Let's get right to it: what I ate on Tuesday. On a Wednesday. What I Ate Wednesday.

Thanks to the lovely Jenn over at Peas & Crayons for graciously hosting!

So... Tuesday. Monday was really exhausting, so I let myself sleep in on Tuesday, opting for a late morning workout. (Sleeping in = 8am. Late morning workout = 9am.)

If anyone's actually interested, I can do a separate post on what I eat before/after workouts, how timing and type of exercise comes into play, etc. But I usually like to have at least a little something shortly after I wake up. I wasn't starving, so I opted for half a cup of Barbara's Morning Oats Cereal, a big handful of organic blueberries, and a splash of unsweetened almond milk.

I took a Barre Burn class that hurt in the best way possible. (Side note: we didn't actually use the barre. What's your thought on classes with the word "Barre" in the title that don't actually utilize one? I thought I'd be annoyed, but it was such a good workout that I didn't mind.)

The class ended at 10am, and I was meeting a friend at 10:30am. But I almost always like to have something RIGHT after my workout, so I used the spare time to pick up a tall iced coffee with a splash of soy milk at Starbucks.

Shortly after, I met my friend at Organic Avenue. We spent a little time chatting and checking out the menu, and I settled on a Power House smoothie... kale, bananas, almond butter, cashew hemp mylk, protein powder. It was DELISH! Great sips and great conversation... what more could you ask for?

I ran some errands afterward and got home around 1:30, very ready for lunch. I knew exactly what I wanted... and it was inspired by this post on The Fitnessista

I used my new mezzaluna (!) to make a salad of kale - yes, more kale - and carrots, mushrooms, and chopped rotisserie chicken with a homemade peanut dressing. Heck yea new mezzaluna. You can expected to see a lot more chopped salads around here. And anything else I can get my hands on to dice into cute little pieces. This photo doesn't even really do the salad justice. It was super satisfying and I'll definitely be recreating it soon.

Afterward I had a little pineapple and some honey graham sticks for dessert. Yum.

I got a little snacky a few hours later and had a bit of my quick, "homemade" (= home assembled) trail mix: lightly salted almonds, oat cereal, and carob chips.

I didn't eat the whole baggie... I probably ate about half... but fullness settled in shortly thereafter and I was content.

Until... that is... my sweet friend surprised me with a treat!

Homemade raspberry white chocolate chip scones! Again, my photography skills do food no justice. I didn't *think* I was hungry, but I managed to scarf one of these down in a matter of minutes.

Tuesdays are usually leftovers night, so once I was a little bit hungry again, around 9:30, I reheated my skinny veggie lasagna. (It's not low-cal or anything... it's just that I make lasagna kind of flat. No meat and not too many layers. "Skinny." And oh-so-good.)

And maaaybe I had half of another scone afterward. Maybe ;)

All in all, a great WIAW in my eyes. A serving of veggies with every meal, good food shared with good friends, and ending the day on a sweet note.

What are you eating this Wednesday?