Wow. Yesterday was a CRAZY day! But somehow I managed to take photos of {almost} everything I ate so let's get the party started!

It's rare that I get to make and eat a full breakfast at home during the week, so I took full advantage of being up early yesterday to do just that. I made scrambled eggs (one whole + two whites) and Nature's Path pumpkin spice waffles. So-a-million-o's good.

I did some last minute studying before I packed up and headed to the testing center to take my Certified Personal Trainer exam. My exam instructions said not to bring any personal belongings and I took that rule literally, leaving home with only my ID, MetroCard, some cash and necessary test documentation. What a chump I am! All the other girls there totally had handbags. I hate when going by-the-book backfires. There was an iced coffee in the mix, but since I didn't have my phone...no photo.

The test was tough and probably warrants a post of its own, but as you might have seen on Instagram, I passed! Major relief. Victorious, I headed home. Lunch came together a little while later.  I had a veggie salad (spinach, carrots, beets, chickpeas, cucumbers, egg whites) leftover from my lunch the day before. I added prosciutto and pumpkin seeds for a protein boost and paired it with a small gala apple.

Soon after, I had Girls on the Run which was a blast. I was gone for the past week and a half and had only been to two practices prior to that, so I wasn't expecting the girls to remember me that well or to be happy to see me. I was so wrong! They were so excited, and they all came running (ha) at me with hugs and "Congratulations!" It was the sweetest thing and made me so happy. I was already having a great day but that really just put me over the moon.

After GOTR, I did a huge grocery shop to restock our kitchen now that we're back and not traveling anytime soon. By the time I got home, I was ravenous and couldn't get chips and hummus into my mouth fast enough. If you are unfamiliar with these chips, get familiar. These Garden of Eatin' butternut squash corn chips are just so freakin' delicious.

I swore I would just have a little and not ruin my dinner appetite, but it's hard to control myself around this stuff. Dinner was baked chicken breasts with pesto and mozzarella and green beans with shallots. Since I was coming off the heels of my monster snack, I had a smaller portion to balance things out. That kept me full for the rest of the night, so no dessert necessary!

I want to use this platform to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has sent me well wishes, sweet messages and support over the past few weeks! Love conquers all and I'm grateful beyond measure for the internet bonds I've formed with so many of you. Our wedding was a dream come true and the best day of our lives. I've gotten a lot of inquires about a wedding recap and I do plan to share professional photos once I have them. I also want to share all of my vendor info...not because I'm any sort of wedding planning expert now, but because they deserve to be bragged about and if I can help even one South Florida bride then it's worth it.

I'd also like to share something personal with you...my wedding speech, which my cousin/bridesmaid filmed, if I can figure out how to get it on here. It's a bit dark since the room was dark, but the words are so meaningful to me and we didn't have a professional videographer, so to be able to watch it over is very special. (Thank you, Julie! I love you!) I posted snippets of our first dance to "I Only Have Eyes For You" by The Flamingos on my Instagram account here and here.

I got some questions about dresses... My rehearsal dress is a slightly different version of this dress (the bow on mine is slightly smaller...purchased last year, it was the first wedding thing I bought after getting engaged) worn with these "matching" bow heels

Both my wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses are Monique Lhuillier, and you can sort of see in this Instagram photo how the lace on theirs mimics the lace on mine. I was very insistent on finding bridal/bridesmaid dresses that complemented one another and looked great in photos together. Ours were purchased at Bella Bridesmaids. Oh, in the photo above I'm wearing this "Something Blue" robe and the cutest wedding jammies underneath it. 

Happy Hump Day! Thank you for reading. Mwah!