Happy Friday! How has everyone's week been? Did anyone else watch The Biggest Loser finale last night? It felt a little off to me. A little low-budget. Anyone else? In the past I've always loved seeing tons of alums and all the fanfare, and I find the show endlessly inspiring no matter what. But for some reason it felt somewhat anticlimactic. It was still great, though. I made a big chopped salad (greens, zucchini ((<--- just looked that up to make sure I spelled it right, I didn't, it's correct now)), carrots, mushrooms, cheddar, dried cranberries and walnuts) and cried for two hours straight.

I'm happy to see the weekend. It's 35 degrees out now which feels like a real treat. No sarcasm. A week ago I was in 80 degree Florida and a week before that I was in -2 degree Vermont. I miss the former.

Any big plans for the weekend? Here are a few suggestions to add to your day book...


Make a healthy Superbowl snack. We have zero plans for the Superbowl, but any excuse to plan a meal... If we were going to a party, I'd probably bring a giant tub of Sabra hummus, carrot chips, and my beloved Garden of Eatin' organic corn chips. (Hey, I didn't say the snack had to be homemade... no shame in my game.) I'll probably eat that anyway. Other favorite healthy snacks lately include homemade trail mix (walnuts, cashews, dried fruit) and whole wheat crackers topped with goat cheese with smoked salmon. And cornichons, always cornichons. Which team are you rooting for? (I'm cheering for Katy Perry.)


Try this mind trick. POPSUGAR Fitness is a great resource for workouts, healthy eating tips, and overall wellness inspiration. Their suggestion of cutting food into smaller pieces before eating it is something I try to do frequently. They say it makes you feel as though you're eating more. For me, the act of quartering a open-faced sandwich (or a muffin, when I'm treating myself) also reminds me to take my time and eat slowly. (When you eat quickly, it's difficult for your stomach to send your brain the "I'M FULL" memo, which can easily lead to overeating.) Eating mindfully is where it's at.


Treat yourself. You made it through January! This is normally a month that I love (my birthday month) but I know many people loathe it. Either way, tomorrow's the last day of the month and it's a great time to recharge and reboot. Did you make a New Years resolution and if so, are you keeping it? Yes? Treat yourself to something... whether it's fro-yo, a mani-pedi or a new pair of workout pants. No? Recommit yourself and then treat yourself. No matter where you are in life, we get a clean slate on Sunday - and a fresh start every morning. Remember that. (I got a J.Crew gift card for my birthday and I have my eye on this fun tee.)

Have a great weekend!