Happy Friday, everyone!

I thought it might be fun to start a new series around these parts called "Three Things To Do This Weekend." I know, I know - you're plotzing from the creativity. The goal is to set three specific mini-goals for myself, use these posts to hold me accountable and hopefully inspire some of you to do the same! (Because I think it's easy to say something like, "This weekend I vow to work out, sleep more, and eat better." But when you go into detail about your desires, you're more likely to accomplish them.)

As much as I love linking up with Heather for her Favorites series, mine have always felt sort of inconsistent. This will keep me on track! 

So without further ado... here are three things I plan to do this weekend.

Complete another CosmoBody workout. 

This week I did an awesome CosmoBody workout using our Roku when it was just too darn cold to go outside and head to the gym. It's called "Push Yourself Cardio" and I found it under a "wedding" section. Astrid McGuire is the trainer and she does an awesome job of being super inspirational and keeping it real. She modifies every move and does it all with you. She's also the only one on the screen (there aren't any students around her looking like they want to die, like in my fiancé's T-25 videos) so you feel as though she's really interacting with you. (Also, I have a total girl crush on her and squealed out loud when she retweeted me.)

I'm thinking of searching for a new workout over the weekend, but part of me is tempted to just do that one again. It was pretty fun!


Read chapter two of "One Year to an Organized Life."

I picked up this book on the trusty ol' bargain table at Barnes & Noble. It's my goal to read one chapter a week in hopes of making my life a little neater. 


Surprise someone with a Starbucks card. 

Will it be you? :) P.S. Has anyone tried the Flat White yet?


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