It is officially the time of year that I tuck away all of my full length tights and leggings to make room for lightweight crops, capris and shorts!

I struggle a lot with finding bottoms that fit well because I have no hips. My body is straight up and down, completely void of any curves to hold up anything. I've given up on skirts altogether (which was kind of a bummer) and I continue to search for jeans that hold their shape. (I am constantly pulling my jeans up which means they stretch out rather quickly.)

I used to live in dresses but now that I'm no longer in the corporate world this isn't really an option (much less necessary). I'm not sure whether or not finding good workout bottoms is a common problem or if I'm all alone out here, but either way I wanted to share my favorite summer workout bottoms that I love not only for their fit! These are all great quality, great looking and there's not a pair here over $80. #sorrylulu

Beyond Yoga Performance Capri Leggings. You have to feel these to believe 'em. The fabric is so incredibly plus and luxe, but these pants are still high functioning and flattering. (I'm wearing my pink pair in this Instagram.)

I wear these to/for: yoga, barre, Pilates

Adidas Supernova Three Quarter Tight. I was initially drawn to this pair because I love the look, especially the "V" waistband and the mesh insets. Chic details like these on pants often mean a $90-or-up price tag, so I feel like they're are a great value at $65. I'm picky about compression pants and this pair is perfect for my sweatier workouts.

I wear these to/for: cycling, HIIT, running

Nike Tempo Shorts. I have been wearing these for years, and my love for them can be summed up in three words: built-in undies. I've tried many other pairs of shorts and I always come back to these. They're easy to move in and last a long time. They're not crazy expensive, either.

I wear these to/for: running, gym, outdoor workouts

Hard Tail Flat Waist Capri. You know you're from Miami if... Hard Tail was ALL you wanted to wear in the mid to late nineties. I loved it then and I still love it now. The only difference is now it's more than a fashion statement! These are so comfortable and cute, perfect for everything from down dog to lounging. What I love the most about HT is that their clothes never look TOO gymtastic, making them perfect for all kinds of stuff. I can wear these when I'm not working out and still feel pulled together. (And these are on SALE!)

I wear these to/for: yoga, running errands, life

P.S. I tend to invest in workout pants and shorts because I wear them so often, but if you're looking for a bit more of a bargain, I like Old Navy's Compression Capris and anything Z By Zella.