I'm still here! I'm still here! And I certainly didn't intent to disappear for the last two weeks, but when you're less than a month out from your wedding, I guess that's what happens...

Confession: for the past two weeks I full intended on doing a What I Ate Wednesday post, but then 4pm on Tuesday inevitably rolled around and I realized I'd only photographed half of my meals thus far. So I'm gonna try - key word being try - again next week.

So, what I've been up to since I last checked in...

top (on sale, amazing fit) | leggings | Pure Barre "bride to be" socks

- I finished my personal training sessions and now I'm out in the gym wold on my own. Personal training was an amazing experience and one that I'm so grateful for. I'd like to embark on that adventure again sometime, for sure, but for now I'm designing my own program. Currently I'm alternating push/pull strength training days (I've been sharing my plans on Snapchat) with cardio and other classes. I got back to Pilates Mat on Monday for the first time in months and it felt AMAZING. Definitely going to make that part of my regular routine. 

- I've been experimenting with lots of different diet methods and currently I'm dabbling in the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) way of life. If you're looking for a good account to follow, I highly recommend Cori Fit. She has awesome insight; I love her posts and always feel inspired by her in some way or another.

- I've become a coach for Girls On The Run. It feels amazing to volunteer again, and being around this particular group of girls brings back so many fun memories of my childhood.

- I've been doing just the tiniest bit of fall shopping... I got the cutest lace-up flats, black skinny jeans, and cropped two-fer sweater. Gear-wise, I picked up these pretty blue compression pants (my pair is full-length but these are on sale!) and I've SO got my eye on these leg warmers.

- Oh! And I've been in full-on freak-out mode that my wedding is mere weeks away. I'm really losing my mind. I mean it.

top | sneakers (some of my very favorites)

- Oh! I also got up to 25 pounds per arm on bench chest presses (^not pictured^) but it was tough, so I think I'll stick to 20s/22.5s for now. :)

Happy Thursday!