Happy Friday! It's time for another edition of Friday Favorites - woo woo! I am linking up with the lovely Heather of Housewife Glamour, who is always such a gracious hostess.

Here are my current favorites...


The US Open! I like going to a baseball game, and I love going to a basketball game. But to me, there's nothing quite like the US Open, and there's no one I'd rather go with than my dad. This photo was taken two years ago, and I'm 99% sure at the time of publication that we will be matching in our crocs (NOT the shoes) again today. It's always such a fun event and the perfect way to close out summer. (Even though summer is NOT OFFICIALLY OVER UNTIL SEPTEMBER 21 and can you tell I'm annoyed by everyone who is arguing the contrary. This is clearly the Floridian in me talking.)


Samsung NX Mini Smart Camera. Oof. I want this bad boy in the worst way possible. Recently I have realized that I really want to bring a camera with me everywhere, but I really don't want to carry my DSLR. This seems like the perfect and cutest solution...


Target's C9 by Champion activewear line. Now that I live in workout clothes, I'm always excited to find inexpensive alternatives to my traditional Lululemon pieces. When the chillier months hit, I live in my Wunder Under pants, but it's time to replace them, as I bought mine in 2011, and they have pretty much bit the dust. These leggings are full length (I fear cold ankles) and they'll be great for cardio come fall and winter.


Lightened-Up Pumpkin Bars With Cream Cheese Frosting. How amazing do these look?! I will be baking these over the weekend and should be busy undoubtedly making all sorts of new besties shortly thereafter.


Pier 1 Sweet Pumpkin Mini Diffuser. Speaking of pumpkin. We stopped into Pier 1 last week to pick up a few things, and I couldn't resist sniffing their fall fragrances. When it comes to candles, I must admit... I prefer the food scents. Cinnamon, angel cake, fruit... you name it. And their sweet pumpkin is just heavenly. I set this up in our kitchen right next to the sink and it makes me smile as I'm bustling about in there. I also picked up this pretty cloche filled candle in the scent for our coffee table.

Rest days. Last month I talked about how I want to up the ante on my fitness routine and I'm happy to report that I definitely have intensified my workouts in the past few weeks. However, that has come with a good amount of soreness, which has reminded me how important it is to take quality rest days. As much as I love Moving My Booty, hitting 22 workouts a month should not always be my primary concern. Focusing on recovery trumps everything else. (Old cigarette butts and frozen alcoholic concoction not included.)


Happy Friday, pretty people! What are your favorites this week?