I always love reading about what someone eats on any one given day, and I also love reading those "day in the life" blog posts. I am so fascinated by the psychology behind all of this: how people choose their food, how they organize their day, etc. I'm a curious little monkey. So I've combined these two favorite styles of blog posts into one here. Enjoy! (This is from yesterday - Tuesday, April 5.)


5:40am: My husband tells me it's 5:40, thinking I may still be asleep. I'm awake, so I thank him and turn off my alarm (that's set for 5:45), shuffle to the kitchen to heat up a Garden Lites muffin (love these - so easy when I'm short on time) to quickly eat before getting ready for work. 

6:15am: Walk to work, train client.

7:45am: Walk to Whole Foods, where I enjoy two pieces of bacon and an iced almond milk latte, make my grocery list and do my weekly shop. Hadn't eaten from their hot breakfast bar in quite some time...that bacon was amazing. Wow.

9:30am: Home, working on emails and watching part 3 of the Pump Rules reunion. LOL. Literally. Need something else to eat before heading back to work. Yogurt bowl to the rescue:  plain Siggi's with Paleokrunch and Back to the Roots cereal. Discovered that cereal at Whole Foods recently...just three ingredients and really tasty.

10:30am: Meeting and workout. Or, an attempted workout. Whenever I work out at my home gym I end up running into people/friends, getting distracted and losing track of time. This is why I prefer to work out elsewhere. I need that separation of church and state. I did goblet squats, weighted step ups and some band work. Oh, and BS'd a bunch. Oh well.

Noon: Hour-long flexibility workshop. Great info with an animated presenter, but the timing is bad for me and all I can think of are the hundred other things I could be getting done right now. I hate when I do that. Sometimes time management is out of your control and you have to accept it and move on. Plus, I'm starving.

1:15pm: Grab a green smoothie from Juice Generation and take a walk. Stop into Express to buy two black dresses and two pairs of tights. Ben and I are headed out of the city to attend a funeral tomorrow, and I don't have the time between now and then (or the mental capacity) to search through my closet for the right thing, and I couldn't tell you the last time I put on a pair of tights. I can alway use a few basic black dresses (I got this one and this one) plus everything was on sale so it was worth the $71 to me.

2:30pm: Science class. Class is three hours long today (usually it's just two). Praying for a possible early dismissal...

3:30pm: Instructor says he's going to try to wrap up by 5. Yaaas!

3:50pm: Instructor says we're taking a break. I won't have another opportunity to grab food until after 9pm, so I'm all THIS IS MY CHANCE and run around the corner to grab a chopped salad and large bottled water. It's literally the last plastic bowl of salad greens there and the guy making it looks at me like I'm insane. Whatever, bro. No shame in my game. I'm just relieved I have something fresh to eat for dinner...otherwise it would've been beef jerky and Snackaroons from the ol' locker to the rescue.

4:35pm: Hot damn this salad is delish.

5:45pm: Back to work. Cue that Rihanna song no one knows the actual words to. Eat salad between clients.

9:01pm: I'm done! Shower at the gym, because even though I'm going straight home, somehow this feels more efficient as I have no distractions (going through the mail, talking to my husband, etc.) Plus, we're definitely a little low on clean towels at home. Plus plus, a Kiehl's product-stocked shower is always a good thing. Ahhhhh. #NoShame

9:15pm: Drying my hair. Trying out this leave-in. (Side note: has anyone tried the shampoo/conditioner? Would love to know your thoughts if so!)

9:35pm: I'm home and I'm hungry. I try to avoid eating this late at night whenever possible, but I also don't deny myself when my body wants to eat. I have some apple slices with a few mini white Reese's cups. Followed by a little more cereal.

That's all, folks! Hey, I never claimed my life to be all that exciting or interesting. If you're anything like me, you find some sort of enjoyment in reading about the imperfect and mediocre details of others' lives and being reminded that we're all in this together. See you back here on Friday with some favorites. P.S. No sponsors here. I just like sharing my favorite brands with my favorite readers. Thank you for reading! Love you guys.