Yesterday was a doozy. I had 7 clients lined up. Typically on a day like that, odds are that one of the clients will cancel or at least ask to reschedule, but I had a feeling everyone was going to be right on time and they were. So it ended up being a full day in which I did everything I set out to - including eating all three meals at home and fitting in my own workout. 

First thing I had was a large glass of iced water. Because of my morning schedule (Clients #1 and #2 back to back with a short break before Client #3) I decided to also have a bowl of Cheerios with nonfat dairy milk and organic blueberries. (I don't eat much grain these days but easy, gluten-free choices save me in moments like this.)

After my 6:30am and 7:30am Clients #1 and #2, I booked it to get a protein smoothie before Client #3 at 9am. I had them pour it into two cups so I could drink one right then and save the other one for later (for a friend, or myself). It's a little too easy for me to finish a smoothie so I like to pace myself.

Still a bit hungry, I drank the second half of the smoothie right before Client #4 at 11am. At noon, I booked it home to make lunch: an egg white omelet with chicken apple sausage and a veggie muffin.

Afterward, I had a cup of Chobani with the rest of my organic blueberries (I'm trying to clean out the fridge before travel) and my beloved cinnamon PaleoKrunch.

I'm going to stop right here to say that YES, I am aware that I have a huge appetite and I eat a LOT. I tend to frontload my weekdays because I need a lot of energy to get through the day. 

After eating lunch at home and a quick costume change, I went to get my eyelash extensions retouched. I will also count this as my daily nap. Ha ha!

I headed back to the gym with fresh fringe and ate an apple right before Client #5 at 4pm.

I ate this AMAZING jerky in the stairway in between my last three clients... there is a VERY strong odor when you rip this bag open and I never want to offend anyone. But My God, it is soooooo delicious. 

After Clients #6 and #7 at 5:30pm at 6:45pm, I changed my clothes and went back to the gym floor for a great chest and tricep workout. 

I finally got home around 9 and ate this leftover baby kale and roasted shrimp salad from the night before. I love salad for dinner in the summer. Ben was out for the night so I took the opportunity to catch up on my DVR'd Bravo shows and do a load of laundry so that I could pack for our upcoming trip before life gets too crazy again. 

Still in need of a small pick me up (to get through folding and packing) I treated myself to a little 16 Handles. The rainbow/chocolate sprinkles mix is everything. 

Recently I had someone follow me on MyFitnessPal and send the sweetest note that she reads the blog and was excited to see what I eat everyday. But, I actually no longer track on there; I started using an app called MyMacros+. Just in case anyone else was following me on MFP and wondering. I'm going heavier in my workouts and trying to cut down on my percentage of body fat and MM+ felt like a better choice for me. I went WAY over in carbs for this day by the way but I'm not terribly strict about tracking. I just need to keep a close eye on my protein and fat intake, and this helps me do it!

Happy Wellness Wednesday! Whether it's a workout, eating healthy or even smiling at a stranger...go and do something great today.