Happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend?

We slept with the windows open on Thursday night and I woke up with a head cold on Friday morning that I've been trying to kick ever since. We still managed to have a nice weekend: we celebrated my sister's and my mother-in-law's birthdays, I got in two workouts despite my feeling-like-crap status and I did a little shopping (this shirt ((<--- fit is crazy flattering, I totally get the hype now)) and cute lace pants from J.Crew that don't seem to be online yet). The only upside to this whole cold thing is that I sound a bit like Sophia Bush.

I'm excited to embrace Autumn, but it's a little frustrating when it doesn't want to embrace me back in quite the same way. My sister had a cold last month and asked me for advice on how to get better. There's no magic cure-all, but I personally believe the most important thing to do when you have a cold is to sleep as much as possible. I don't consider myself to be hippie dippie but my one caveat is that I strongly believe in energies and auras. When your energy is off, you're sick. I'm not saying to forego other forms of illness prevention, like medicine, but I personally believe that sleep is a big part of the healing process. It can be tempting to park on the couch and catch up on TV when you're under the weather, but I strongly suggest sleeping as much as your body allows.

Of course sleep can't be your sole savior. I think everyone needs an individualized mix of self care. Below is mine... 

OTC meds. Wah. I don't love taking these (who does?) but sometimes you've just got to. This time around I took Zicam at first, then DayQuil. I can't do NyQuil.

Hot Starbucks beverages. Dairy-free. I'm not saying they help my case, but they're warming and satisfying.

Vitamin C. Florida orange juice. The real stuff. None of this Tropicana shit.

Apples. I believe the old adage about one a day keeping the doctor away!

Sweat. I believe in working out if you're sick from the neck up. 

Cozying up to this blanket.

Drinking tons of water.

Hot baths. 


Afrin (when necessary).

How do you kick a cold? I've never done a neti pot - something about it is just off-putting to me - but I know I should probably try. Any home remedies you swear by? Sending you all warm fuzzies. Thank you for reading.