Happy Monday! Here's what's Marvelous In My Monday today... (Thanks Healthy Diva Eats for spreadin' the Monday love!)


- A lovely Sunday evening... a big chopped salad (I added shredded brussel sprouts for volume and their nutrients - they're chock full of vitamin K, C, folate, manganese, the list goes on...), wedding planning, and Snoopy. :)

- I have been wanting black leather slip-on shoes for months, but haven't wanted to spend the money. Enter these $24.99 Mossimo quilted kicks from Target. They're comfy and look way more expensive than they are. I haven't even been wearing them for two full days and 4 people have already stopped me to ask where I got my shoes from.

- I have finally located more bottles of my beloved Starbucks Brewed To Personalize Iced Coffee. Hooray! Target is still the only place I've found these. We still don't own a coffeemaker (long story that really isn't that long, my Keurig broke and that's that) but sometimes I want to enjoy a cuppa Joe without, well, leaving my apartment or putting on real clothes to do so. Until it is absolutely frigid out (AKA as long as I'm in the mood for iced coffee) this remains the best solution.

- Spring cleaning in the fall. Sending a box of gently used goodies to Twice later today. 

- The cutest pens from my dad for, you guessed it, wedding planning!

What's marvelous in your Monday?