UGH. This week SUCKS. No two ways about it! My pain is bad and my frustration is worse. I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel and if my hair didn't feel so soft (see below) I'd probably be pulling it out right now. I wish I could tell you something inspiring. But wow. Being chained to my couch is THE WORST. 

I'm lucky to have people nearby who want to come visit me. I mean, I don't know that I'D want to visit me right now. No hostess with the mostess here. My daily uniform consists of a pullover (I wore this one yesterday - it's my new favorite), long high waisted leggings, a giant, hideous boot cast on my left foot and an Ugg on the right. Not exactly the picture of, "Come hang with me; I'm tons of fun!" But hey, these kind individuals have deemed me a decent enough human being to spend time with even when I'm at my very worst, and for that I am grateful. So I figure the least I can do for these folks is attempt to make myself look almost halfway attractive.

So, I thought it'd be fun to share some of my current favorite beauty products with all of you in a, "This is what I put on to look somewhat presentable to others," sort of way. Now, I put "pretty" in quotes in the title because I sure as hell don't feel pretty. I mean, let's be honest here... if you've seen my Snapchat you know I have not a stitch of eye makeup on and cookie crumbs in my hair. #CouchLife But these products below are my absolute must-haves for feeling put-together in a bare minimum sort of way, even in the blah-est of scenarios. You need a break from all those bloggy gift guides you've been reading anyway, right? 

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IGK Hot Girls Hydrating Shampoo & IGK Hot Girls Hydrating Conditioner: Clean hair is a must. I loathe dry shampoo and washing and heat styling my hair makes me feel pretty accomplished these days. #SadStandards I will admit, the fact that these are Miami-themed is what drew me in initially. (The brand focuses on 3 city themes: "NY" "LA" and "MIA".) But I'm delighted to say I've been using these for about two months and my hair looks and feels healthier than it has in years. Bonus: the glam images on the bottles make me smile in the shower. I also use the IGK Call Time Styling Primer generously right before heat-styling. Lovelovelove.

Confidence in a Cream: I've got nothing ground-breaking to say here... it's just a really great moisturizer and always the first thing I put on.

Bye Bye Redness Correcting Creme: THIS SHIT IS MAGIC. No matter the time of year, my skin is red pretty much every morning when I wake up. I've tried so many color correctors, and the green stuff honestly doesn't do it for me. This WORKS. Period. I'll never turn to another color corrector again. Honest.

Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealer: Similar to color correctors, I feel like I've tried SO many different concealers and this is the one I keep coming back to. Really brightening and pretty. 

Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation: This is just a really beautiful foundation. I love the consistency: it glides on and feels airy and light while giving a substantial amount of coverage.

Beautyblender: I use this to apply the Bye Bye Redness, concealer and foundation. Semi-related side-note: I use the solid to clean the sponge and all of my brushes! So easy.

Anti-Aging Face Palette: Of course I'm not going much of anywhere these days, but often times I like to take my makeup with me on the go, and I love that this super slim palette houses a great blush, highlighter AND bronzer. 

Skinfix Lip Repair If my family celebrated Christmas, I'd put one of these in everyone's stocking. I met the gals behind Skinfix when I was working as an editor a few years ago and was so impressed by them. I have a few tubes of these... one in my makeup pouch and one in my coat pocket. It's five bucks and really, really effective. If you have dry lips, this is a must!

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This was so fun! If I ever leave the house again, I should revisit doing those "What's In My Bag" posts ...

Happy Hump Day, My Dears.