Happy Monday and happy February, everyone!

How was your weekend? Did you eat any delicious SuperBowl food? I dreamed of mac and cheese but ended up with carrot chips, corn chips and hummus; almond butter and strawberries on a slice of whole wheat bread and a glorious glass o' red. An odd combo to some I'm sure but it was very satisfying to moi.

Before I dive into my first edition of "TSG book club" (woohoo!) I want to send a virtual hug and kiss to Smart Girls Group for featuring yours truly on their home page today! The ladies who work there are so awesome (naturally) and hit me up recently for my "On The Go" (get it?) picks for February. I curated a selection of items for them that represent my take on a happy, healthy and CHIC lifestyle. Everything is under $80, too! Check out the full feature here.

So, I tend to get requests for book reviews. I haven't done one of these in awhile, and I realized recently that I actually read more than I think do, but because I'm not in a physical book club or actively talking to anyone about books, I often forget about what I've read. I thought a post like this could be a fun monthly feature on the blog. If nothing else, it'll encourage me to read more!

Here's what I read in January.

(Note: During the day, I read for school and other studies. These are the books I read at night/while I'm traveling for fun!)

1. New Money by Lorraine Zago Rosenthal. I actually discovered Independently Wealthy first and was intrigued, but when I realized it is actually a sequel, I decided to start with the book that preceded it. I find that I like any fiction based in New York because it intrigues me to read about my city through someone else's viewpoint. This is a super sweet - and at times spicy! - story I think most any Manhattanite in her 20s (or 30s) would enjoy. (I'm in the middle of the sequel now!)

2. The Andy Cohen Diaries by Andy Cohen. An interesting look into the day-to-day life of Bravo's number one guy. This is laugh-out-loud funny and full of juicy gossip. All in all, a fun read that I'd recommend to any reality TV fan (which is, let's be honest, everyone). (Also, this book totally explained why he was rude that one time I met him after a WWHL taping... The man barely sleeps, has about a hundred different jobs, most definitely did not want to hear about how Patti Stanger is my frousin and was probably just exhausted/trying to get the F outta there. Understood, AC.)

3. HIIT It! by Gina Harney. Who doesn't love The Fitnessista? Gina's book is both knowledgeable and relatable. She truly breaks down the science of exercise and I learned a ton. Her blog is actually one of the factors that went into my decision to pursue my Weight Loss Specialist certificate. She's such an inspiration, and I'm so happy for her and the success of this book!

4. Breathe by Kate Bishop. This is a perfect plane or beach read. Oh my, a beach. Doesn't that sound good right about now? Actually this is also a great I'm-Under-The-Covers-It's-Snowing read. It's quick, warm, lighthearted and fun. If yoga has had any effect on your life prior to this book, you'll probably enjoy it. Oh, and on sale for $3.99 for my fellow Nook readers!

What have you read recently? What's next on your list?