Rabbit rabbit! Happy February!

Today we get a slew of clean slates and fresh starts... a new week, a new month, and endless opportunity. It is officially the second month of 2016. Be honest - if not me, than with yourself - are you keeping your New Years Resolution(s)?

Yesterday I posed this question to a number of people who crossed my path on the gym floor, and the general response was a resounding "Ehhhhhhhh." If people had made a resolution and hadn't necessarily stuck to it, they sure as hell weren't admitting it. At the same time, not one person said, "YES! I HAVE kept my 2016 resolution." 

"Drink less coffee." = NOT one of my 2016 resolutions.

So I decided to take a re-peek at my own list. Here's how I'm faring...

1. Run more. Ran a little, which is more than nothing! Hoping to do a little more than that this month...

2. Build up a successful personal training business. I'm proud to say that I signed several amazing clients in the month of January!

3. Go somewhere I've never been. Haven't done it yet. 

4. Teach a nutrition workshop. Haven't done it yet. BUT, if you live locally to NYC and would be interested in attending, please let me know! OR, if you don't live locally but would be interested in a virtual nutrition workshop, please let me know as well!

5. Try a new sport. I've decided I want to take up kickboxing, but I haven't done it yet. 

6. Take a road trip. Haven't done it yet. I'm hopeful I/we can tie this in with #3. I'd like to visit Asheville, NC with Ben this year... 

7. Early to bed, early to rise. Success! My sleep has seriously improved, due to several factors: a) I do in fact get into bed much earlier; b) this pillow that I now SWEAR by; c) my diet (I'll talk more about this soon) and d) I love my job but it is exhausting. :)

8. Clean out all of my closets. I've cleaned out our linen closet and my chest of workout clothes. HUGE improvement already!

9. Practice self-care often. I did a few fun self-care things in January. I bought (and am actually using) new eye cream. My sister took me to Paintbox for my birthday. (Loved it! Such a fun experience.) I finally got a massage (I'd been talking about it for months) and decided to sign up for a membership so that I can continue to get one each month!

10. Finish and publish my book! To be continued... :)

Last week, one of my coworkers asked me if I'm a water sign. We were at the pool, and I said, "What made you ask that?" "The way you were looking at the water," he said. I told him that I'm an Aquarius, which is actually - and in my opinion, ironically - an air sign. "How do you feel about the wind?" he then asked. I told him I'm indifferent, that I'm from Florida and I've always felt like a water baby despite what my astrological identity may say. 

I then realized that I don't know all that much about air signs, and it's always a good time to learn a little bit more about how you connect to the universe and to nature.

After a little research, I learned the following about Aquarius and air signs:

· Lucky talisman of the Aquarius are the key and the owl. (My sorority's two symbols! I never knew this.)

· Positive qualities of Aquarius include just, curiosity, an affectionate personality and imaginative. 

· Aquarius tend suffer from insomnia and restlessness. (YUP.)

· Aquarius are conscious about fitness but need constant motivation. 

· Air signs can be optimistic, enthusiastic and active (me) as well as light-hearted, charismatic and risk-taking (Ben). At their worst, they can be careless and restless (me) and cynical (don't tell him I said that). 

Today, I challenge you to do two things. First, take a look at your resolution(s), if you made any, and see where you are. Didn't make any? Think about one thing you'd like to accomplish this week, this month or even this year. Set yourself up for success now. Don't wait another day! Second, I encourage you to learn a little bit more about your sign and element. Even though I still find it ridiculous that the AQUArius sign is air and not water, learning a little bit more about the element was eye-opening. Especially since I never really thought about the fact that I married another air person (until now)!

If you're an Aquarius like me, remember that this is our time to shine! I don't know about you, but I fully plan on taking the February bull by the horns. This month I will be doing tons of reading, writing, learning and hustling. You should too! 

And because I always love bringing in a little fashion element (no pun intended) whenever I can... sharing a few of my favorite Aquarius jewelry pieces below.

Happy Monday! Thank you for reading!