Happy Friday, everyone! I've got a busy weekend on tap between work, a holiday party, the Girls On The Run 5K and the first night of Hanukkah. And hopefully catching up on some much needed Zzzz!

I think December should be a fun month... we're taking a few trips (to warm weather!) and I've got at least one amazing giveaway lined up for Y-O-U! So be sure to stay tuned...

And now, in fine Friday fashion, my current favorites are below.



This is the first year in awhile that we have quite a few holiday parties to attend. Two years ago, my mom was sick and I avoided holiday parties pretty much completely. Last year was our first holiday season without my mom and again I avoided going to any holiday parties (and then we went on vacation for 10 days). This year, we have been RSVPd "yes" to a handful of different soirees and even though I don't celebrate Christmas and our Hanukkah is going to be very low-key this year, I have to say it's nice to get into the holiday spirit. I picked up this affordable (as in, less than $25 affordable), adorable red dress and I'd like to get a sequin skirt as well. This crappy iPhone photo really doesn't do the dress justice... and yes, we really need to fix that door frame. Just keepin' it real, guys.

In other fashion news, I was pretty psyched to hear COACH is debuting a vintage collection dedicated to Peanuts. More info here. (Did you see the movie yet?! I absolutely loved it.)


This week I (finally) purchased a sport band for my Apple Watch so that I could start wearing it to the gym. I downloaded the Human app (which tracks activity and calories) but I'm admittedly still figuring out how to use it. I feel like those initial Apple Watch commercials made it seem like your whole life would change (you'd fall in love, get in shape, and become super popular) if you just got one... I've had mine for months and even though I wasn't expecting those things to happen, I still don't think I'm using it correctly or to its full potential. If anyone has tips I'm all ears.

Has anyone tried Jessica Simpson's new activewear collection? I'm kind of in love with these... and since they're an extra 25% off now (with code FRIENDS) I may have to go for it! And speaking of fitness fashion brands I'm curious about, has anyone ever tried anything from the Macy's Ideology collection? I mean, look at this cardigan! WANT!


11 Emotional Stages Whole Food Addicts Experience During a Shopping Trip AKA MY LIFE STORY. (I told Ben this morning that if you asked me five years ago, "Where do you shop the most?" my answer probably would've been "Bloomingdales." Now? Whole Foods, hands down, no contest. The times they are a-changin'.)

Speaking of Whole Foods, here are my favorite new food item discoveries from said store this week:


That's it for me today! Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend! MWAH!

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