Just ten random musings for you on this lovely Tuesday...

- I found this miniature bouquet at Whole Foods over the weekend and thought it was just about the cutest thing ever. It fits perfectly in a small Mason jar and requires no cutting. It really is the little things. Pun kinda intended.

- 5 ways to honor a veteran.

Nordstrom is having a great clearance sale and Nordstrom Rack is offering an extra 25% off of their clearance selection, both ending today. 

-  It's 11/11! 11 is my lucky number so this should be a pretty awesome day if I have anything to say about it.

 - The Neiman Marcus POPSUGAR Must Have Box is here and I. Want. It. So. Badly. (PS & NM have revealed that the box contents include this chic Clare V. clutch!)

- If you're in need of a morning, midday, or really ANYTIME pick-me-up, might I suggest the Janet Jackson Pandora station? If I ever really follow through and get certified to teach spinning, you can bet your bottom dollar that my playlists will be chock full of JJ, MJ, TLC and Mariah Carey (to name a few).

- I love seeing Anna Kendrick in Kate Spade's new campaign/holiday gift guide. (And these bluetooth wireless headphones just made it to the top of my list... genius.)

- Even though I don't celebrate Christmas, there are certain markings of the season that I truly enjoy. I love the Corona commercial with the single lit up palm tree and "Feliz Navidad," largely because it reminds me of home (Miami). I saw it on TV last night and it made me smile. What's your favorite Christmas commercial?

- Speaking of Christmas. If I did celebrate, I'd be all over these holiday cards.

- And speaking of mail. I asked my dad this question. He said yes. :)