T. G. I. F.

Boy am I glad to see you!

Now that the travel madness has stopped for the most part, and I've really got into the swing of things with my new schedule, I've gotten a good taste of what my life will look like for the next 10 months or so - or at least the next 4 months, and then I can begin to build my health coaching practice and actually see clients (!!!) I have a LOT of time to myself, which has been a bit tough. I feel like I spent the first few months after my mom passed surrounded by people ALL the time. Now I have a LOT of time to myself and it's really forcing me to come face-to-face with my grief. Which I know is a good thing, but it's also really tough. Perhaps I'll want to delve into all of this more next week, but right now I thought it'd be fun to do a Friday Favorites post. So this morning, I'm going to focus on things that have made me smile (and/or googly-eyed) the past week or so. 

Beautiful roses! It's hard to tell in this photo, but these are actually white roses with pink edges. AND, SHOCKER, they're actually still alive! I love the look of roses, or other big buds, snipped short and arranged in a bowl, but I don't (yet) own one. This one (again, hard to see) is a kate spade bow vase my dad surprised me with last year.

Pretty shorts. Every time I pass the Nike store (which is a lot), my power walk comes to a halt as I ogle these babies. I finally popped in the other day and discovered approximately 11 other things I want to make mine. Everything in there just looks so good right now! I may have to treat myself this weekend... 

New cereal. I guess I overdid it on the smoothies and protein pancakes a bit, because this week I've been on a bit of a cereal kick. A few days ago, I ran to buy a box of our beloved Puffins and saw boxes of Morning Oat Crunch in its place. Damn you, New York City markets! This ALWAYS happens! You find something you love, you go back for more, and something else has taken its place because of the bizarre stocking system due to, I assume, zero storage space. This turned out well though, as this variety packs in more fiber and protein.


Light pullovers. I have to laugh each time I hear fellow Manhattanites complain about the heat these past few months. Try living in Florida or Texas. It's been SUCH a mild summer here! Currently it's 61 degrees outside and I'm FREEZING! (That's the Floridian in me talking, but I really am chilly.) Love this Miss Misty from Lululemon, especially in the floral print. 

Speaking of being chilly. It's time to throw on my sweatshirt and run to spin class. Have a wonderful weekend!