FRIDAY FAVORITES #7: 11/7/2014

Happy Friday! This week has been somewhat of a crappy one for me (no pun intended... #stomachbug #wah) so let's take a few minutes to reflect on some smile-worth stuff, shall we?

Here are my Friday Favorites. Many thanks to Heather at Housewife Glamour for hosting!


SHY by Sydney Evan Elephant Charm Necklace. This beautiful necklace was a gift from the designer, and it's so stunning on. Really sweet and delicate. And a good luck charm, since the elephant's trunk is up!


evol. Butternut Squash & Sage Ravioli and Bilinski's Organic Chicken Sausage. When we needed a quick, semi-nutritious meal last night I cooked these two up and served the sausage chopped up and tossed with the ravioli. Success!


Leatherology. I recently discovered this leather accessory website and fell in love. They offer tons of different products, many of which would make fabulous gifts. The best part is that the items and prices are all over the spectrum. These key covers are so cute and only $7 (before monogramming).

Cheerios. I feel like I'm including lots of food products to make up for the lack of WIAW this week! When you need a cheap, filling, healthy breakfast, you can't beat a bowl of Cheerios, a sliced banana, and a splash of milk. And you can buy 'em at pretty much any drugstore.

Lush Melting Snowman Luxury Bath Melt. Aside from being so-stinking-cute, this little guy smells incredible. Cinnamon is far and away my favorite spice and that combined with clove and cocoa is simply heavenly. It's a bit pricy, so I'll stock up and use sparingly.


30 Day Plank Challenge. I haven't worked out much this week due to my sour stomach that won't seem to go away, but I have been keeping up with this. How 'bout you?


That's all I got. I hope to see you on Monday feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed. Have a wonderful weekend!