Happy Friday! Let's get right to it! Here's the fashion, fitness and food I'm loving this week...


I need a few new basic black bottoms. My black Wunder Under pants are four years old, and while they've held up, they've definitely lost some of their luster. Has anyone tried the All Meshed Up Tight? (A few other items on my lulu wish list: this polka dot toque, the "Fleecy Keen" jacket, another Circadian tank ((love mine, wearing it now)) and the Bundle Up scarf.)

This week, I discovered MYHABIT (<--- affiliate link) and scored the most amazing pair of Schutz heels that still seem to be full-price everywhere else on the internet! If you join via my link, you get $20 to spend. I had $20 in my account so I ended up spending less than $70 on these babies! Soooo excited. I'm MEH about most flash sale sites, but this one is pretty legit!

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You may remember my mention of JumpLife last week...they're a trampoline-based workout studio here in New York. I had never tried a trampoline workout before, but I saw them on Jillian Michaels' new show and thought it seemed like an awesome workout. I tweeted at them, they tweeted back, we got to chatting and they invited me in to take a class. 

I took the 9am JumpGYM last Saturday with Terrell. It was AWESOME! That particular class is focused on strength a bit more than cardio - we held sandbags in our hands for about 40 minutes of the 45 minute class. I hadn't been on a trampoline and YEARS, and wow! I really had to figure out my balance while managing the sandbags. They were only two pounds apiece, but somewhat cumbersome to hang onto. Terrell's energy was great - he was friendly but focused, approachable yet challenging. 

Monserrat, the owner of JumpLife, talked to me afterward and told me that it's a good idea to skip the weights your first few classes to really get a sense of balance on the trampoline. For me the telltale sign of a good class is if I can't wait for it to be over while it's happening...and I can't wait to go back once it's over. That's definitely what happened here, and I've already promised my sister I'd take her with me next time. Thank you to Monserrat and team for a great experience!

November is a notoriously gluttonous month and even though I don't eat most traditional Thanksgiving foods, I still feel the effects of pumpkin pie, indulgent Starbucks drinks and warm, creamy soups and pastas. And between birthdays, dinners, brunches and parties, my willpower is most definitely going to be tested next month. Last year, I challenged myself to 30 days of planks, and this year, I'm signing myself up for the 30 Day Squat Challenge via I'll post more about it on Monday, but anyone who's interested in joining, remember to do 50 squats on Sunday! (We turn the clocks back an hour at 2am that day, so you'll be more than well rested!)


Have you entered my Mighty Nut giveaway yet? :) I have another food-centric giveaway planned for next week, so stay tuned!

Have a GREAT weekend and don't eat too much candy! Happy almost Halloween from this 90s cat!

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