Rabbi rabbit!

Happy October/Fall/Wednesday. Before I get to the food, I wanted to remind everyone that Move Your Booty's #MYBx22 Workout Challenge starts today. I dare you to challenge yourself to complete 22 workouts in 31 days. Join here. (and let me know if you do!)

And now, it's time for another edition of What I Ate Wednesday, in which I link up with Peas & Crayons (thanks for hosting!) to chronicle a day of eats in my life. It's fun and it holds me accountable. I like it. My eating habits don't change for the sake of this series; the only difference is that I now take photos of my food on Tuesdays!

Yesterday was a day in which I was short on everything: patience, ingredients, and time. My alarm went off at 5:55, but I didn't sleep well so I was sort of already awake. It occurred to me at that moment that I'd forgotten to book a bike for my 6:30 spin class. I found a class at 8:45 with open spots, reserved one, and got back under the covers.

Once up, I had a huge bowl of gluten-free Chex with a sliced banana and almond milk. 

After a great spin class, it was time for breakfast #2. Soy iced coffee and scrambled egg whites.

I wasn't starving so I kept lunch kind of on the smaller side. I bought these Veggie Patch Mediterranean Patties on a whim and they are so, so good!

We still have a TON of apples from the apple orchard, so I sliced one up with a side of almond butter.

My boss surprised me with a fun-sized Snickers and some pink Starburst. Thanks, A!

Dinner was leftovers from Monday night (when I took this photo). Homemade maple apple chicken burgers. I am trying to think of creative ways to use up my apples and found a recipe, made a few tweaks, and gave it a try. Pretty good and boyfriend-approved, even without the bun! Sadly there were no sweet potato fries left, and I didn't have any other veggies to put on the side. My BF suggested we go out for fro yo, so I felt better about keeping dinner small and just eating one patty.

Pumpkin Pie fro yo from Yogurtland for the win. No toppings necessary.

Kind of a lackluster, nutrient-deprived, stressful day. But there's always tomorrow, right? (Or really, today.)

Any new brands, products, or recipes you've discovered and loved recently?