Happy Friday! It's been a craaaaazy few weeks. and I have so many favorites to share with you guys today. Let's get right to it!


FAVORITE BEAUTY: One of my clients surprised me with this Chanel lip shine and it's the perfect mix of hydrating and color. 

FAVORITE ELECTRONIC: This Belkin Valet is pricey, but both functional and visually pleasing... making it worth the investment.

FAVORITE FASHION: Mara Hoffman's latest collection. HEAD over HEELS for this dress, this romper, this maxi... Can you tell I'm a tad obsessed with cut outs right now?

FAVORITE GLUTEN-FREE: Ginny Bakes Butter Crisp Organic Gluten-Free Cookies. 1 cookie has 50 calories, 1 gram of fat and 4 grams of sugar. I eat mostly grain-free these days, but sometimes we all need a cookie. (Bonus: she's from Miami. Holllllla!)

FAVORITE RE-RUN: The O.C. Does anyone else with non-traditional schedules watch the Pop Channel while they're home during the day? Well if you're like me (a teen soap junkie who watches TV at odd hours like 2pm on a Tuesday, while multitasking of course) you should be... because Pop has been replaying 90210, Dawson's and now The O.C.! I was OBSESSED with The O.C. when it was on for two reasons: 1) Seth Cohen was this Nice Jewish Girl's idea of a total dream boat and 2) I thought Mischa Barton/Marissa Cooper was EVERYTHING. She was so gorgeous and thin with the best hair, and I wanted every single thing she wore on that damn show. I loved how she ALWAYS wore flats, even to her cotillion and prom, and her general cool-girl-from-Cali vibe. Oh My GOD that girl crush was intense. And now I don't even know where she is. I feel like she kinda threw it all away and it makes me sad. Oh well. Anyway. Pop. Channel 175 on Time Warner in NYC. DO IT. Or DVR it if you can't.

FAVORITE SALE: Shopbop's spring sale is in full swing! Use code BIGEVENT16 to get up to 25% off of your order. I have my eye on this, this, and THIS (need need need!!!).

FAVORITE SNACK: Loving Field Trip Jerky... especially the Honey Spice flavor. (Note: The bag emits a strong odor when ripped open... so maybe don't eat this in a small space (a car) like I did... or near a bunch of students in a I also did.)

FAVORITE SUNNIES: When weather permits, I've been living in these

FAVORITE WORKOUT MOVE: The reverse hyper is a great move to incorporate into your strength training sessions. Bonus: can be done outdoors on a park bench!

FAVORITE UNDER $50: These sandals. I am literally on a hunt for this style - thong toe with a wraparound ankle (fellow shoe-size-9-and-up-gals: this look is VERY flattering) - EVERY. SINGLE. SUMMER. Done!


Linking up with Heather. Have a wonderful weekend & thank you for reading!