A few months ago, my friend and former running coach Daphnie Yang asked me to participate in a group photo shoot for her signature fitness class. HIIT IT! is a killer tabata-type workout that'll challenge every inch of your body and will leave you in a pile of sweat. It's amazing. If you're thinking of trying it, I can't recommend it enough. (She's also an all-around amazing person/personal trainer, if you're looking for one in the NYC area.)

Daphnie says: "HIIT IT!™ is a comprehensive and body-changing workout in a small class environment. You will burn up to 700 calories, blast fat, experience lean muscle growth, break through fitness plateaus, achieve personal bests, more easily perform daily activities and most importantly, have fun!"


I recently got the photos back and wanted to share a few of my favorites with you! As you'll see below, I'm no model, but this was a ton of fun to be a part of.

{Can you spot me? HA! #AlwaysInPrayer}

Many thanks to Daphnie for having me. Love you, friend! I can't wait to take another HIIT IT! class.

photos by DAG Photography