Happy September! I'm so happy to see this month arrive. Between travel, the Jewish holidays, and hopefully cooler temps on the way, I think there's a lot to look forward to.

As always, the first of the month is always a great time to get your health and fitness goals back on track. Yesterday, I did a Suja Fresh Start 1-Day Renewal and it was an amazing way to end one month and begin another. It definitely helped prepare me for a healthier September. It's time to get my abs into gear as I'll be putting them on display for hundreds of people next month . . . (!)

This time of year is always fun to treat yourself, whether it's back to school supplies if you're a student or something else fun if you're just reminiscing about those days (ha!). When it comes to getting (and staying) in shape, new gear is one of the number one motivators that gets people going. Workout wear that's comfortable and flattering is much more likely to get you to the gym. When you look good and feel good, you're able to focus on your fitness instead of tugging and pulling ill-fitting clothes or worrying about how you look.

When I first got into yoga in 2011, I wore regular ol' H&M leggings to my first few classes. YIKES! I was already uncomfortable, attempting downward dogs and tons of other poses I had trouble holding, and the added element of readjusting my pants every few minutes was downright icky. I quickly learned that "yoga pants" are called just that for a very good reason. Having the right bottoms for a workout is paramount, but right now I've got sports bras on the brain.

I have to admit, I already purchased a bra (this one) with the intent on wearing it for Dare to Bare.  But there are so many great ones out there right now, it's hard to pick! When it comes to sports bras, my own personal theory is pretty much the crazier, the better. I love loud prints, open backs and unexpected cut outs and details. My small chest gives me a lot of leeway in choosing, which is nice. A lot of the above styles are on sale, and if you're looking to just get a few new styles without breaking the bank, Forever 21 has tons of affordable, adorable options.

Anyone else riding in the Dare to Bare event next month? What new goods - fitness or otherwise - would you like to treat yourself to this month?

I'll see you tomorrow with a full recap on my cleanse. Have a terrific Tuesday!