Yesterday I had plans to head to the gym around noon for a cardio/strength combo class at 12:15. I ended up getting there a bit late and decided to do a workout on my own instead. I dug around my tote for earbuds and came up empty. It would've been so easy to throw my hands up and leave, but I decided to challenge myself and see how long I could last without my usual distraction.

A personal trainer friend of mine who knows my disdain for running recommended that I use the treadmill for climbing. No phone or headphones in hand, I hopped on a treadmill in hopes of finding some semi-entertaining closed caption TV. Nope. The channels were all static. It had been ages since I'd been on a treadmill, so I was pushing lots of buttons, clicking around to see all of the different features. I pushed "apps" and was pleasantly surprised to see that I could play solitaire!

I got in a great 40-minute workout, enjoyed an unexpected mental break from my day and I didn't even miss my phone. Win, win, win!

Fast forward to earlier today. While I was walking to the gym, I thought about all of the reasons I could just head home instead.

- I was exhausted. I stayed up late to watch the Justin Bieber Roast on Comedy Central last night and was up and out of bed by 6:30 today. 

- I was dragging. Mentally and physically. See above.

- I was starving. The idea of putting off lunch for another hour or so was not appealing. Plus, working out when you're really hungry is far from pleasant.

- I forgot my headphones. Again.

Then I became immediately annoyed with myself for being the mayor of Excusesville. I decided not to be lazy and made another quick mental list: reasons NOT to skip the gym. Here's what I came up with...

1. You'll feel better.

2. You won't have to think about working out for the rest of the day. Sure, I could go home and workout later, but I become less likely to leave the house as the day goes on. I also loathe the feeling of sitting at my desk or on the couch, glancing at the clock and wondering whether or not I'll actually make it there.

3. You get bragging rights. My workout accountability buddy and I exchange goals on Sunday and check in daily to see where the other is. (This week we're going for 5 workouts each.) I knew I could send her a cheery "Happy Tuesday! Workout 2/5 = done!" text as I was leaving the gym.

4. You can eat right afterward. Isn't food always more delish after a lil' sweat sesh? I came home and made unscrambled eggs and muenster cheese on a flax flatbread. It was SO good.

5. You'll be using your time wisely. It's always more efficient to do what you can as soon as you can do it! 

6. You may as well get use out of the workout clothes you're already wearing. If you're like me and you live in leggings and dri-fit fabrics during the week (and sometimes on the weekend) you know what I mean. 

7. You can listen to a great playlist. Or play solitaire! Doing a workout you actually enjoy is half the battle.

8. You can treat yourself afterward. I rarely buy anything from my gym's little store (they mark up everything) but I like looking at all of the new products and making mental notes of things I like so I can comparison shop later.

9. You won't have to worry about indulging a little bit. Weight-wise, I'm in maintenance mode right now, which means (for me) that I have to pay close attention to my calorie intake on the days that I don't exercise. It's nice to feel like I can ease up a bit the rest of the time.

10. You'll sleep better. And I'm more likely to get into bed earlier, too. Always a good thing.

In the end, the gym won out and I'm glad it did. Two workouts down, three to go. Tomorrow I'll take a cycling class, Thursday I'll fit in a quick treadmill climb and I'll go to PureBarre on Saturday. 

How do you stop yourself from skipping the gym?

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