Happy 2016! It's all happening: it is officially the first Monday of the new year, and it's also my birthday month! WHATUP!

How is everyone's start to the new year? I've been working every day, but no complaints. I've also enjoyed time with family, and catching up on sleep. This week is looking to be pretty busy between work and class, but I'm trying to just take it all in stride, get into bed earlier at night and enjoy every moment. I think Sunday is my next full day off. We got a waffle maker for our wedding and I'm hoping to implement some sort of a Sunday waffle tradition in 2016. I love waffles...

So... I have to ask. Is anyone else excited for the new season of The Biggest Loser to start tonight?! I'll be at work, so I won't be watching or tweeting live, but it's already all set up to record on the DVR. I know this show has gotten a lot of mixed reviews and flack in years past, but I love Bob Harper and I'm excited to see what they've come up with for this installation.

This year, for the first time, I'm depending on a digital calendar instead of carrying a heavy spiral bound planner with me everywhere. I have enough shit to tote around, and I have to say that the Google Calendar app for iPhone is my savior. I do, however, still love a good desk calendar... one of my best friends gave me this one for Hanukkah.

I shared my 2016 ambitions, goals and hopes on Instagram, as you may have seen. I already touched on a few things on the list over the weekend: I treated myself to a much-needed manicure and yesterday Ben and I cleaned out two closets! 

One thing I've been thinking about quite a bit is what I'd like to accomplish in terms of fitness this year. Here's what I've got so far...

· Run a race. I'm not sure yet of the distance or location, but I know that the more I strengthen my glutes, the better running feels. I'd love to cross another finish line. Or two...

· Deadlift double my 2015 max. Last year, I dead lifted 85 pounds, which for me was a first. I'd love to get up to 170 pounds at some point this year. 

· Try a new group fitness class each month. I don't have the resources (time or extra money) for boutique studios that I once did, but I enjoy these types of workouts so much and I'd like to make room in them for my schedule from time to time. A few classes I have on my radar to try are Orangetheory Fitness, Pure Barre Platform and PiYo.

· Try a new water sport. Stand up paddle boarding is at the top of my list.

· Bring my body fat down by 5% by mid-year. 

What are your health and fitness goals for 2016? 

Have a magnificent Monday. Thank you for reading :)

P.S. One thing I still prefer to do handwritten is lists. (I use this pad for groceries, this pad for general to-do and this pad for ideas.) I love pretty notepads, and I love the art of writing things down. It helps to jog my memory.