Before I get started, I want to thank everyone for their kindness regarding Monday's post. I actually sat down to post about the wedding (which is now 10 days away...) and I wound up writing about my mom and decided to just go with it. It's not easy to be so vulnerable, but knowing that my words resonated with some of you makes it all worth it.

Today I want to hop back on the What I Ate Wednesday bandwagon and share a day of eats with you! Please note that it might look like I eat a lot. That's because I do! Tuesdays are my long days. My schedule is about to change though so if I ever get around to doing more of these, they'll probably start to look somewhat different. As for Monday, I was planning to share a few fun tidbits about the big day, including our invitation, so I'll  just make this post an extra long one and put all that stuff at the end! #weddingwednesday

Tuesday started off nice and early, per usual. It's crazy to think that next Tuesday I'll be getting ready to head to Florida to get married. Time has truly flown. Anywho...

WE GOT A VITAMIX. Yes, finally!!! I hemmed and hawed a whole lot over which version to get and decided on the S30. I have to say I think Ben was just as excited as I was for its arrival and he almost immediately ordered me extra travel cups. Love how these fit right onto the blender... brilliant! These days I'm trying to do a smoothie for breakfast... yesterday's mix included banana, almond butter, vanilla bean goat's milk yogurt, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, vanilla extra and green coffee powder. I'm in the midst of teeth whitening this week so I'm not having my usual morning latte. The green coffee powder is my AM caffeine hack. I got it at Whole Foods and it seems to be doing the trick. I haven't had a latte or actual coffee in 3 days and I feel great, which is leaps and bounds above how I felt last time I took a 3-day hiatus from coffee. (I was a DISASTER.)

Oh, and since it's officially fall I broke out my MZ Wallace tote again. I love this thing.

Oooookay...looks like the photos are going to be wacky in this post despite my editing. Sorry guys.

I'm trying to do away with midmorning snacks and focus on eating heartier breakfasts instead, but because I started my smoothie at 6:45am, I was pretty ravenous by 10:30. I really am like an infant. I need to be fed every few hours. This Kashi bar did the trick. Check these out, by the way... good stats and very tasty.

Whenever I'm able to eat lunch at home during the week, 99% of the time it's something I can whip up quickly in the kitchen using whatever we already have in the fridge. (I haven't been to Chop't in months!) These days when it comes to eggs I mix one whole egg with a generous pour of egg whites. I wish you could order eggs like this in a restaurant without sounding and seeming like a total priss. It's the perfect combo for me and my tummy. This veggie scramble looks horrendous but it was actually so delicious. (Made with 1 Organic Valley egg mixed with Organic Valley egg whites, a little bit of Organic Valley butter, mushrooms and zucchini. <--- I am not sponsored by Organic Valley but I should be. I just love their products, honestly.) I added smoked salmon and a small gala apple (not pictured) to make it a well-rounded meal.

In the afternoon, I noticed we were low on a few pantry items, namely this Cascadian Farms cereal and Pipcorn, and I decided I either needed to eat them or throw them away. I chose the former because I don't like to waste food. :)

Dinner was chicken breasts marinated in a ginger garlic sauce and pan-fried asparagus cooked with a little bit of butter, sesame oil, garlic seasoning and sesame seeds. (Also, this method of cooking chicken breasts on the stove has been a kitchen game-changer for moi.)

I actually would've been cool with calling it a night then and there, but then the STRANGEST thing happened.

Ben said he wanted dessert. 

This happens once in a NEVER, so off to Haagen Dazs we went (or as I call it, Hoggy Doggy). 

I got a kiddie cup of Caramel Cone ice cream, swore I wouldn't eat the whole thing, and totally did. (Please note how I'm cockily holding the cup lid underneath it like, "Yea totally gonna save the rest for a rainy day." NOT!) Honestly, it was delicious while I was eating it but gave me a stomachache afterward. Also, who eats ICE CREAM 11 days before their wedding?! Fro-yo I can totally understand, but the real stuff?! What a brazen couple of bozos we are! Oh, well. My stomach STILL hurt upon waking today, so I won't be having the Hoggy Doggy again anytime soon.

Okay, that's enough food talk!  Now, a few wedding fun facts:

- Once upon a time I said I would walk down the aisle to Pachelbel's Canon in D Major (I bet some of you remember that!!!). It's such a beautiful song, but I can't listen to it without crying. I HAD to have it as part of our processional, though, so our bridal party will walk down the aisle to it. I'm actually walking down the aisle to a song by one of my all-time favorite pop artists... and it's also one of Ben's favorite songs. (I'm keeping it a surprise, but guesses welcome!)

- I also used to say I would get married in Vera Wang... and I'm not! I didn't even really end up looking at her dresses. Not because I don't love them, but because I fell in love with one of her competitor's designs first, bought it rather quickly, and never looked back. It was a bold move and a part of me looks back and wishes I didn't forego the traditional bridal salon experience, but I still feel it would've been too tough without my mom. The dress I chose is (in my opinion) traditional with a modern twist and simple yet very chic. (Again, keeping it a surprise but I will say that I went with strapless.)

- The song we chose for our first dance was featured in an episode of The Wonder Years. Believe it or not, despite my undying love for that show, Ben was actually the one who brought the idea to the table. I was always fixated on the idea of an older, more classic song so when he played the song for me I knew it was it. It's one of those songs that you might not know by title or by the opening chords, but as soon as the singing beings you're like, "OMG!!!!!!!!! THIS!!!!!!!!" (Or so I hope...)

- Our invitation (proof, I don't yet have a good photo of the real deal) is below. The dots are imprinted shiny silver foil. I wanted something modern and fun. The rest of the suite (<--- grainy shot on my Instagram) also has touches of the foil. It was designed by Spark Letterpress.

Thanks for reading. Happy Wednesday!