Why? Well, for one, this week has been a little strange. For the past six months or so, I've been on a pretty specific health schedule. I prepare and eat the majority of my meals at home, I walk at least 1.5 miles each day, and I go to the gym 5-6 time a week. In the past few months specifically, I've been working with a personal trainer and closely watching my macros. 

My vacation was wonderful, but it threw me for an absolute loop. If you know me, you know one of my wellness commandments is thou shall take a vacation from life, not from exercise. I believe in fitting workouts and movements into all aspects of life, tropical getaways included. I'm also an advocate for eating mindfully when I'm away from home. I go down to Florida quite a bit - between visiting family, friends and wedding planning - but this was the first time in the past 6 months that I was down there for more than 3-4 days, and I didn't realize how regimented my regular routine had become, and how much being "off" of my schedule would affect me.

For instance, when I'm in my normal routine, I eat scrambled eggs or an omelet for one of my meals pretty much each day. I don't eat a ton of meat so this is a good source of protein and health fats for me.

In Florida, the closest I got to this meal was a) an egg white and turkey bacon sandwich from Starbucks (with only half of the English muffin) and b) a bacon/goat cheese/mushroom/asparagus egg white omelet at The Cheesecake Factory (which was actually insanely tasty but I shudder to think about the butter and salt that was hiding in there).

I went to the gym most mornings, took advantage of fresh seafood (because, Florida) and veggies whenever possible, and I encouraged as much walking as possible. (We ended up at the mall a few times for air-conditioned strolls with a little side of shopping. No complaints there.) We went to Publix a few times to pick up fresh fruit for the hotel rooms, and I only had a glass of wine on Monday, a little each of mimosa/champagne/wine Friday (for our wedding menu tasting {!!!}) and a glass of wine on Saturday. (And if you saw my sister's Snapchat of me singing BoyzIIMen into my iPhone "microphone" you know that one glass of wine is clearly all I need these days...) 

I think to myself, "Could I have done more? Could I have been "better?" The answer is sure, probably. But the real truth is that I wouldn't have been able to relax at all if I had hemmed and hawed over every bite, every step, every moment that I wasn't "health-conscious." And what kind of vacation is that?! And so, I'm happy to finally be getting back into the swing of things - and to see the weekend.

The other reason I'm so happy?

{I know, I know... Any excuse to use this photo...}

{I know, I know... Any excuse to use this photo...}

IT'S MY BACHELORETTE WEEKEND!!! WOOHOO!!! I'm sure I'll post something embarrassing on Snapchat so be sure to follow along (username is teddisetgo).

Have a fabulous weekend!

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