Hiii everyone! I'm still here! If you're reading this, thank you for sticking with me and my loopy schedule. Did you have the day off yesterday? Technically, I didn't... but I got to sleep until 9:30am and it was heavenly. 

Here we are in the second half of February! So this post's title has nothing to do with the site. I feel like I'm a bit "under construction" at the moment. Personally, I had a few really tough days last week. And how did I rebel? With dark chocolate... lots of it. That's okay every once in awhile, but not for several days in a row.

One of my clients asked me to hold her accountable for cleaner eating, starting today. I gladly accepted the challenge and realized this is actually a perfect day to reset: the most indulgent holiday of the season (/year?) is behind us and we've got half the month left (plus a bonus day) to get in shape. And even though most of us probably don't get a traditional spring break anymore, I know I'm already thinking about warmer months, tank tops, and the summer vacation planning that's in the works... You?

When you make a career out of helping others, it's surprisingly easy to forget to take care of yourself. My own wellness has suffered lately due to lack of sleep and working uneven hours. And I have a tendency to overload my plate. I asked my husband the other day if I should run a half marathon in the fall and he looked at my like I had two heads. He's right; I have enough to focus on right now without adding another 13.1 miles (and months of training) to the list. But "run a race" is on my list of things to do in 2016, so I'm thinking about this 5K. (Anyone in NYC interested?! Donuts!)

So, here's what I'm doing while "under construction" to make sure I feel good and get back on track:

· Schedule detailed workouts in my Google calendar app. Instead of just "workout" - which is so vague and easy to forget about - I wrote out different workout plans for myself and schedule them so I know what I'm doing which day. Takes all the guesswork out and leaves no room for excuses.

· No sweets before bed. This really helps me with getting an uninterrupted night of sleep. 

· Redefine my "need" for coffee. I don't need it every day. I don't. Even though I'm #StarbucksRich right now thanks to getting a few gift cards for Valentines Day... I guess everyone in my life is pretty aware that I'm a little low on sleep and kinda dependent on ol' Joe...

· Planning for and preparing my meals. Yesterday I cooked up a bunch of chicken breasts and roasted veggies (as you may have seen on my Instagram). Last night they were dinner; today they'll be combined with baby spinach leaves and a few other mix-ins in a big chopped salad for lunch! (Pictured above, btw, is a lunch from last week: scrambled egg whites and a little gouda on a gluten free wrap, roasted cauliflower and a sliced banana.)

· Spending time with people who inspire me. I've made a point to get some one-on-one face time with senior trainers on my team and it's been so beneficial. 

· When all else fails, do whatever you can do. Last week I was a little short on time, so instead of training my sister like I usually do (she works out with me twice a week, but I treat her like I would any client and I stick to playing the role of the trainer while she exercises) I multitasked and fit my own workout in. I did my own squats while she was doing hers (while keeping an eye on her), I did overhead presses while she was doing a seated row set, etc. Last night I didn't have time for a full workout so I climbed some extra sets of stairs and was able to get on the leg press machine for 3 sets of 10 reps @ 170 pounds each. Anything is always better than nothing! Make your schedule work for you. 

Tell me. How are you getting back and/or staying on track?

Happy Tuesday, pretty people! Thank you for reading and accepting me and my sporadic posting.