It's a good thing I'm not really a blogger, because I suck at this! In truth, it's been a really tough couple of months and I haven't felt much like sharing. Writing our anniversary post last month was such a lovely reminder how much I truly enjoy hearing from and connecting with so many of you fantastic folks. I want to write a separate post on why the past few months have been so challenging (read: I bulged a disc) and how I rebounded from that setback. I felt so isolated and I can only imagine others have had to deal with those types of mental hurdles as well. I think it's all of our duties to share our experiences with others. If nothing else, it helps us feel less alone!

Today, though, I thought I'd ease back into this whole bloggin' thang with a series we all know and love: WHAT I ATE IN A DAY!

A few not-really-disclaimers, first: a) yes, I know I eat A LOT. b) I work out 6 days a week and train anywhere from 2 to 8 clients in a given day in addition to training myself (yesterday I trained 6 other people). I take one day off a week from training clients and my own workouts, and that day is Sunday. c) I was SO hard on myself in the weeks following my injury, that you'll see I'm not being quite as strict with food as I have been in the past. d) TMI, but I eat more when I'm on my period. And I am.

We good?

Oooookay! Yesterday's alarm rang at 5:05am, though my body clock more often than not beats that little bugger to the punch and I turn it off before it disturbs Ben. My 6am client is notoriously early, so I don't like to keep her waiting. We start our session at 5:50am. Starbucks run right after for a latte, which I sip happily in the quiet front-of-the-gym lounge. That little bit of peaceful time is so imperative to the introvert in me! I head back upstairs, spot Ben on the gym floor and we chat for a bit before my next client.

Home for a few hours between clients. I love to start the day with lots of protein and nutrients. It sets me off on the right foot. These days my go-to smoothie contains Califia Farms almond milk, a frozen banana, a big handful of spinach or kale, a scoop of Bob's Red Mill pea protein, almond butter, ground flax seed and a little bit of organic honey.

I look at my own workouts as part of my job, so I schedule them in my calendar like meetings. Yesterday I knew the best time for me to workout was going to be in between my 11am client and our 1:30pm monthly personal trainer forum. Knowing my body and knowing that I'd want/need more carbs before my workout, I ate two Nature's Path gluten free waffles with agave right before my 11am client.

As soon as I finished with my client, I ran to the bathroom to change clothes and got my workout started. I did back squats, lat pull downs, Romanian deadlifts, overhead presses, and three rounds on the Concept2 rowing machine. It was a great workout and I had just enough time to grab water and change before our PT forum. I have to say I am so happy with the way my workouts are going. It's a nice feeling.

Whenever possible I like to time my workouts before a meal - usually lunch - so that I don't feel the need to build an extra post-workout recovery mealtime into my day. This worked out perfectly because trainers get lunch catered one day a month, and that day is PT forum day! It's the once-a-month, all-hands-on-deck type of meeting where we get to hear which trainers are performing well, what's happening at the rest of the gym, etc. They serve us Dig Inn and I don't always know exactly what I am putting on my plate, but I've learned two things: a) beggars cannot be choosers and b) when you're in a room with 55 hungry trainers, half of whom have just finished their workout, you better fill your damn plate (quickly) and run.

Still not sure what was in that meatball. RIP.

I chowed down while I listened to the usual monthly announcements. They also acknowledge who's celebrating their work anniversary that month, and guess what? I've been at Equinox for a year. Everyone clapped.

I just want to let that sink in for a moment. Me: the girl who cried during PE as a kid, who would hide behind the bushes while everyone else was running the mile, the girl who never played any team sports, the girl who hated to sweat and pant and feel uncomfortable... Me. The girl who refused to exercise, who suffered through clinical depression and all sorts of unhappiness with weight and food and body image. Me. Somehow I've become a personal trainer at a flagship location at one of the best gyms in the world. This job has been incredibly taxing and demanding, but it's the most rewarding, wonderful work I've ever done in my life and I am damn proud of myself for making it this far. I only wish my mom were here to see it.

Humble brag over.

Post-meeting, I ran home to do a little bit of work on the computer and throw together a tupperware for dinner. I had four evening clients scheduled so I wanted to be able to eat during my last break. I also whipped up this little snack of Greek yogurt and Kind granola to tide me over during the next three clients. 

Dinner was diced chicken breast, roasted brussels sprouts and dried cranberries tossed with a little bit of balsamic. It was a smaller portion than a typical dinner I'd have, but it was all we had left from what I'd meal prepped on Sunday. I ate it in the grungy, grody employee lounge/locker room, which is in the dark, dingy, double basement of the gym. Can't you tell I love it in there? NOT. It's so gross and grimy. How many "g" words can I come up with to describe this place? The world will never know. But in order to not come home from work hangry at 8:40pm, I sucked it up and chowed down.

Joke was on me because when I went upstairs to grab my last client of the evening, she wasn't there. So I chatted with the front desk folks as the clock ticked... until the phone rang and it was for me... she was stuck at work and wasn't going to make it. So home I went! Ironically I was still hungry, so I had a mug of cereal and almond milk while Ben and I caught up on This Is Us. I am LOVING that show. 

And that's all, folks. There you have it. Lots of protein, lots of veggies, and yes... lots of grains. That's what my body wanted yesterday, so that's what I had. Some days are completely grain-free, and other days look like this. It all depends on what's going on around me and within me. 

One more thing I want to mention is that at the beginning of this year I wrote down that I wanted to host a nutrition workshop of some sort. I hear from lots of you with questions about nutrition, but because we don't all live close to one another I can't gather you all into a building and so I'm thinking of doing a virtual workshop, probably via podcast or YouTube. If you have any questions regarding nutrition, please leave a comment or email me... I'd love to answer the most frequently asked questions in one place!

Have a great day. Thank you for reading!