I have a confession to make. I'm nosy. Curious George was my favorite cartoon as a kid (other than Snoopy, of course) because I felt like we were simpatico. That monkey just wanted to know everything. And so do I.

I've always loved reading What I Ate Wednesday posts on other blogs, but for some reason I never thought to do any of my own. I'm particularly interested in seeing what fitness and health professionals eat and drink. My favorite posts on the SoulCycle blog are the ones that detail what an instructor ate over a 24-hour period. I am fascinated by the psychology behind our food choices and eating habits, and that's just one of the many reasons I've decided to pursue the path to health coaching.

Anywho! Enough chatter for now. Here's my day in food... and many thanks to Peas & Crayons for being such a gracious host. (Disclaimer: this is what I ate on Tuesday/yesterday.)

My alarm went off at 5:55 on Tuesday morning and I wasn't quite ready for it, but I was outta bed and changing by 6:01 for 6:30am spin class.  Whenever I'm tired before an early morning class (always) I remind myself of two things: 1) I may be tired now but I'll feel SO good afterward and 2) I will regret skipping but I probably won't regret going. Sounds silly, but they work. every. time.

After class, I grabbed a Joyful Almond smoothie, no raw agave, add spinach. I try not to tinker with menu items too much as I'm not a chef and always entrust the creators to make the best use of the ingredients. However, I heard a trainer order it this way once and I decided to try it. And I love it! So now I order it this way, too.

Smoothie in hand, I headed to Whole Foods. Grocery shopping at 7:30 in the morning may have been one of the best ideas I've ever had. I think I may make it a regular thing. I usually love to eat breakfast and get coffee there, but I was craving a smoothie so I just focused on shopping instead. I love that place. And somehow, I got out of there with two bags of stuff totaling under $80. Comparison shopping for the win!

Then it was home for some relaxing and a shower. And later on, a mug full of my new favorite cereal

Then it was time to be productive and run some errands, but I was sleeeeeeeeeeepy. Coffee time! I went to a little neighborhood join two blocks away because I was too lazy to walk the extra few blocks to Starbucks, which I ended up regretting. Sbux iced coffee is 1) way better and 2) a dollar less. Oh well.

I studied and did laundry for a bit and when I looked up a bit it was nearly 1, and I was hungry. I whipped up a veggie burger topped with mozzarella on a wheat slider bun,  apple slices, and a few Beanito chips. Delish!

More laundry, more studying. I pretty much always get snacky around 3 or so. Before this year, I was never a yogurt person... I've never really cared for the Dannons and Yoplaits of the world. But Greek yogurt with fresh toppings? That's a different story. (I swear there's some in there under that heap of blueberries and granola.)

Okay, okay... I get snacky pretty much every two hours. Fine, I'm always hungry. I have an oddly large appetite. A few hours later, I settled for some more apple slices and picked the nuts out of this little guy. I actually just bought these for the first time the other day, and I like them, but they've inspired me to make my own trail mix, with slightly more wholesome ingredients. Also I have absolutely no idea why Emerald decided to dub this "Breakfast". It has M&Ms in it for crying out loud.

I work on Tuesday evenings so when dinner time rolls around, it's usually leftovers or takeout. And since there were no leftovers to be had, I decided to order in a veggie omelet. Spinach, tomato, carmelized onions... I was psyched. And starving, somehow.

It came, I was so excited, I cut it open, and... wait.

Noooooooooooooooooo! They sent the wrong one. With bacon, no less. Waaaaaaaaaaah.

I called the restaurant and they were really nice and offered to send another one, but it was getting a bit too late. I tried to eat around the bacon and had a few tots, but all in all it was kinda pointless. Oh well, you can't win 'em all. And thank you, Seamless, for reminding me why I hate ordering takeout! Leftovers next week, for sure.

I was left kind of unsatisfied after that, but it was nothing a few spoonfuls of Greek Fro Yo couldn't fix ;)

It then occurred to me that I probably overdid it a bit on the Greek (Fro) Yo(gurt) side, given the bowl with blueberries from earlier, but oh well! If I'm going to overindulge in something, I'm glad it's that.

That includes my first #WIAW! Woohoo! If you did it too, please leave the link in the comments! 

Favorite meal/snack/smoothie/treat lately?