Howdy all! I'm stopping in quickly for a short & sweet What I Ate Wednesday to share my meals from yesterday. Many thanks to Jenn at Peas & Crayons for hosting the link up!


Breakfast was scrambled egg whites and an Ezekiel sprouted grain English muffin with almond butter and coffee. And water... I'm trying to up my H2O consumption. I defrosted the muffin in the microwave, which was a bad idea. It was heated unevenly and so chewy that I was only able to eat about half of each half. I need to start taking these out of the freezer the night before. Oh well!


Lunch was tomato soup and a big chopped salad (greens, beets, mushrooms, salami, mozzarella) with mustard parmesan vinaigrette. ( <--- Recipe link for those of you who asked for it!)


Fro Yo.JPG

Afternoon snack was frozen yogurt with a chopped banana on top. I hadn't had fro yo in weeks (crazy) and it really hit the spot!


Dinner was an Amy's frozen meal - veggies and rice noodles in an Asian sauce. I needed something on the go. It wasn't great; I wouldn't buy it again. And at 250 calories, it's not terribly filling...


So when I got home, I had a mug of cereal to round out the day.


That's another Tuesday of yummy eats on the books! What foods, snacks and meals are you enjoying this week?