For the past four or five months, I've been going to the same Starbucks almost every weekday morning, around the same time (7am). The same people have been working there since I started frequenting the joint. Last week, they finally knew my name without asking. I was delighted. And then this morning, the same girl who called me by name, unprompted, multiple times last week... asked me for my name again this morning. 

That anecdote has nothing to do with anything, I just felt like venting for a sec.

This is a tough time of year, for many people I think, but for me now more than ever because I am brought back to tihs time last year, when my mom's health began to deteriorate pretty rapidly and she was in and out of the hospital nearly a dozen times between February and March. I've discovered a different kind of sadness, a new sort of longing. It's strange and that's really the reason I've been a little absent lately, haven't been posting my usual daily quote on Instagram, etc. I'm struggling to feel inspired but I'm taking care of myself as best as possible with lots of sleep, vitamins and whole foods.

One area that's been a little more challenging is workouts. Last week I talked about how my Misfit motivates me. I wear it almost every single day and night, and it serves as a constant reminder to keep moving. However, motivation and accountability are two very separate but equally important things. 

A few months ago, my school encouraged us to find an accountability partner, another student, to check in with every so often to see how one another is doing with the curriculum - and with life. It was a great idea, and my partner and I grab a lunch or a juice once in awhile and fill one another in on our lives. I adore her and I think it's been a great thing for both of us.

Over the weekend, one of my best friends texted me to ask if we could be accountability buddies for working out. It was almost like she read my mind. I joined BurnThis recently but have had a really tough couple of weeks and admittedly haven't been keeping up. Having one person, a trusted confidant, to check in with daily is really what I need right now.

I've read countless times that you're more likely to go to the gym if you make a plan to meet a friend there. In the past, I've kind've written this off as BS. Often times I like to go to my workouts solo, and I think if you're at a different fitness level that someone else, pairing up to work out might not be the best solution. I have to say though, when I knew I had to check in with Sara on Sunday, it did motivate me to get my butt off the couch and to a yoga class. I was excited to text her afterward to tell her that I did it, I actually got to the gym on a Sunday evening when staying home wrapped in a blanket was the far more attractive option. She told me I was motivating her and that made me feel really good. 

It's funny how sometimes a perspective shift really can change everything. Knowing that I have to check in - with someone I could never lie to (I'm the world's worst liar anyway) holds me to a new level of accountability. If you're struggling to make your workouts happen, I highly recommend giving this a shot. Find someone with a workout goal somewhat similar to yours (IE if you're trying to move 4-5 times a week, you probably don't want to partner up with someone who prefers to exercise once a week) and ask if they'd be interested. I think you might be surprised how it motivates you. I know I was!

Winter has been brutal here in New York and can definitely be a deterrent when it comes to getting up and out. I'm fighting hard against it, but my escape from Manhattan is imminent.

Just call me Sally.

images via Snoopygrams