Happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend? Can you believe we only have two Mondays left in 2015?  

In the past few weeks you've inevitably come across countless gift guides for your mom/dad/S.O./in-laws/best friend/hairdresser/dog/etc. And I get it! Picking out the perfect gift can be a daunting task, depending on the recipient. But this year I decided to skip all that and post only one "gift guide" if you will: a list of things I think you should treat YOURSELF to! These are sure to put a smile on your face, a pep in your step and will set you up for a happy, healthy 2016.

New sneakers! What better to commit to moving more in 2016 than staring with your feet. I just got this pair for running around and I am in. love. I wear this pair for weight training. (Pro tip: if you want to start weight training but don't want to invest in a pair of sneakers for it yet, you can strength train in socks. It's not ideal but it'll work! It's better to work with weights in just socks than to wear running sneakers that have your heel high off the ground.)

Compression pants. They're great year-round but I love them extra in the winter! This pair is my new favorite. But if you're looking for something uber-chic that you can wear outside of the gym's four walls, may I suggest these?

Joggers. What I love about this style is that for me they are truly street to studio. When I'm not in the gym I wear them with a slouchy sweater or sweatshirt and sneaks

At-home gym equipment. A soft ball is great for thigh and core work. I also use my thick Pilates mat and foam roller a lot.

Travel gym equipment. I own the Manduka eKO Superlite travel mat and take it with me on trips whenever I can. I also love to travel with a speed rope (<--- splurge, steal here). 

Quality socks. Shitty socks really grind my gears. Socks that slip down in my sneakers are high up on my list of workout pet peeves. I've tried a lot of brands and I think these are my favorite. These are also fabulous but definitely more of a splurge. (This time of year I also rock leg warmers whenever possible.)

Fun accessories. Studies have shown... okay, I'm lying. And I'm a bad liar. But I bet if someone DID do a study on athletic performance with new, cute, fun accessories vs. without, that first test group would kill it in the gym! Knowing I've put thought and care into selecting my workout outfit makes me feel more confident and capable on the gym floor. Currently I am loving wide headbands like this one and this one and these stud earrings that make me feel fancy but are so light I forget I'm wearing them (and I don't worry about them falling out). 

Fitness tracker. And speaking of fun accessories, I think a fitness tracker is a crucial tool for holding yourself accountable. I wear an Apple Watch every day but for a more affordable version I love the Misfit Shine. (Sparkly version here!)

What will you treat yourself to this holiday season? How will you kick off 2016?

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