(Thank you SO much to everyone who reached out to me and/or my family over the weekend to send your love and good thoughts. Your memory and thoughtfulness does not go unnoticed and we're so appreciative.)

(ALSO. Squarespace is not letting me upload any photos to this post. WAH. Sorry 'bout that.)

Happy April, ya crazy cats. How's everyone doing? I got sick over the weekend. Which, I guess, given the time of year and everything, wasn't all that surprising. But at the same time, it hit me out of nowhere. (Warning... TMI ahead.) I was at work, doing my thang, when all of the sudden I got really, really sick to my stomach. I hadn't eaten or done anything that I don't normally eat or do (I'm a creature of habit on a pretty regimented schedule = the surprises in my day are few and far between)... But here's the thing. You know how some people can only go to the bathroom at home? Well, I can only throw up at home. Weird, but true. I tried to stick out the sick for another few hours at the gym (mostly running back and forth from the bathroom) until I realized that my body wasn't going to let me throw up there...too unprofessional! (Hey, I told you this was TMI.) So I went home and I was sick all night. It was awful. I cry and shake when I'm sick because I hate the feeling of not being in control of my own body. It terrifies me.

If you follow me on Snapchat, you know that I've alluded to the fact that I've been pretty sleep deprived for the past few weeks. I think this may have been my body's way of saying, "...Are you effing kidding me?" The next day, I felt zapped of all my energy. I stuck it out with a smile on my face, but ugh. It was awful.

I harp and harp about an early bedtime, getting enough sleep, and rising with the sun. I talk about making the most of your schedule when it's working against you. Unfortunately, the plethora late nights and early mornings really caught up to me. I have no late nights this month, which I'm so thrilled about. Wish my body had gotten the memo instead of totally freaking out on me, but I get it. 

March was interesting. I started the month feeling a bit stuck, hopeless and tired. Something happened in the second week or so when I sort of snapped back into focus and hustled my freakin' tail off. I ended the month feeling more tired than I ever have (see above) but also feeling incredibly accomplished and like all of my efforts, scrappiness, lack of sleep, etc. paid off. So all things considered, it's really no surprise that I crashed and burned on April 1. I'm feeling like myself again today and ready to rock.

You know I like little themes and mantras and things like that. So, here's my challenge for me (and you) for April: Be the flamingo in a flock of pigeons. What sets you apart from others? A fellow trainer reminded me recently that I must continually ask myself this question. What makes me, ME? What qualifications, personality traits and talents do I have that make me unique and might make others want to work with me? This month I am determined to answer that question confidently every single day.

My mom always prided herself on not doing the same thing as everyone else. She didn't follow the pack. She was the flamingo in every flock of pigeons and I will aspire to take her lead.

I have lots of fun content lined up for the next few months so here's hoping I'll get my act together and get it up for you in a timely fashion. Thanks for sticking with me and my cuckoo schedule. Means the world. I love you guys!