Good morning pretty people, and happy Wednesday! How is everyone's week going?

This week I decided to document my day of eats on Monday. I normally snap pics of my meals on Tuesday to then share with you on Wednesday, but I had a weird feeling that Tuesday was going to be a doozie and that I'd barely have enough time to chew my food, let alone photograph it. 

Warning: the photos in this blog post are painfully boring because a) I ate all of my meals at home and b) our sink is broken and we're using all paper plates and plastic flatware to avoid using the kitchen sink and dishwasher. Hoping to get it fixed today! I'm still going strong on my #Paleoish streak; I continue to eliminate all grains and focus on proteins, fresh produce and healthy fats.

Anywho! Monday is quickly becoming my day to sleep in. No complaints here! I woke up and fell back asleep a zillion times and finally crawled out of bed at about 9:30am. I put together a bowl of vanilla Chobani yogurt, blueberries and Paleonola.

The other day at work I was eating my Paleokrunch and someone politely asked if he could try it. I obliged, and then he politely asked for another handful. I gotta tell you...I don't like sharing food. Like at all. I know some of you hate me right now but I like to imagine a few of you are rapidly nodding your head in agreement. You could be the nicest guy in the world...doesn't mean I want to share my super pricey diet-specific snack with you. No siree. (Paleokrunch is amazing and I don't blame anyone for wanting to try it, for the record. I'm just a selfish nut.)

Midmorning "snack" was a whole milk latte from Starbucks. Dairy is one of the reasons I can never (I know, never say never, but...never) go full-blown Paleo. It was 23 degrees out but felt like 10 according to weather.com. That latte disappeared far too quickly. 

For lunch, I reheated Sunday's brunch leftovers: maple chicken sausage and home fries. Sunday brunch at The Smith rocks. You get a complimentary cocktail with any brunch entree and the apple champagne cocktail is deeeee-lish.

After a meeting at work, I did some grocery shopping and came home to do some more work. I snacked on a few dark chocolate-covered cashews (AMAZING) and later on, a sliced organic Golden Delicious apple with almond butter.

I decided I wanted to bake something for the week and put a spin on that grain-free banana bread I mentioned last week. I used applesauce instead of banana; added a few big shakes of cinnamon; I made it in a larger baking dish (cuz that's all that was clean) and I made a quick crumble to toss on top. After that was out of the oven, I threw together a chopped salad for dinner.

Dessert was taste-testing the apple cinnamon bread. It's good, not as good as the banana. The crumble was a solid idea though. Would be amazing with chocolate chips on top of the banana bread. I ate a little too much and went to bed with a slight stomachache. Whoops!

That's all folks. Time to go work on some client programming. Have a wonderful Wednesday and thank you as always for reading!

P.S. I CANNOT believe I forgot to include this in my birthday wish list post!!! And this. And this!