Happy Wednesday! This is a post that I've been meaning to write for ages. If you've known me for long enough, you're fully aware of undying love for Whole Foods. I remember going there a bit with my mom in high school, but the real obsession began in college. I stopped at the Whole Foods in Winter Park, Florida all the time on my way to and from working at the Lilly Pulitzer store on Park Avenue. I ate their brown rice salmon sushi rolls for lunch several times a week, and I loved picking up fresh fruit and other groceries to bring home to my apartment.

As a true Floridian, yes, Publix will ALWAYS be my first love but there is something about WF that made me feel good about myself - like an almost-grown-up. My first two apartments in NYC weren't anywhere near a Whole Foods but now that I'm within walking distance of one I'm there at least once a week. Ben and I love walking over there on weekend mornings when we're up early enough to enjoy their hot breakfast bar and coffee counter. Although on our last trip we discovered they no longer offer a discount on their breakfast, which was a bummer. We used to have two breakfasts and two coffees for like eleven bucks! 

(This is the point in the post where I tell you this is in no way shape or form sponsored. I really am this obsessed with Whole Foods.)

Anywhoodles! I love the "Whole Body" sections of their stores and have discovered tons of great products there. These are items on my repeat purchase list... see below for descriptions/reasons!

TOP ROW, L to R:

1. The most delicious exfoliating wash. Use on just-shaved legs.

2. Probably the best buy on here: $15ish for a huge jug of awesome natural body wash

3. Clarifying shampoo that's great for all hair types.


1. The easiest way to moisturize post-shower.

2. This Spicy Vanilla Chai scented lotion is such a treat come Fall. (Love the body wash, too.)

3. Mess-free, natural sunscreen that's easy enough to wear every day.


1. Gentle yet effective wipes that are especially good at scrubbing off old spray tan.

2. Natural lip crayons that deliver moisture and color.

3. My everyday perfume in the warmer seasons.


Happy Wellness Wednesday!