Many moons ago, I posted a list of goals at the beginning of each month in an effort to hold myself accountable to my desired accomplishments. For whatever reason, now feels like a good time to give that theory another go.

Here are some good things I'd like to do in December...

            Quote on the wall at one of my favorite smoothie bars. I always love reading this.

            Quote on the wall at one of my favorite smoothie bars. I always love reading this.

Hold a plank for five minutes. It was my goal to do this in November, but I only made it to four minutes. I'm determined to hit that 5 before the year is up.

Try on a wedding dress. Truthfully, this is an activity that I'm really not looking forward to for so many reasons. But the time has come, and I really do need to try on at least one wedding dress this month, if for nothing else than to get that initial experience over with.

Tone up and slim down. I can't think of another way to word this, so I'm just going to go with it. Right now, gaining muscle is a priority for me. However, I know my body well enough to know that I'm a few pounds above where I could and should be. So December is the month that I really start to incorporate strength training into my exercise routine. I have an appointment with one of my favorite personal trainers next week and I can't wait to get started!

Clean out my closet. I'd love make a big clothing donation before January 1.

Print and frame new photos. I'm supposed to get the pictures from our engagement party back this weekend. WOOHOO!

Get CPR/AED certified. Time to get 'er done.

Tip 100% for good service. 'Tis the season!

What good things do you want to do this December?

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!