Happy Halloween! Are you celebrating? My plans for this evening include my couch, maybe a big bowl of soup, and hopefully a nice glass of red. We have a packed Saturday and Sunday, so it'll be nice to relax tonight. The next few weeks should be mayhem between school events, an engagement celebration, and life in general. It'll be Thanksgiving before I know it.

So, there are officially two months left in 2014 and I have a few things I'd like to accomplish before Jan 1. I want to become visibly toner in my arms and abs. I tried a squat challenge over the summer, and it didn't quite pan out. I'm not even sure why I chose squats of all things. One {somewhat silly} goal I've had for years is to be able to hold a plank for five minutes straight. But without any concrete plan in place, I've never held myself accountable to this desire. When I came across this 30 Day Plank Challenge, I knew I wanted to give it a go.


For me, this truly is a challenge. The longest I've ever held a plank is about 100 seconds, so I should be "okay" though about day 15. And I'll be on a plane on Day 30. But I'm determined to make this happen! I'm going to use my Social Workout account to record my progress, since I'm already keeping track of my workouts over there.

Who's with me?!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!