It's FRIDAY! This week felt like it moved pretty swiftly, despite the bitter cold and somewhat relentless snow. I can't believe that damn groundhog saw his shadow. He did, right? I miss Florida.

Anyhow let's get right to it... three things to do this weekend!


Catch up on Zzz. I've been using my Misfit (review coming soon) to track my sleep and pick up on patterns that are helping or hindering my slumber, and it's been surprisingly insightful. Having trouble falling asleep? Check out this article I wrote for ALOHA on 5 surprising things that might be keeping you up at night! (Also, if anyone knows the original source of this image, please do let me know!)


Have a good laugh. This is incredible. It gave me ALL THE FEELINGS. I am so impressed by a) how seamlessly each actor slipped back into character and b) how absolutely AMAZING they all look! WOW! And if you've already seen this and still need a pick-me-up, you must check out this high school rendition of "Uptown Funk" that was shot in one take!


Cut down on sugar. As little or as much as you want to or can stand. It's easier than you think. Today I made my blueberry smoothie with unsweetened vanilla almond milk instead of coconut water - that simple swap eliminated 4.5g sugar! I prefer the original version, but this one was still good and totally crushed my craving.


Happy weekend, everyone!