Happy Monday! It's nice to start the day without a raging stomachache. Today I'm linking up with Healthy Diva Eats to share the Marvelous in my Monday. Woohoo!

I finally pretty much feel back to my old self. Last week was really icky. In addition to feeling physically ill, I ached for my mom so much, more than usual. I don't go into great detail over here because it's hard, but planning a wedding without her is terribly bittersweet. I know in my heart that I will have the wedding she would've wanted for me, and I have her in mind with every decision I make. She is omnipresent in my head and in my heart and she always will be. I think finding a dress without her will be the hardest part, and the first of those appointments are on the horizon. I've decided against looking at traditional bridal salons (for now, at least) because that would be too difficult. 

The decisions I make in honor of and for my mother go far beyond picking a bridal gown and planning a wedding. Perhaps the most important choice I made this year was to go back to school. As many of you know, I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition over the summer. The annual fall conference was this past weekend and I was sitting there yesterday thinking, "My mom would LOVE that I'm doing this!" My mom didn't care much for exercise or sports, but she had the most incredible energy about her and was always interested in learning more about nutrition and holistic healing. When I changed my lifestyle several years ago, she was incredibly encouraging. I know that if she were still here today she would be so into my doing this, and she would've been first in line to let me practice my coaching skills on her.

After a tough week, this conference was just what I needed. The school showcased many amazing speakers, but I had two favorites: Venus Williams and Jennifer Esposito. I grew up watching Venus Williams play tennis. She was incredibly humble and spoke about how she healed her autoimmune disease with nutrition. She's a legend and it was so neat to hear her speak.

I'll admit that I didn't know too much about Jennifer Esposito, and that yes, I will admit that the first thing I did know about her is that she was briefly married to Bradley Cooper. (And while that bears no significance to this particular story, YOU GO GIRL.) My dad is an avid reader and a few months back he told me he'd read an article about Jennifer's new book and bakery, both called "Jennifer's Way." He said it sounded so interesting and that I should check it out. I meant to but forgot about it until yesterday. After hearing her share her story, I immediately went to buy her book and can't wait to read it. She nearly died of celiac disease (she was misdiagnosed all her life) and now she's making a lot of noise for celiacs everywhere to be heard. She's amazing. 

Now it's Monday and I feel totally refreshed, re-inspired, and ready to take on the week. Here's my tentative workout schedule: (My 30 Day Plank Challenges are in the parenthesis)

Monday: Cycle (30DPC: 60 sec)

Tuesday: Pilates (30DPC: 60 sec)

Wednesday: Cycle (30DPC: 90 sec)

Thursday: Cycle (30DPC: REST)

Friday: Off (30DPC: 90 sec)

Saturday: Pilates (30DPC: 90 sec)

Sunday: "Arm Candy" class (30DPC: 120 sec)

What's motivating you this Monday?

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