Happy National Cereal Day! I just discovered this phenomenon of a holiday when my husband forwarded me and my sister J.Crew's email blast... (20% off your purchase there in honor of National Cereal Day. No, it doesn't make any sense but hey, any reason for a sale...)

Ben and Perri make SO much fun of me for my love of cereal. I don't know why. Last night at dinner Ben invited my dad to the "Cereal Intervention" he and Perri are supposedly planning. Here's the thing: sometimes when I get home from work at 11pm and haven't eaten dinner, I'm hungry but I want something light... gluten-free Cheerios with almond milk is the answer. Easy on my stomach and doesn't affect my sleep. So what if I eat several bowls at a time... there are much worse vices a person can have. That is my story and I'm sticking to it. My dad said I wouldn't go ANYWHERE without a bag of Cheerios when I was a toddler. Huh. Old habits...

Anywhoodles. This post ain't about cereal. It's about planning. The weather is absolutely GORGEOUS in New York City today, and it has me thinking about spring. And summer. At my last writing gig, I worked with an editor who hated the term "bikini ready"... she thought it was demeaning (or something). Personally, I think it's a good way to describe the way a lot of us feel around this time of year. We want to be READY to feel comfortable and look good in LESS. 

I recently helped a personal training client get ready for a week-long vacation (that she's on now) and it got me thinking about my own upcoming travels. Ben and I are taking a trip in July, but then my dad reminded me recently that we're taking our annual Memorial Day beach trip. Um, that's in MAY! So exciting, and equally motivating. I'm already shopping for the seasons, too... I did a little sale hunting and picked up this romper and this top last week. Oh, and this cami which I think will be fabulous with jeans, a black blazer and my Naked sandals. Can you tell I'm just a wee bit excited about spring/summer fashion this year?

Here's how I'm planning to feel "bikini ready" in the next three months:

· Eliminating most grains from my diet. I feel better and lighter overall, and it's fabulous.

· Consistent meal planning every week. Breakfasts ready to go in the morning, easily assembled lunches, and a general plan for dinners. Tons of healthy snack options to grab and go.

· Moving up my "getting ready for bed ritual" (teeth brushing, face washing, etc) earlier in the evening so that I'm not tempted by late night snacks and able to fall asleep earlier as well. Sleep is everything.

· Strength training at least twice a week. Ideally three or even four times. Focusing on the muscles I really want to enhance. Right now, for me, that's my arms and my abs.

· Varied cardio to keep things interesting. SoulCycle when resources allow, the elliptical and the stairmaster at the gym, and running outside when it warms up for good.

· Walking instead of taking a cab or the subway whenever possible. 

What are you planning for? And how are you working on that plan?

Happy Monday, and thank you for reading!