Happy Tuesday! How is everyone doing? We got back from our weekend vacation late last night - I will be sharing a few (because that's all I took) photos tomorrow! 

This morning I was thinking about how I used to sit down at the computer and blog whatever was on my mind at that very moment. There was no agenda, no editorial calendar, no plan. Honestly, it's so rare that I do that anymore because I fear it may seem "sloppy" or won't fit in with the rest of the content. That's kind of lame though, isn't it? I have to believe that some of you appreciate(d) my old school blogging ways of "keeping it real." And honestly, I always enjoy reading the "Thinking Out Loud" posts on Heather's blog, and that makes me feel like at least one of you wouldn't mind reading the following stream of consciousness. So hey you, thanks for reading.


...I am wearing: this top and these pants (love the pockets). I was wearing my new Scuba Hoodie earlier but the weather is so mild today! A pair of my mom's earrings - big five-point star shaped studs with pave diamonds. I don't remember ever seeing them on her ears but I came across them after she passed and I love them. They remind me of Texas. Essie gel in "Private Weekend." Someone in Starbucks just complimented my manicure. Isn't that the best feeling?

... I am drinking/eating: Starbucks iced coffee. And I just had a donut hole. Or 3. Unclear. They were giving them out for free at the gym this morning. I know, I know. Maybe they'll hand out fruit next time instead... #hopenot

...I am reading: I just read through Strong Curves and Juli Bauer's Paleo Cookbook. I'm trying to decide what to read on my Florida trip next week. Any good fiction recommendations? Training wise, Supple Leopard is next on my list. 

...I am watching: Bravo reality, usually via reruns or on demand. RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules (Ben: "I didn't know you watch this show" Me: "Well, I don't exactly brag about it"). Big Bang reruns. Not sure what we'll do on Wednesday nights now that The League has ended. For the three of you who watch it, what did you think of the finale? In the words of Larry David, I thought it was pretty, pretty good... just kidding, I thought it was fine but that the past two seasons were just disappointing overall.  

...I am looking forward to: Florida. Seeing the movie JOY. (Will Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper PLEASE get together in real life already?) Enjoying a quiet dinner at home tonight with Ben for the first time in over a week. Getting a solid night of sleep. 


· Already told you about the donut(s). Womp.

· The photos above are super old, because I have been slacking on my picture-taking as of late.

· We've been married for over two months and I am not nearly finished with Thank You notes. Please some other newlywed tell me I'm not alone in this. If you're one of the people waiting for me to formally send you my gratitude: I'm so sorry for my tardiness! I'm overwhelmed with my new job/the worst.

· My last Girls On The Run practice is today and even though I'm really going to miss those girls, I am looking forward to having my Tuesday and Thursday afternoons free again! 

· Time to veg on the couch for a bit with last night's Pump Rules before I head back to work. :D

Have a great day! Don't forget to check in tomorrow for an A M A Z I N G giveaway - the biggest I've ever done in my almost 8-years of blogging. Seriously. You do NOT want to miss this. 

Thank you for reading. MWAH!