annual dinner at Otto around our sorority's Founders Day to celebrate friendship and sisterhood. The group has changed quite a bit over the years due to people moving away, new people joining in, etc. The two of us have been the only constants. But it's a delicious and dear-to-our-hearts tradition we love and one I hope never ends. 

What's your favorite(s) this Friday?

Have a wonderful weekend!