Happy Wednesday! How is everyone's week going?

Mine's a liiiittle crazed, so I'm gonna get right to it: a day of eats! This food lineup is from yesterday (Tuesday, 11/17). I got to assemble all of my meals and snacks at home (hence the post title). No outside purchases necessary - not even a run to Starbucks!

I was up early so I decided to run a few errands and clean the kitchen (?) Not sure where that productivity urge came from, but I went with it. Breakfast was Glutenfreeda granola with Manitoba hemp hearts and Silk unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I decided not to have coffee yesterday. I'm trying to skip it on days when I feel like I don't need it.

pantssneakers (on sale!)

After breakfast, I got a few more things done and hit the gym for a quick workout. I was pretty excited to come home and whip up this bad boy...

Lunch was leftover pork chop, leftover roasted butternut squash and cauliflower and chopped apple tossed with baby spinach and balsamic vinaigrette. This salad was THE BOMB.COM. I had the rest of the apple with some nut thins and honey.

I headed to the gym to put in a few hours of work. I stayed longer than I thought I would, and I left totally ravenous. I ate a Fiber One bar on my way home. 

We've started using Plated, a meal delivery service similar to Blue Apron. Last night, the recipe was cheesy chicken enchiladas. I wasn't super psyched about it, because I'm trying to cut back on both dairy and gluten. I have to admit, the chopping was a bitch but otherwise, it was actually kind of fun to make! I loved rolling up the enchiladas and lining them up in this baking dish. I like when cooking feels artful.

I limited myself to one (the "serving size" was three) and it was dee-lish-us. Totally filling, too. I'm thinking I'd like to try making my own version of this with gluten-free tortillas and all veggies...

I finished the day on a sweet note with these Glutino peppermint yogurt covered pretzels that I discovered at Whole Foods over the weekend. So, so good.

Have a great day, everyone! Sorry to keep it short but I will be back soon. Thank you for reading. MWAH!