Everyone asks me, "Are you on a wedding diet?" and the answer is twofold. Yes, I am mindful that the most important event in my life is approaching and I want to look the best I ever have. But no, I am not on any special sort of diet for the big day.

One thing I've been more conscious about is how much I'm moving. I'd been wanting a new activity tracker for some time, and after lots of research I decided to treat myself to the Misfit Shine for my 30th birthday last month.

Now that I've had it for almost a month, I wanted to share my thoughts, as a couple of you had asked.


Product design. First and foremost, if you're going to buy one of these things and commit to wearing it, you have to pick something that you'll actually want to wear. I got the face in a basic grey but it comes in other colors as well. I love the sleek, simple design of this and love that it doesn't look out of place on the rare occasions I do dress up. ("Dress up" = jeans or leather leggings and a heeled boot/ie. I wouldn't wear this to a cocktail party, per say, but my life is pretty casual overall these days and this fits in perfectly with 95% of my rotating wardrobe.) 

Tech design. Technologically speaking, I like the way this operates. When you first set it up, you select a daily goal for yourself, which you can change at any time. Goals are measured in points. My current goal is 1,000 points, which equates to about 1.5 hours of walking, 30 minutes of running or 45 minutes of cycling. You can track your goal two ways: by double tapping your Shine to see how many dots light up (IE: if half of the dots line up, you're about halfway to your goal) and you can sync it with your phone via Bluetooth to get a more accurate and detailed read of how you're doing at any given time.

Sleep monitoring. One of the main things that sold me on this particular product, aside from the look of it, is the fact that it tracks your sleep. I'm happy to report that in just the few short weeks I've had it, I'm already sleeping better and more efficiently thanks to this baby. It's allowed me to pick up on patterns - IE on nights I got into bed this time and woke up at this time, I got more restful sleep overall - and adjust accordingly. I love this feature.

Good app. Though the app is not perfect (see below) it's pretty damn good. It tracks how many steps you've walked, how many calories you've burned and how many miles you've gone. It also allows you to track different types of exercise, keep track of your weight, and compare your progress to your Misfit friends. (Aside: does anyone reading already own a Misfit Shine? My only "friend" is the Misfit mascot who had to add me as a friend. #sadface)

Accessories. While I prefer the wristband, there are a bunch of different ways you can wear your Shine, which is nice. Misfit did a design collaboration with Swarovski and the collection is gorgeous! I found the white band you see above on Amazon. I want to switch up my look a bit when it starts to warm up outside (or when I head down to Florida).

Great for cycling. The device suggests attaching it to your shoe for cycling, so I slip my wristband through one of my shoe velcro pulls right before I hop on the bike. I then choose the "Track Now" option, select "Cycling," lock my phone, go for a ride and click "Done" after I hop off the bike. I tried wearing it on my wrist once to compare and it provides a much more accurate reading from my shoe.

No charging required! The Misfit Shine runs on a 12V battery and does not require charging of any sort. I had the first gen Nike+ band a few years ago and remember having to charge it every few days. This also means there's no need to carry around yet another USB lightning cord. Win!


Syncing. If I had one major complaint about the Misfit Shine, it would be the syncing. Most of the time, it syncs just fine - sometimes automatically, sometimes after I've tapped the Shine twice onto the main screen. But once in awhile, it gives me some real trouble. I suppose this could be due to a low Bluetooth signal over which I have no control, but it can be frustrating when I'm trying to get details and the two devices simply won't connect.

Doesn't have a tracking option for strength training. The "Track Now" option allows you to track basketball, tennis, swimming, soccer, cycling and running. There is a "Log Exercise" option that includes several additional activities (yoga and dance) but there's no real choice for my more strength based activities, like pilates mat classes or free weights.

Overall, I'm pretty psyched with this purchase. The Misfit Shine is comfortable, easy to use and perfect for my needs. That whole Tory Burch for Fitbit thing was tempting, but I'm so glad I took a chance on this. I love it!

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. The people at Misfit have (sadly) never heard of me. I purchased this with my own money and wanted to share my experience. :)

P.S. Sorry for the terrible lighting in my apartment. I tried. The dish on the left is from J.Crew, the marble polyhedron is from West Elm and the dish on the right is from Canvas Home.

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