Happy Friday! Here's a Friday funny for ya, because this was way too long to fit into a #nanatweet on Twitter but too classic not to share with you. I gave Nana a call a few nights ago around 9. She always tells me what a night owl she is and to "call anytime." No answer, so I left a voicemail and went to do the dishes. A few minutes later my phone rings...

ME: "Hi!"

NANA: "Teddi. Did you just call me?"

ME: "Yes! I left a voicemail!"

NANA: "Well, I tried to get to the phone. But my television blew out. So I was in the den, on the couch, half asleep. I heard the phone ring. I woke up and I tried to get to it, but I fell and I broke my nail. Couldn't get to it in time. Then, I had to file my bad nail down before I could call you back.

...but thanks for calling!"

Moral of the story: Don't buy a cheap TV. If her bedroom TV worked, that's where she would've been, apparently with easier access to a phone. Mind you, this is the TV I took her to buy four years ago, where she made me wait on line with her for 30 MINUTES TO OPEN A TARGET CREDIT CARD TO SAVE $11 ON SAID TV. ELEVEN. DOLLARS. For a Polaroid brand television that I begged her NOT to buy. "Polaroid is not known for their television prowess!" I said over and over. She wouldn't listen because it was like two hundred bucks and the cheapest option.

ANYWAY. Here we are! Onto your regularly scheduled programming...



I recently came into a bit of a windfall and will be shopping 'til I drop the moment I hit "PUBLISH" on this post. (JK, I randomly got a few gift cards this week but hay cash is cash.) 

I picked up these sandals for our December getaways... because $120 for Stuart Weitzmans? Um, yes please.

Tons of cute pajamas on sale at Nordstrom Rack... I may or may not have treated myself to this ridiculously cute pair.

25% off your purch at J.Crew... I'm heading there later today with my eye on this prize.


Next week, I start training to become a personal trainer! This way I can take on clients just in time for all those New Years Resolutions. :) This week I've been putting my Nike Training Club app to good use. It's free and I highly recommend it. It's incredibly specific and takes you through each step of every exercise. The only downside I've found is that some of the workouts sort of expect you to have a giant empty warehouse to gallivant around in, and I'm working in a pretty contained space. (Though they would work really well outside in nicer weather!)


My appetite has been really weird this week due to my cold. Oatmeal for breakfast with a little sweetener and Manitoba hemp hearts has been my savior. Nice and easy on the tummy. (From the grocery store, I love Glutenfreeda. For on-the-go, I love Starbucks oatmeal.) I've also been digging apple bowls and really anything on the simpler side. Cubed butternut squash + cauliflower + EVOO + S&P + 20ish minutes at 400 degrees = heaven.

Next week we're trying Plated so I'll have to report back!

Girl Crush Alert: PaleOMG. Where has this chick been all my life?!

Winners of the Mighty Nut and Manitoba Harvest giveaways have been emailed. I'm working on another (non-food) awesome giveaway just in time for the holidays, so stay tuned!


I think that's all I've got for you kittens and cats today! Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for reading!