Good morning and happy Wednesday! First and foremost I have absolutely LOVED reading your comments on the giveaway post. I wish I could give each of you a treat. Keep 'em coming!

Well, on (some) Wednesdays I recount everything I ate the day before. I always enjoy reading these posts on other blogs and am hoping some of you feel the same. 

I didn't sleep very well on Monday night, so Tuesday started off a bit groggy. I totally forgot to drink my warm water with lemon (I've been trying to do that every morning) and didn't realize it until I was already at Starbucks. I took a few sips of cold water (not the same, but better than nothing) before enjoying my grande soy cappuccino

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Tuesdays tend to be long days, and I like to spread out my meals when I can to keep myself from getting too hungry. 

I had the Kind bar around 9:30...

and sliced up half the banana and enjoyed it with some blueberries a few hours later.

Lunch was eaten in two parts as well. I started off with a whole egg mixed with some liquid egg scrambled with Applegate Farms Genoa Salami...

...followed by a green smoothie. (I blended a few ice cubes with the other half of the banana, a ton of baby spinach, Vega Viva Vanilla protein powder <--- on sale!, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a little bit of almond butter and a little bit of honey. It was so good!)

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That lunch was exactly what I needed to power me through a super-challenging PT session. My trainer and are both traveling and won't see one another for two weeks, so we really went balls to the walls today. She recommended eating half of my dinner after we finished (instead of a smoothie or protein bar as a snack). I wasn't crazy about that idea, as I have dinner with Ben pretty much every single weeknight - I usually make something and it's "our time" to decompress and catch up on our days. I really needed to eat something so I gave her idea a shot. I went to Whole Foods and perused the salad bar. Michelle had suggested eating chicken and veggies, but it must've been "tofu and buffalo chicken day" over at the Whole Paycheck because those two proteins - neither of which I eat - seemed to be highly prevalent without much else going on. I finally found some ceviche-style shrimp and tossed it with edamame, mushrooms, carrots, and golden beets. Weird but good.

Oh, and a little bit of cereal when I got home - Nature's Path Corn Flakes (they're gluten free and made with just corn meal and a little bit of fruit juice) and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Then for dinner, I made us spinach salad with grilled chicken, sliced pear, goat cheese, pepitas and caramelized pecans. Ben and I have different tastes in food and finding dinners to make that we'll both enjoy can be... challenging... (anyone else go through this too?) but I know he's almost always game for a entree salad, especially in the summer. This was my portion, a little small as I'd already had my "dinner-snack" beforehand. It totally hit the spot... this is definitely one of my favorite salad combos of all time. 


Well, that's my day of eats. I'm skipping desserts most nights now as I'm able to fall asleep faster without it. Womp womp! 

I've never really been one of those people who purposefully eats 6 mini meals instead of three larger meals, although that's exactly what happened here. I fuel my body differently each day depending on what my schedule and workout is like. The mini meal strategy worked perfectly here, but it's not something I could realistically do every day. Right now I'm in a place - physically and mentally - where my work/overall schedule is pretty flexible and I'm able to eat lunch at home most weekdays, which is amazing. I dine out pretty infrequently these days, which is pretty awesome as I used to eat most of my meals at restaurants or via takeout/delivery.

Some days I prefer three square meals with little to no snacking. Some days I'm all about spreading things out. Variety is key for me, especially because I'm somewhat picky (I don't eat most red meat and I'm pretty particular about vegetables). I've got to keep things as interesting as possible.

I love sharing these posts (even on days when I can't find the link-up... like right now...) because I always find food inspiration via other blogs and I'm hopeful that maybe you'll pick up a little bit here!