Happy Friday, and to many of you, Happy Long Holiday Weekend! Anyone going anywhere?

I for one am officially sick of feeling like I am frozen solid. This winter weather is for the birds. I am practically counting down the minutes until my next trip down south, but for now I'm trying to see the silver linings: Flat Whites and my tall Uggs. I yam what I yam.

Some highlights from my week:

- My new puffy jacket. It's warm and doesn't make me look like the Michelin Man. Not an easy feat.

- The Biggest Loser retweeted me! I was so happy to see that Woody was the champion of Comeback Canyon. He recently lost his wife and is making health and fitness a huge priority so that he's around as long as possible for his kids. His story hits pretty close to home for me as this is something my dad is going through as well. He and Rob (and Damian) have been my favorites this season. 

- We got a new toilet. Because our old one was, well, old. The plumbing in our bathroom is set up for a tankless toilet which is kind of unusual, I guess, and made for a bit of challenge in replacing said toilet. This was the last step in redoing our bathroom, which is now complete! It has an automatic flush system and is very fancy. It makes me feel like I'm at SoulCycle. 

Yea. I'm excited about a toilet. This Is 30, I guess. (Though not for 9 more days. Don't rush me.)

Anyway! Here are three things I'm hoping to accomplish this weekend - I challenge you to do the same.


Finish a book. I'm in the middle of several books right now, and since we have a very relaxing few days ahead of us, I plan to finish at least one of them. I have a very bad habit of reading the first half of a book, putting it down, forgetting about it, and then starting something new a few weeks later. I'm guessing that if I'm in this boat, some of you must be, too. So let's all power through a book this weekend and chat about it next week. Deal? Woohoo!


Write down a quote that inspires you. I've been trying to do this each day and I've shared some of my finds on Instagram as well. It's nice to start (or end, as the case may sometimes be) each day with a new, individual mantra. Any particular phrase that keeps you going these days?


Hold your favorite yoga pose for one minute. I dare you! I'm deciding between Plank and Tree. (I think my current fav is actually Extended Hand To Big Toe, but I don't think I can stay in it for a full 60 seconds quite yet. You should've seen me fall out of it a millisecond after that photo was snapped. Priceless.) What's your asana of choice?


all images from my Instagram