Happy June! Did you say "Rabbit, rabbit" first thing when you woke up this morning? I did! I love when I remember to do that.

The first day of a month is a fabulous time to set new goals. When I was texting with my BWF (Best Workout Friend) earlier today and we were telling each other about our plans for June, she suggested I map out my workouts and share the calendar here. I loved that idea!

This month I'm focusing on two different workout programs, so creating this calendar is actually essential to keep me motivated and on track, not to mention organized.

"SttC" stands for Sore to the Core, which is a 30 day HIIT program I started today. It's bathing suit season, not to mention I have a wedding weekend and honeymoon coming up, so I want to make sure I get my tummy in tip top shape this summer. I did Day 1 earlier today and my abs are SORE. I can't wait to see how they look on June 30. (Side note: Alexa Jean and her daughter are pretty much the cutest thing ever.) 

"Push Day" & "Pull Day" refer to the upper body workout I'm doing via Bodybuilding.com. I've been wanting to gain arm muscle for a long time, and I (finally) decided to do something about it. I can't believe it took me this long, but I'm excited to have a concrete plan to stick to. It's straight to the point and I love that the the focus is on dumbbells rather than weight machines.

Aside from those two programs, I'll add some cardio to the mix in the form of treadmill climbs/runs and cycling class. I'd also love to make it to yoga a few times this month.

So, tell me. What are you goals for June?

P.S. Cute printable calendar here.